Did you know that the average woman spends ten days a year perfecting her hair?

For 40 minutes a day, women spend ten minutes of it washing and conditioning, fifteen minutes blow drying and another fifteen minutes styling. Before a night out, this routine can take double this amount of time.

Although, many women have admitted to having days where they just haven’t done anything with their hair, not even brushing it on a morning. Others state that they only brush their hair once on a morning and others just choose to tie their hair back without washing or styling it.

“However, on average a woman can spend $300-$400 a month on her hair. This includes everything to hair products (shampoo, conditioner, dye, treatments) to regular haircuts.”

Did you know that to have your house cleaned; it would cost half of this? And, you would only have to do it once a year.

House Washing Costs Less Than Women’s Hairdo 1With the House Washing Experts, for a low set brick house, the price would be $100-$240 based on the house size.* This price includes gutters, soffits, fascias, external walls, and exterior window wash. The highest price bracket is $350-$470 which would be for a 5 bedroom, Queenslander home.

As well as this, there are additional services available including roof cleaning, general pressure cleaning of grounds, fences and retaining walls as well as gutter cleaning.

Your house size and style is taken into account and the cleaning is accomplished with your house in mind; a special low pressure is used on high set brick houses to prevent damage and when dealing with a high set post war house, mould, grime and dirt would be the priority. All of this would be carried out by a professional team of house washing specialists while at the same time providing you with competitive rates.

When considering the effective costs over the year, if you just missed out on getting your hair done for just one month, it could pay for two years of house cleaning.

House Washing Costs Less Than Women’s Hairdo 2