When you think of your home, do you picture a well-kept yard with beautifully manicured fences and freshly trimmed hedges? Or do you see a yard full of weeds and debris, with an overgrown fence that looks as if it hasn’t been touched in months? If the answer is the latter part, this is the sign for you to get it inspected.

Believe it or not, a fence is either a smart addition to your yard or a source of frustration. A well-maintained fence helps define your property, but an unkempt fence is an eyesore. It’s a make-or-break situation, depending on how you would take care of it.

The thing is, you’ll probably find yourself having to clean your fences on occasion. Fence cleaning isn’t just for upkeep. It can play a crucial role in protecting your home and its people. Find out how to avoid the common fence cleaning mistakes people make.

Not Considering the Material/Pressure

To avoid fence cleaning mistakes, consider the materials

Different models of pressure washers range in size, design, and PSI. Since not all fences are built from the same material, using a pressure washer alone without considering the appropriate pressure could give you more problems. PSI can damage wood and wrought iron but works well on chain link fences. Increasing the PSI causes a more focused outpouring of pressure and force.

For best results when cleaning a wooden fence, it is advisable to use a pressure washer with a PSI of between 1,500 and 2,000. If you put something on top of the wood, it might crack. When working with wrought iron, you can get away with a higher PSI than when working with other materials. A very low PSI is required to clean a chain link fence of dust, dirt, and grass clippings.

When in doubt, it is best for you and your fences to get professional help.

Not Protecting the Landscape

Most homes have some sort of landscaping near their fences, whether it be shrubs, trees, flowers, natural areas, or even gardens. Even if you’re only going to be pressure washing with water and not any chemicals, you should still take care to protect your plants.

Too much water pressure or watering at too close of an angle can kill a plant or rip up a neat flower bed covered in pine straw or mulch. To protect your plants and flowers from any potential contamination, cover them with plastic before applying any cleaning chemicals. You should be especially careful about this if you have a vegetable or fruit garden and plan on using a cleanser with many chemicals.

Not Washing Fences Thoroughly

One of the most common fence cleaning mistakes is not washing the entire fences. To avoid the worst-case scenario, it is best to wash not just the top layer but all the way to the ground, including the low areas around the foundation. Professional pressure washing services can ensure that these details, along with all others, are attended to, leaving your fence looking spotless.

If you’re living in Brisbane, our team is ready to guide you and provide fast yet quality service. We can make your fence stand out in your neighbourhood.

3 Reasons To Have Your Fence Professionally Cleaned

While most homeowners think DIY cleaning is the practical choice, hiring a professional to clean your fence comes with a number of great benefits that any other option cannot match.

They Remove Mould & Mildew

fence cleaning

If you have a fence, then you most likely know how difficult and tiring it is to keep it clean. It’s no coincidence that what’s inside your fence are valuable things: your children, your car, your pets or even worse, your pool. Now, imagine all these things getting wet every day and being exposed to unpleasant weather 24/7. Result? Mould and mildew growing on it which is nasty to look at, dangerous to be around (in case of kids playing close to it) and can pose a major health risk to you and the people around you!

They Use Pressurised Water

Cleaning a fence seems easy at first, but it causes a lot of trouble if not done correctly. The mildew and stain left on by weather can be hard to wash using the usual cleaning methods. However, cleaning the fence can be done quickly if you use a pressure washer.

Without hassle, a professional can remove the tough buildup and stains on your fence by using a pressure washer. They start by dissolving the buildup with harmless chemicals, and then the pressurised water helps to wash it away. Your fence will be clean and nearly as good as new without doing any fence cleaning mistakes.

They Are Very Careful With Your Fence

Fence cleaning mistakes can be avoided. Even though it’s one of the most common household tasks, you don’t have to do it yourself. Professional fence cleaners are trained professionals who are more than willing to take on the task of cleaning your fence for you. Armed with cleaning solutions safe for various fencing materials (wood or vinyl), they’ll clean your fence from top to bottom and even take care of posts and concrete patio walls. They ensure pressure levels are at an appropriate level that effectively cleanses without causing any damage.

House Washing Experts are Just One Call Away

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