Do you remember the last time you cleaned your house? You might think that it always has to be about your interior. In reality, house cleaning doesn’t end around the four corners of your room. You also have to look outside and do some exterior house cleaning. Before hiring someone to get that outdoor filth off your home, do you know the factors that entail exterior house cleaning prices in Brisbane?

Given that your home is exposed to different outdoor elements, you’ll never know how much dirt and mould creep up until you look closer. Not sure how to get started on that? It’s totally understandable. Most households in Brisbane can’t do the job on their own. If not because of hectic schedules, others would refrain from doing it because they haven’t done it before. This leads them to the most viable solution: opting for exterior house cleaning services.


For a start, what are you looking to get cleaned? Exterior house cleaning is a broad term. A house washing company will likely quote you based on your project requirements.

If you want a fresh start, opt for an external house washing that covers everything you need. The cost will depend on your house type. For reference, most homes in Brisbane are low-sets, high-sets, and Queenslanders.

In some cases, households don’t need full cleanup. You can hire a house washing company that can only work in certain areas of your home like gutters, roofs, fences, sidings, decks, sidewalks, driveways, and windows.


Exterior House Cleaning Prices in Brisbane

Quotes can also vary depending on the scope of the project. This can be based on the square footage or linear metre of your exterior space that needs to be cleaned.

With square footage, you can measure your roof, fence, deck, siding, garage, driveway, and sidewalk. The best way to do it is by using a laser distance measurer. Use this tool to measure the length and width of the area and multiply them by each other.

For linear metre, you can measure houses and boats. You’ll only have to make use of the length of the structure and disregard the width or thickness.

These days, coming out to take measurements is already outdated. With the COVID-19 situation, it’s best to rely on advanced technologies. You can look for a company that uses up-to-date satellite programs to get accurate measurements for a fair quote.

Tools and Equipment

Exterior house cleaning prices in Brisbane also vary depending on the type of tools and equipment used. Companies can charge more or less, considering the quality, efficiency, and portability of their cleaning machines.

Aside from this, you also have to ask if they use certain cleaning products. Are they using chemical cleaners? Do they apply special cleaners that are environmentally-friendly? Although this factor might not be that significant, it can also add up to the overall service cost.


Are you hiring a one-person team or a dedicated staff? The former option may charge lower since they handle all the work on their own. Despite this, you’re still depending on one person. The job is more likely to take longer than usual.

On the other hand, companies with a dedicated staff may charge higher, since they employ more people. Although they cost more, collaboration produces the best results. You can guarantee that they wash exteriors efficiently, at a faster turnaround time.

Do you want to save more? There are companies that offer the lowest price guarantee for a high-quality service.

Tips on Getting Exterior House Cleaning Prices

So you’ve decided that you want to hire a house washing company to spruce up your property. The next thing on your list should be contacting the right people to work on this project.

As you learn more about the exterior house cleaning prices in Brisbane, here are a few tips to find the best professionals and negotiate with service quotes.

Know What You Need

Let’s face it. You may not need every single service you come across, and yet you’re still considering to opt for a full exterior home cleanup.

Don’t burn a hole in your pocket for a single cleaning service. All you have to do is know what your needs are.

As mentioned, companies will likely ask you what you are looking to get cleaned. Do you need a full exterior house washing? Or, do you only need to spruce up certain parts of your home? You can ask around for some house washing packages. Or better yet, get a personalised quote.

Set a Budget

Exterior House Cleaning Prices in Brisbane

Now that you’ve thought of the cleaning services that you need, it’s time to set your budget. This will help you identify how much you can afford and ensure that you have enough money before setting an appointment. Typically, exterior house cleaning prices in Brisbane range from $250-$500. It can even go higher, depending on the factors that were mentioned above.

Get Multiple Quotes

You don’t have to be obliged to approve the first quote you get from a company. When in doubt, look for another one. The smartest move you can do is to get multiple quotes from different exterior house washing companies. This is because exterior house cleaning prices in Brisbane differ. It will give you an idea of how the industry works. So, feel free to compare pricing. Ask questions, negotiate, and you’ll eventually get the best quote that fits your budget.

Choose the Right Company

You’ll never go wrong with a house washing company that puts real value to your home. Look for licensed, certified pros who specialise in the industry. It’s also a plus if you’ll work with someone who’s been in the business for years. You can check authentic customer reviews to see what other people think about their service.

Although it might be tempting to seek help from someone you know to cut costs, it doesn’t guarantee satisfying results. It’s not enough reason to hire a person just because they own pressure washing equipment. The right company has the best credentials, know-how, and expertise.

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