Our homes are one of the biggest investments most of us make. We work so hard to build a home for the family we love where we can share memories, moments, and each other ever as a family. However, through the years, the houses that we built experience the wear-and-tear. As the roof protects the entire house structure, it gets exposed to harmful elements in the environment. The extreme heat and humidity can wreak havoc on the integrity of the roofing materials. Thus, roof cleaners in Brisbane do make a huge contribution to homeowners across the metro.

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A lot of people really want to upgrade or upscale their homes. Yet, they are tight on a budget. There are some homeowners who want to make sure that all the repair and renovation work all go smoothly. Thus, they choose to begin with a clean roof or home to define the kind and extent of intervention needed. For so long time, homeowners have been spending too much effort, time, and money on DIY roof cleaning methods. Most of them are too time –consuming and really costly. Little did they know that roof cleaners in Brisbane are within easy reach! Plus, other house washing services are being offered too. Just imagine how you can effortlessly bring back the beauty of your walls, deck, patio, and even your driveway!

What Causes The Roof To Be Dirty?

Debris from nearby trees

Trees in your yard can definitely provide shade and provide respite during the hot summer months. The trees also reduce the heat being absorbed by your roof. The trees function to protect the house from high winds and soil erosion is prevented by the roots.

On the other hand, trees also lose leaves, needles, and twigs. All of which end up inside the gutters. There are also low-hanging branches that provide tiny animals from accessing the roof area leaving behind droppings adding more to the annoying debris to clean up.

Blue-Green Algae

Those annoying black streaks on your roof are brought about by blue-green algae. Although it may not affect the integrity and performance of the roofing materials, the black streaks just degrade the appearance of your roof. It certainly looks annoyingly ugly. If you are hoping that the heat of the sun will kill them, you are totally wrong. These blue-green algae have darker “outer skin” or covering which makes them appear like black streaks on the roof.

Alarming moss growth

There are homeowners who love to see moss growing on their roofs. They tend to favor its aesthetic charm. The truth is, moss growth can cause very serious and expensive damage on the surface of your roof. It is the shaded and moist part of the roof where moss tends to thrive. You can definitely address this as soon as you can before your roof starts to develop signs of damage.

I do not like lichens at all!

Lichens are the ones you can see thinly covering your roof. Yet, these guys can unleash serious and potential damage on your roof. These lichens can quickly penetrate the roofing materials.

Keep in mind, that any type of growth on your roof will surely pose a threat to the integrity of your house structure. Not to mention, the dirty roof is extremely distracting. You have to contact a roof cleaning service professional near you.

Roof Gutter Cleaning: Why Is It Important?

The gutters in your house do serve a very important purpose. It is one of the components which you can really connect to the pipes systems. These gutters work to divert all the rainwater down the pipe for easy drainage.

However, through time, there will be the build-up of unwanted leaves, branches, twigs, and dust. It will cause the gutters to narrow from the inside. The accumulated blockage impedes the flow of the rainwater down the drain.

Gutters are quite hard to reach. Thus, most homeowners tend to forget to clean them out during a house cleaning project. As time passes by, the gutters get filled up with unwanted leaves and debris. The most sensible thing to do during this ugly situation is to contact a specialist roof cleaners in Brisbane.

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Tips On Roof Maintenance From Expert Roof Cleaners in Brisbane

  1. Assess the roof thoroughly. This should be done twice a year. This is the most effective way of preventing roof damage and deterioration. You can make use of binoculars to see the current state of your roof. If you need to climb up the roof, you can make use of rubber-soled shoes for safety reasons. Also, make use of braced ladders to avoid injuries and accidents.
  2. Never do power washing on your roof. Although it can be downright tempting to simply zap that dirt and grime on your roof with a powerful water stream. However, you do not want to damage the roof materials and the structure beneath it. This will eventually force the water to penetrate roofing tiles and shingle causing more problems.
  3. Look for leaks in your ceiling and attic. This is one effective way of maintaining your roof. Look for water stains inside your home. Water damage in your attic and ceiling could mean serious problems underneath it. Try looking for musty odor in rooms, water stains on the ceiling, sports on the exterior walls, and bulging patches on your walls inside the house.
  4. Roof washing is highly recommended. This is one key advice that you should really pay attention to. In reality, your roof will surely look dirty, worn out, and with dark streaks on its surface. There will be unwanted growth of algae, lichen, and alike.  We recommend soft washing rather than power washing your roof.
  5. Gutters should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. Always include this in your roof maintenance routine. This may seem like a tedious and dirty task to undertake. However, cleaning the gutters will surely help in preserving the integrity of your roof and structures of your home. Experts in roof gutter cleaning recommend that you need to clean the gutters twice a year.
  6. Try to do your homework by trimming the trees around your home. Get rid of overhanging branches. You have to work on some extra effort on this to prevent from damaging the roof during severe weather conditions. Plus, it will help prevent the growth of unwanted lichens and algae on your roof. Cutting off branches will surely lessen the problem related to a dirty roof.

As a conclusion, the rood is undeniably a very important structure in your house. It shelters your family from the harsh elements of the environment. Maintaining it should be a priority on your list. Doing those tips we have cited are tiny steps into protecting your roof from deteriorating sooner.

If you think you need more help, you can always seek the help of expert roof cleaners in Brisbane. A credible roof cleaning service provider in your area will surely do the job for you.