Here we are again, with the next Australian home that we are sure you will find as mind-blowing as we did.

This Australian home is located in Canterbury and was built by the design firm of Canny. As you will notice, this home looks to be right out of the Hollywood Hills in California, which is why we found it to be so incredible that it is right in the Sydney suburbs.

Of course, the most incredible part is the pool and the deck that floats within it. This is just the sort of pool that makes any Australian home look like it is owned by a movie star from Hollywood. It looks perfect for entertaining and was probably designed specifically for parties.

“the most incredible part is the pool and the deck that floats within it”

The other thing that makes this Australian home look so Hollywood are the glass panels and sliding glass doors that have replaced many of the walls. This also makes for an extremely open concept and makes the house look larger than it actually is.

The outside glass, stucco and stone provide a minimalistic feel, but the pool and the wooden decks give the home a bit of warmth that is needed for the starkness of the white stucco exterior. The perpendicular and angular lines of this Australian home are also reminiscent of the Hollywood Hills homes that became popular during the 70’s and 80’s – when architects were designing more modern homes for the stars.

Today, design firms can take any ordinary suburban Australian home and make it over into one of these glass, stone and stucco masterpieces. This is because when you take a 1,500 square foot home and double its size, pretty much anything goes. Especially since the new walls will mainly be glass, and with the old interior walls gutted, it’s almost like you are building an entirely new home.

So if you find a run-down ranch-style home for a good price, think about remodeling it. Even with renovations, it may still cost less than building a custom made Australian home like this one built from scratch. As well, if you need to power wash the outside, it will be much easier than washing the outside of a traditional ranch style house.

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