Outdoor rooms have become an integral part of the flashy apartments today.

These well-defined sections act as an extension to your living space. It is up to you how you visualise this extended space and how you make use of it. Nowadays, most people transform this space into terrace, gazebos, raised decks or gardens.

Those who love music prefer to convert these spaces into movie theatres too. In fact, there are some who even make use of these open spaces as outdoor kitchens or fire pits. So what’s your idea of a perfect outdoor room? To help you with this, some DIY tips are being shared below.

“there are some who even make use of these open spaces as outdoor kitchens or fire pits.”

Plan out:

Based on budget, you can change your outdoor room into a simple deck to a complete resort. However, for this, planning is important. You have to first figure out how you want to use this space and then the budget part. If you want to relax here, then simple additions will be enough. However, if you are planning for an outdoor kitchen or lap pool there, then every single thing needs to be worked out. For instance, if you want to build kitchen there, you need to consider about electrical lines, plumbing, gas connections, etc.

outdoor room before and after

In this order, make sure to measure the space available to you. It will help you in placing all the elements in their right spot.

Decide a theme:

Creating a balanced indoor and outdoor feel is necessary because your outdoor room is an extended part of your indoor space. If indoors are done in a modern theme, incorporate the same style for your outdoor area too. Be aware of the flooring, textures, finishing and paint that have been extensively used in your apartment so that there is uniformity in appearance.

Outdoor-Living-Room-designsCreate the perfect look:

Including an exciting design for your outdoor room is as important as for your indoor space. Explore different paving options, seating arrangements, and storage choices for this space. Choose right plants for this location. While selecting, do watch out for their height, colour and texture. If space is limited, you can simply opt for potted maple.

Build the ambience:

Building a perfect ambience for an outdoor room is equally inevitable. For this, you have to think in terms of furnishings, colour schemes and lighting. Make sure whatever you choose for the outdoor space blends well with the interiors of your home. Nowadays, people are giving preference to aluminium and wicker furniture. You can also go with this. To create a fascinating impact, you can combine this with attractive colour schemes, candles, and solar or electric lighting, etc.

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