When homeowners think about house cleaning, the first thing that pops into their heads are the interiors. There’s nothing wrong about that until you forget the importance of cleaning your home’s exterior too. They get exposed to various elements, which doesn’t only affect the integrity of your property, but also your family.

Say you’re decided to do an external house cleaning, and the follow-up question is, how often do you have to do it? Surely, it’s not the same as indoors. If you have no idea, we’re happy to help you. Here are a few things to expect in exterior house washing, and find out when to schedule your next appointment.

Why Should You Clean Your Home’s Exteriors?

Sure, external house cleaning is essential, but what can you really get from it? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss your external house washing appointment.

Protect Your Home’s Structure

You may not notice it, but external elements can gradually affect your home’s exterior. They can make the structure weaker and cause a bad impact on its overall integrity. For a start, think about your current environment and climate. At times, house washing depends on these factors.

Secondly, let’s go to the specifics. Do you see some dark streaks on some parts of the roof? Then that means you need to clean your outdoors. If there is also rust stains, or powdery substance when rubbing your finger on the walls, sidings, and other flat surfaces, oxidation damage is taking place. Do you see mildew and mould on outdoor surfaces? If yes, that’s the sign. These two latter elements are one of the most common reasons why your exterior gets dirty once in a while. They build up gradually, so it tends to be overlooked by homeowners. When left unattended, they can affect your home’s surface layer, going all the way to your indoors.

With external house washing, you can protect your home by washing off the elements that cause the damage before it becomes worse.

Boosts Curb Appeal

Let’s face it. If you want to strike a good lasting impression to your guests and the entire neighbourhood, boosting curb appeal is the key. Now, how will this be possible if you don’t opt for external house cleaning services regularly?

The right house washing professionals will get rid of dirt, grime, debris, mould and mildew on your exterior, keeping your home in its pristine condition. You won’t have to worry about inviting more people to your home if it comes with a clean, fresh look!

Saves You More Money

Are you hesitant to shell out some money for external house cleaning services? Here’s the thing. You won’t get anything wrong from it. In fact, it will even do you a favour. It’s one of the best ways to protect your home, preventing repairs or refinishing touches in the future.

Repainting your entire exterior is more costly. Aside from buying house paint and hiring a few professionals, it also takes longer to get done. Repairs can also burn a hole in your pocket, depending on how the damage affected your house. With external house washing, the right experts are only one call away and can preserve your property’s structure in just a few hours. That’s just more cost-efficient than the other options.

Prep for Refinishing and Repainting

In case you really have to refinish and repaint your home, there’s no way to do it better than cleaning your home’s exterior first. You can hire a painter which also washes the house prior to the project, but you may have to pay an additional cost for that.

If you want to save more and guarantee the best results, rely on house cleaning professionals for prepping. The process can remove old, worn-out paint, including surface-level dirt and debris from the roof, walls, windows, sidings and more. This is also a smart move to get rid of mould that can grow underneath the paint, if not properly removed by a house painter. So once you’re ready to do the actual work, you can see that the new paint glides evenly and seamlessly to the surface.

Maintains Your Home’s Value

home buying process after external house cleaning

Sprucing up the outside of your house won’t only preserve its home value, but even increase it. This is a great deal, especially if you’re planning to sell it in the future. There’s nothing more attractive than a neat and clean exterior. You can attract more home buyers, which makes the house selling process quicker and easier.

Keeps Your Family Safe and Healthy

Do you recall the pesky contaminants that build up on your home’s exteriors? Dust, mould and mildew are only a few. These elements don’t only hurt your property’s good condition, but also affect your family’s health and safety. They can seep into holes and surfaces, making their way into your indoors. Walking areas should be considered too. Moss, algae and weed can grow in your pathways, sidewalks, and steps.

Simply put, the longer these contaminants linger in your home, the more your family is exposed to health and safety risks. This is where external house cleaning comes in handy. Run a low-pressure wash to get rid of these harmful elements, and you don’t have to worry about anyone getting sick in the family.

Uplifts Your Mood

Who doesn’t feel better after getting their house cleaned? It’s all about pride and sense of accomplishment, knowing that your home is once again in its fresh, pristine condition. With that, it’s just easier to be in a good mood, right? Living in a clean environment can affect someone’s happiness.

How Often Should You Clean Your Home’s Exteriors?

external house cleaning

There’s no single answer to this. It can be even challenging to know how often you’ll need to wash your home’s exteriors. But to make it simple, you have to take a closer look outdoors. A quick rub of your finger along the walls or siding can indicate how thick is the dust that covers the surface. If you also see that mould and algae has spread rapidly on your gutters, roof and other spots, that’s the right sign.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to wash your house yearly. Others do it every few months, depending on what kind of dirt and how dirty your home is. If your house is located near a dirt road, or there’s a new construction in your area, it’s valid to opt for external house cleaning several times a year. Of course, you have to make sure that house washing is really necessary. It’s not advisable to overdo it.

When is the Best Time to Wash Your Home?

Ideally, it’s a lot easier to wash your home on a sunny day. You can easily spot where the contaminants have accumulated. Moreover, the heat from the sun makes the drying process quicker.

This doesn’t mean that you only have to wash it during the summer, or any sunny day. You also have to prepare your home for the changing seasons, especially if you’re in Brisbane and other near areas. So whether you’ve done a spot-check in spring, autumn or winter, and you think that the dirt and mould buildup should be washed off immediately, don’t hesitate to opt for external house cleaning in Brisbane.

Residential Pressure Washing

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