If you decide to opt for house washing services in Brisbane, you might wonder what cleaning companies offer nowadays. Of course, they can do a lot of things. They can scrub your walls, use a pressure washer on your roof, and even clean the tightest corners of your home.

The thing is, it’s not enough that you know what you can get from exterior house cleaning services. It’s just a part of the equation. Most importantly, you should know what these services include and figure out the ones that you really need. Before calling a professional to set up an appointment, here are your top house washing service options here in Brisbane.

Brisbane Exterior House Washing Services

For a start, it’s good to know that almost all exterior house washing companies in Brisbane have one similarity: they offer the same services. They do roof cleaning, window cleaning, driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning, pool and patio area cleaning, and of course, full external house wash. In some cases, other cleaning companies take it up a notch and also offer roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning and professional window cleaning. Learn the difference among each, including several reasons why you might need them.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning refers to the removal of different contaminants off your roof like algae, moss, mould and mildew. Aside from these, some companies also can get rid of roof snow, trees, limbs, debris and everything caused by natural phenomena or man-made activities.

If you haven’t washed your roof for years, you should start thinking about it. Your roof probably has a massive build-up of pesky dirt and debris on the surface, which can cause a lot of things, depending on how severe the problem is. In some cases, it can break down concrete tiles or colorbond and can lessen your roof’s overall lifespan. You’re more likely to replace your roof sooner if left unattended.

It can even get worse if you use solar panels at home. Solar panelling can also become a breeding ground for mould and debris, which won’t only keep your home’s exterior dirtier, but also keep the solar output subpar.

So, if you’re not ready to shell out more money for costly repairs and an entire replacement, it’s best to opt for house washing services in Brisbane that include cleaning your roof. Others also offer solar panel cleaning, but it would be best if you’ll get it for free!

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning refers to the procedure of washing the glass windows, including their exterior hardware to remove dirty substances.

If left unattended, windows with huge gunk of debris and dirt can cause deterioration. At first, you might notice discolouration, scratches and other dents to the glass, which can turn out as breakages.

It’s not the wisest decision to opt for a window replacement right away. It’s a long process, and the glass can take days to be delivered and installed. A professional house cleaning company can simply help you maintain the beauty and functionality of your windows, and you won’t deal with problems. You can preserve the curb appeal of your home without spending more money. Besides, they can also spot minor issues ahead of time, so you know what’s the current situation of your glass windows.

Driveway Cleaning

Do you also think that your driveway becomes the first impression when someone enters your property? You’re right about that. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the areas where there’s a lot of foot traffic. This means that driveways are more likely to be used. It’s understandable if you have several cars that go up and down your driveway. The thing is, driveways are more likely to be exposed to abuse. Every time you park, there’s always a risk for oil and chemical spillage, causing stains. They’re not easy to remove. In some cases, stains even get unnoticed, leaving them to dry from the heat of the sun. This makes the removal more challenging.

If you don’t want to see pesky stains every time you go outside, maintain it with driveway cleaning services. Aside from oil and chemicals, the right professionals can also get rid of tire marks, hard water stains, paint, asphalt, mould, mildew and other fine dirt.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are an overlooked but integral part of your house. They’re used for controlling the right amount of rainwater that pours over your home. This helps to provide extra protection on your roof, walls, and the entire property.

You can’t just leave your gutters to do their job. Maintenance also keeps them from functioning properly. In most cases, gutters can be clogged with dirt and debris like leaves, sticks and branches, which can cause leaks or water damage. What’s even worse is that they can be a new home for pesky rodents, bees, and mould.

Of course, you might think that cleaning it on your own is the most viable solution. That’s a strategic move if you can climb a tall ladder, and you’re fully equipped with the right cleaning tools. However, if your gutters have awkward slopes and angles, reach out to a professional. The best house washing services in Brisbane will offer you a high-quality gutter cleaning with satisfying results.

Pool and Patio Area Cleaning

Your pool and patio are one of the areas with the highest traffic, if not the wettest. It’s all fun and games to chill under the sun and enjoy the splash of water until the area looks dirty. If left neglected, these areas are prone to having water and chemical stains due to dirt, algae, and other mineral deposits. We only know one thing about them: they’re not fun to look at!

What’s even more alarming is that they can be a culprit for safety hazards. Hard stains and deposits on the floors can get moist and slippery. The last thing we want to happen is to see someone endure a ‘slip ‘n slide’ accident.

The best way to combat these concerns is a high-quality exterior house cleaning service. A professional pressure cleaning company will help you remove all trails of the damage, providing extra protection on the floors and overall construction of the pool and patio area. Most importantly, you and your family can avoid safety hazards.

Full External House Wash

Can’t recall the last time you’ve cleaned the areas mentioned above? It was probably a long time ago, and you need to freshen up your entire home’s exterior. If this is the case, you need a full external house wash. You can simply opt for house washing services in Brisbane, let them know that you need the whole home’s exterior to be cleaned, and the right team of professionals can do the job for you.

How to Know What House Washing Services You Need?

It’s easy to say that you need a full external house wash, but in reality, it’s not always the case.

So, take the time to think about it. Ask yourself, “What do I really need to get cleaned?” You’ll also hear this question once you contact a house washing company, so it’s best that you know the answer beforehand.

The best way to figure out what house cleaning services you need is to take a closer look at your home’s exterior and do some spot-checking. Do you see some streaks on your roof, and you’ve no idea when was the last time you cleaned it? You probably need roof cleaning. Do you see rust or hard water stains on the walls and sidings? Or, is there a water leak recently on your interior and you thought it’s a gutter clogging issue? Then, you need gutter cleaning.

Evaluate all areas of your home that you haven’t washed for a while. If you’ve seen signs of wear-and-tear, contaminants over the surface, and even visible damage on certain areas, list them down and let your preferred house washing company take care of it.

How to Get Started with House Washing Services in Brisbane?

Now that you know your external house cleaning options, let’s move on to the next step: getting started. Here are some tips that should help you out!

Call a Pro

You’re not supposed to call a handyman. You can’t rely on your loyal gardener, either. For exterior house washing services in Brisbane, only trust the professionals. Keep in mind that the process is not as easy as sweeping the floor or wiping surfaces. The best professionals are industry experts, with the know-how and years of experience. They’re also geared with top-quality cleaning tools and equipment that they know how to use. You’ll never go wrong with a house washing team that puts authentic value to your property.

Get a Quote

Most households call one cleaning company and set up a schedule right away. Although it can be done that quick, it may not be the smartest move to do. You’ll never know what other companies offer unless you call and enquire, as well. So, it’s best to get multiple quotes from different house washing companies. You’ll get to know more about the services they offer, and you can compare pricing. You can also ask questions and assess which company can deliver the best results. Most importantly, this will also help you find the right exterior house washing services in Brisbane that fit your budget.

Do you want to save more money on exterior house washing services? Look for the right company that offers the lowest price guarantee. They’ll more likely beat other companies’ quotes, so they can serve you better.

Set Up an Appointment

Once you’ve decided which exterior house washing company to hire, it’s time to set up an appointment.

Unfortunately, a lot of people hesitate to opt for house washing services in Brisbane because they’re busy, and no one’s around in the property. But guess what? That’s no longer an issue, nowadays. The right people to hire can clean your home even without your presence. Flexibility is a must-have!

Get Ready

Getting ready for an exterior house washing can be a vague idea. How can a homeowner prepare for it? The best house washing company gives their customers a brief of what to expect, or better yet, a how-to-prepare list that will put them on the right track!

The most efficient way is to look around your house. Then, remove and store fragile items that can cause safety hazards to the cleaners. Whether it may be clay pots, a statue or anything that can be easily damaged, set them aside and keep them far away from the worksite. This will make the job faster and easier, without thinking of anything that can cause accidents. On top of that, you’ll also have peace of mind, too.

Opt for House Washing Experts in Brisbane

For the best and most satisfying results, you can refer to our team. At House Washing Experts, we don’t want anything but the cleanest home for you and your family. Our team is fully equipped with a solid track record and unparalleled expertise. We specialise in low-pressure cleaning, which is considered the best home washing method among households and commercial properties. As the top-rated exterior house washing company in Brisbane, we’re happy to serve you. Start sprucing up your home by calling us at 1300 927 433. We’re looking forward to working with you!