Aside from a new living room sofa suite or a re-decorated living room, a well-maintained driveway is definitely a sight to see for every homeowner! The thing is, achieving an aesthetically pleasing driveway won’t be possible if following basic maintenance tips is often neglected.

While your driveway may appear to be a simple aspect of your home, it still needs regular upkeep. A dressed-up driveway helps your home stand out and work as efficiently as possible. What kind of impression would form when your guests lay eyes on your exteriors is in your hands.

Driveways take a lot of beating every day, yet they are frequently disregarded until they discolour or break. The driveway deserves attention. Repair the damages as soon as possible. You can not only extend the life and appearance of your driveway in the future, but you can also save money in the long run. Consider these four basic maintenance tips.

Regular Driveway Cleaning

regular driveway cleaning

Believe it or not, even concrete driveways need to be regularly cleaned. Having your driveway washed regularly helps eliminate stains caused by motor oil, radiator fluid, and other substances that severely affect the driveway’s appearance.

Since it is one of the busiest parts of your house, your driveway shows signs of wear and tear over time. Visible stains like gasoline, oil, paint, soil, and driveways should be treated as soon as possible so they can be removed easily. Some substances, such as motor fluid, can penetrate through concrete and possibly soften asphalt.

You don’t want to sit there and wait for disaster to come. When stains become permanent, they’ll eventually cause you a headache. You can avoid the eyesore by following one of the basic maintenance tips which is regularly having a driveway cleaning.

Prevent Cracks.

sealing driveway to avoid cracks

One of the basic maintenance tips is preventing the occurrence of numerous cracks. Aside from preserving your driveway, it is also a way to keep your family safe from tripping accidents.

If cracks or holes appear, they should be repaired as soon as possible. After the compound has dried, seal the entire driveway. Ensuring your driveway is smooth, and level may also contribute to its long-term endurance.

Ensure Proper Driveway Drainage.

Driveways with poor drainage mean a shorter lifespan and demand more frequent repairs. So, another basic maintenance tips for any driveway is to ensure a water run-off. That is, somewhere where rainwater can drain off the driveway. Excessive water can seriously damage a driveway, causing cracks and fragility. As a result, allowing water to run off quickly will help extend the driveway’s life.

Clear some places along the driveway’s perimeter to reduce the risk of snow and water invading the driveway. It’s also good if you keep your gutters and downspouts away from the driveway. Water accumulation on a driveway can be avoided by doing so.

Stagnant water can severely damage concrete driveways. These also cause discoloration and can even support the growth of algae or germs, which is hazardous to your children and pets. Any water that gets into cracks or holes in your driveway will freeze and expand in the winter, causing cracks to widen. You’ll need to spend more time patching these wider fractures.

As you can see, maintaining a driveway isn’t that tough. The more time you spend caring for it, the longer it will last.

Park Smart.

Concrete may be strong, but it’s not indestructible. Do not stress the edges of the driveway where the concrete is weaker. Park as far away from the driveway’s edge as possible, and ensure that heavy equipment and construction trucks do the same.

Consider Switching To Block Paving.

If the condition of your driveway is beyond repair and quite old, it may be time to consider replacing it with new materials, colours, and shapes. When deciding the sort of driveway to install, consider selecting block paving. The contrasting designs draw your attention, providing a modern, fashionable accent to the property’s exterior.

How Often Should You Clean Your Driveway?

Your exterior needs the same attention you give to your interiors. Cleaning and maintaining your driveway regularly helps keep it in the greatest possible shape. Now the question is, how frequently should you have your driveway cleaned?

The truth is, every driveway has different scenarios. It depends on how much traffic it is exposed to, the material used, and the local weather conditions.

However, most professionals recommend having your driveway washed at least once a year. Even though once a year is optimal, if you see two or more alarming signs, it’s time to get a professional’s help.

If you want to hire a team of professionals rather than do it yourself, do your research and become familiar with their work, pricing, and organisation. If you’re living in Brisbane and want to solve any driveway problem, the House Washing Experts are ready to do the magic.

Let House Washing Experts Clean Your Driveways

Instead of leaving your driveways neglected and waiting for disaster soon, leaving it to the professionals is the best option as it saves you from stress and costs. Without harming yourself, professionals could quickly restore your driveway’s aesthetic instantly.

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