Easiest way to understand how house cleaning aids in crime fighting is to think back to CSI and other investigation shows on TV.

house cleanA large portion of forensic work is literally, cleaning. Sweeping crime scenes for evidence and dusting away for prints. Now imagine one day, the authorities came across a house that has not had any house cleaning done for a long time with exterior build ups of grime and stains.

This would make it awfully hard for the police to gather any evidence which could potentially add days to the investigation and allow the crook a massive head start to get away! Well, according to a Queensland police officer mate on one casual weekend chat, this happens more often than you’d think.

“When exterior surfaces are mouldy and/or stained, its hard to isolate the evidence.”

house cleaningWe all know that no one should touch or remove anything from the crime scene after discovering, but everything that happens before the crime is seldom talked about. Sadly, in a lot of cases, police officers have came across many scenes where they were not sure what had happened before or after the crime. But when houses have previously been professionally cleaned, all evidence is easier to gather.

According to the police, their work is easier when surfaces are regularly wiped with a wet cloth and floors, especially carpets, are looked after – i.e. properly vacuumed and washed every now and then. A single hair or a piece of fibre can lead the police to the person who committed the crime, which means, less particles from other people; the easier it is for the police to do their job.

This applies to house cleaning exteriors. For instance, all break and enters occur from outside your house. The first moments of contact from the perpertrator are often around windows, doors and even footprints on verandahs and roofs. When exterior surfaces are mouldy and/or stained, its hard to isolate the evidence.

Solving the crime is a matter of ‘how well can the police put together a proper picture of what exactly happened’ at the crime scene and in what order.

The police would also like all citizens to know they should not forget about the furniture, because if it is taken care of properly, it is a lot easier to collect what the forensic examiners call ‘trace evidence’ – evidence that is transferred from one physical body to another, such as hair, skin cells et cetera.


Also, it is good to keep your own cigarette buds in one place, because it is relatively easy for the crime lab to recover DNA from cigarete ends. If all of your own are kept in one tray, it is easy to spot the odd one out and that could make a big change in the whole investigation.

We’re not trying to scare you today, but rather tell you some of the benefits of having your home cleaned by house cleaning professionals. As mentioned in the post, we found this out a few days ago and thought it would be great to share it on our blog! We hope you found it informative!

Upon writing this blog post, we came across a few Nat Geo videos (below) on crime scene cleaners. I guess there really is no limit to what needs to be cleaned up. And where there’s cleaning to do, there’s someone willing to do it. If you’re in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area, QLD – check out our list of high (and low) pressure cleaning services. We’ll be able to do almost anything short of a crime scene!