Let’s get it real. Moving out into a new home can be daunting and overwhelming. Sure, you’re pumped to start your new journey, but getting there seems like a lot of work and preparation. From carrying storage boxes to scheduling an exterior cleaning appointment, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish on your to-do checklist before settling down. And the real challenge? It’s by staying organised. A lot of homeowners tend to start whenever and wherever they want to. This is where it starts to get messy. Fortunately, you can look for online tips. House Washing Experts care about you, so we also made our own exterior cleaning checklist when moving into a new home. Whether you’re in a hurry or not, here are some exterior cleaning tips that you can do before enjoying your new living space.

Schedule a Home Inspection


This is imperative when moving into a new house. Home inspections make sure that all essential systems are functioning properly. They also lessen and eliminate the risk of breakdowns and dangerous situations.

Since you’re barely familiar with your new home, you might miss a few things when cleaning its exterior. Let’s say it rained days ago, and your roof is full of debris and other particles. It’s the same thing that goes for your house gutter, which can clog during the wet season. As the name suggests, an inspector will inspect and come up with a written report, including the cleaning solutions needed to be done in your home. They won’t clean your house, per se, so it’s best to call a reliable house washing company for roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and other related services.

Check the Driveway and Other Walkways

driveway exterior cleaning

Once it rains, unsealed concrete absorbs water like a sponge. And once the moisture freezes, water expands to cause pressure. This is why untreated concrete floors have cracks.

For reference, concrete floors are costly to replace. So before settling down, have a great look at your driveway, including other walkways. Spot any cracks and chips on the surface. If you can find some, replacement is a thing to consider. But if there’s nothing to worry about, you can opt for high-pressure cleaning services and hire a reliable professional for that. Also, don’t forget to seal them for extra protection.

Check the Roof and Siding

Now that you’ve inspected your concrete, it’s time to check your roof and siding. Algae, mould, and other pesky contaminants accumulate during warm and humid months. They feed off your roof, causing permanent and irreversible damage. You can ask the previous owners of the property about the last time the house was professionally washed. And if they can’t give definite answers, or it has been more than a year, it’s time to opt for exterior house washing services.

Once you move in, don’t break the routine. Maintenance prevents all the damage and further problems to exist.

Clean the Home’s Exterior

You probably know this part beforehand. Of course, you have to clean the property’s exterior before moving in. But that’s only one thing to keep in mind. You also have to consider the areas you can clean on your own, and those that require professional service.

Do you think you can do everything on your own? Sure, that’s typical. But it doesn’t guarantee thorough and effective cleaning. Some DIY methods work, but they’re not the best options to do all the time. Renting a pressure washer and cleaning everything on your own will also take more time and effort to accomplish. You can definitely work on areas that are easy to reach and clean like windows, but for others like roof and gutter, hire an expert. They will leave nooks, crannies and other hard-to-reach areas clean and sanitised.

Paint the Walls

painting walls after exterior cleaning

Now that the home’s exterior has been cleaned by a professional house washing company, you might notice that the paint looks old and dull. If it puts you off, that’s normal. Some areas might have also chipped off paint due to mildew and mould. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to repaint. This gives your home a newer, fresher look that can boost your curb appeal. Besides, it’s a lot easier to paint while the house is empty or hasn’t been lived in yet. Choose a color that matches your liking, and make sure it compliments the rest of your home’s outdoor structure and design. Add decor, start backyard landscaping, and do what you think will make your new house better.

Make a Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s really important that you realise the importance of home maintenance. This will ensure that your new lovely home will remain in good shape. If you have not done this at your previous home, it’s not an excuse to skip it with the new one.

Your maintenance checklist should include the following:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Pool and patio cleaning
  • External house washing

Although this looks overwhelming, don’t worry at all. Seasonal maintenance checks should only occur every 12 to 18 months. And again, you don’t need to do all the work on your own. Hire a professional exterior house washing company. They are capable of doing all of these to your home without any hassle. What’s important is that you can schedule an appointment with them, and make sure that you consistently do a maintenance check for your home’s exterior. Otherwise, nature will take over, causing damage and deterioration in no time.

Exterior Cleaning 101

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