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Gutter Cleaning

Posted By: admin Posted In: Date Posted: April 28th, 2011
Gutter cleaning

Opting for professional gutter cleaning on a regular basis not only reduces the chance of water and fire damage but will help maintain the life and integrity of your gutters and roof.

Living in Australia – this great big beautiful country of ours, one of the only things we need to put up with is her mother nature’s temperament. We’ve seen it all too often on the news. Environmental altercations that once seemed like a natural disaster, was in-fact driven by someone’s negligence. Many of which were caused by the absence of regular gutter cleaning.

“we’re committed to a safer Australia”

This is where The House Washing Experts come in. Not only will we take care of one of the many chores you’d prefer not to do, but we’re committed to a safer Australia.

In addition to the safety of our community, we also care about the safety of you. The amount of accidents caused by an ill-prepared DIY is truly sad. But the worst part of it, is that all these home improvement altercations could have been prevented by simply out-sourcing the job. Or if you still like to do it yourself, research and seek professional advice.

That is why you should be pleased to know that we are fully trained and insured professionals, boasting experience of over 20 years. Being up on great heights is what we do and we do it well. Also keep in mind that we do such a thorough job, that we are able to guarantee our gutter cleaning services. No leaf shall be left, no debris built up in the corners. You will get a full-perfect gutter or we return to finish the job we started!

We help maintain the life and integrity of your gutters and roof

Gutter Cleaning Prices

- Average low set home $140-$180
- Average high set home $180-$240
- Above Average Sized Home – $240 – $350

For any enquiries please feel free to call us at 1300 WASHED, or request a quote here.

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