Cleaning your gutters might seem like a not-so-needed task, right? It is just some small part of your house, sitting “there” and getting the least attention. Most homeowners don’t think about it until neglected gutters pose a bigger threat to interiors.

DIY gutter cleaning might eventually work and be a practical option. But if you want a guaranteed cleaning, it’s time to call professionals to handle your clogged and neglected gutters.

However, if you choose neither of the options above and constantly neglect your gutters, you’ll seriously find yourself in a disaster. Neglected gutter will not only make your home look unkempt, but you’ll also make you spend repairing all sorts of problems that probably arise, such as:

Foundation Damage

Your gutters are responsible for redirecting water away from your home’s foundation. Without having a well-maintained gutter system, water will eventually pool around your home’s foundation.

Over time, this water can erode your home’s foundation and seep through the cracks and other defects throughout the house.

During the winter months, water sitting in clogged gutters will freeze, forming ice dams. This ice can expand the cracks slightly and leaves that space behind when the water melts. No one wants to have those spaces, right?

When this process is repeated over the years, your house could experience severe damage. This is why gutters exist in the first place. Ignoring your gutters can cause significant loss and harm to a long-term investment: your home.

Collapsing Gutters

collapsing gutters

Remember that your gutters are meant to hold travelling and moving water, not much more. Neglected gutters filled with leaves and other debris can quickly become heavy and serve as excess weight.

While leaves will not weigh down gutters too much, the problem starts when other debris causes the clogging. This extra weight begins to strain as the gutters find themselves with a greater load than they were originally designed to handle since water isn’t moving.

Since water is heavy, leaving it to sit for too long can eventually cause your gutters to collapse. Now, would you rather spend a little of your time checking your gutters or spend on costly repairs? The lifespan of your gutters depends on how you handle them regularly.

Insect Infestation

Neglecting your gutters invites some unwelcome houseguests as clogged gutters with debris offer a warm, damp, and dark environment for them. Moist attracts numerous insects since it is a great habitat for them. Also, neglected gutters are an easy point of entry for them.

Birds, bugs, rodents, and other insects will be drawn to your interior house when the weather changes. Having clogged and neglected gutters can lead to insect infestation around your roof and the rest of your home. This can also harm your family’s health.

Rotted wood

When gutters could not redirect the water away and eventually overflows onto the side of your house, it can be a serious threat on your wood. This water can cause wood rot that spreads to areas all over your home, as well.

The fascia boards that hold your gutters in place could be affected as well. If the wood is exposed to water, it will begin to deteriorate. Gutters may need to be replaced if their hangers come loose.

Potential Fire Hazard

debris on neglected gutters

Aside from risk for flooding, neglected gutters can also cause fire damage. Debris around the clogged gutters can spark and spread fuel to flames. Having your gutters clean can lower the risk of house fire.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of gutters are critical when dealing with the dangers of both fire and water damage. In order to keep your household safe from these dangers throughout the year, cleaning your gutters on a regular basis is a minor price to pay.

Sidewalk and Yard Damage

When gutters do not drain water properly, the overflow can end up all over your yard. If you have plants or trees wanting to grow, you should be cautious since overflowing gutters can lead to severe erosion, killing any new plants or trees.

Water can also be deposited on walkways and drives due to overflowing gutters and downspouts. When the temperature drops, this water will freeze, posing a tripping hazard to anyone who walks over it.

How Often Should You Clean Gutters ?

How often should you clean your gutters? The thing is, the frequency of gutter cleaning depends on the climate you live in and how many trees are proximal to the home.

As a rule of thumb, most professional gutter clean recommends opting for cleaning services and inspections after spring and fall. It is when leaves and debris fall most often.

Also, homeowners need to consider the timing. Downspout and gutter clogs need to be cleared out before the cold weather arrives. When gutters aren’t working properly, snow and ice can accumulate on roofs, causing ice dams and other problems including rotting wood in the eaves and siding. Expansion caused by frozen water trapped in gutters can lead to cracks, breaks, and leaks in the gutter system.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Gutter Cleaning Service

DIY gutter cleaning can be a practical option but it can not guarantee you a well-done job. Since it requires climbing on a ladder, which can be dangerous and uses hoses, rakes, scrapers and chemicals to eradicate mould, it’s definitely a complicated task.

Hiring professional gutter cleaning services guarantees your safety and convenience, as they have the skills, tools, and know-how to do the job properly.

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