Want to protect your roof, foundation, and basement from water damage? Say no more, your gutters got your back. But when neglected, clogged gutters wouldn’t just be bothersome—they could be potentially devastating and dangerous! Now, between cleaning vs. replacement, which one does your gutter need?

We can’t deny that gutters can last long, but they don’t last forever! It will age and eventually, you’ll really need to replace it. But, you can maximise its lifespan by determining whether you just need a thorough cleaning or if it is the right time to make a change.

Since every gutter varies from one another, here are some signs that may assist you in determining what your gutters need.

Cleaning vs. Replacement: What Is The Best Option For Your Gutters?

Signs Your Gutter Needs A Cleaning

Many things can go wrong with your gutters, but one thing’s for sure—it would be an expensive disaster. Although it doesn’t look like a big deal, you’ll know you’re in big trouble when water starts pouring into your house. To avoid having your gutters clogged, keep an eye on them and look out for any of these signs:

Overflowing Water.

Once you notice that the water drips down the side of your home, it’s time to get your gutters washed as soon as possible. Water spilling over the sides indicates that your gutters are clogged by numerous debris, such as twigs and leaves.

Neglected gutters can lead to costly water damage, such as flooding your basement. Also, if water isn’t draining out of your gutters correctly, it may seep into your basement walls due to overflow before reaching the ground below.

You could avoid this stressful scenario by regularly collecting the leaves, twigs, and other possible debris earlier to avoid having it clogged.

Presence Of Animals And Pests.

Neglected gutters are not only an eyesore, but they can also be dangerous. Pests and animals can quickly build nests or make homes in the debris that collect in your gutters. This can lead to unsanitary conditions, insects and pests getting into your home, and even structural damage to your roof over time.

Your Siding Has Stain Marks.

Are your sidings showing stain marks? You should be alarmed when you see one. These stain marks might indicate that there is standing water in your gutters. When neglected, stagnant rainwater might end up damaging the fascia boards on the shingles of your roof and behind the gutters.

If you observe this happening to your house, it’s essential to have a professional come out and check for leaks. In House Washing Experts, our team could provide a quick and efficient repair to prevent any damages.

Neglected Gutters For A Long Time.

neglected gutters

If you can’t remember the last time or never let professionals wash your gutters, it is a clear sign that your gutters need cleaning. It is best to let professionals inspect your gutters before having them replaced immediately.

Signs Your Gutters Need A Replacement.

Most of us don’t like to think about replacing our gutters, but there are signs when it may be time to do so. Here are some indicators that your gutters may be reaching the end of their lifespan and need replacement.

Cracks, Splits, or Separated Gutters.

Cracks, splits, or separated gutters are signs of wear and tear, and if they begin to appear on your gutters, it may be time to replace them. When neglected, cracks and splits can grow over time. Ice can seep into and expand cracks when temperatures fall below freezing.

Seams between two pieces of gutter are its weakest points. If you see your gutters pulling away from those seams, they are probably close to the end of their lifespan.

Peeling Paint or Rust.

between cleaning vs. replacement, it is a clear sign to replace the gutters

While peeling paint might not seem like big trouble, it’s actually an indicator that your gutters need to be replaced. The paint protects them from the elements, and when that paint starts to flake off, they begin to rust.

If you notice rust spots or flakes on the ground outside your home, replace your gutters as soon as possible. Rust spots quickly turn into holes, and that can cause water damage.

Gutters Are Pulling Away From The Roof.

Are your gutters sagging? Well, it’s not a good sign, and it’s time to take action. It means your gutters are too full of water and aren’t draining properly. If left disregarded, this could lead to severe problems with your roofing system, including leaks and rot.

This can also mean that your gutter fasteners have worn out. When the fasteners that connect your gutters to your home become an issue, your gutters will start to pull away from the roof. Between cleaning vs. replacement, it’s a clear sign to replace gutters since they are too old to properly execute their job of directing water away from your home.

Basement Flooding.

Between cleaning vs. replacement, you could choose the latter option when you notice basement flooding. Gutters are supposed to be on duty to direct water away from your house and foundation. When water begins to spill over the edges of the gutter, seep into your foundation, and then into your basement, you need to install new gutters.

You could’ve easily detected your gutter problem if you’ve noticed a lot of water pooling in the basement when the rain pours or if your basement experienced flooding recently after a storm.

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