Clean solar panels on roof are efficient and optimal solar panels. This is something homeowners should really understand by heart.

Solar panel cleaning is free with every roof cleaning job with House Washing Experts. Solar panels installed in your home can retain its optimum performance with the tedious process of removing the residual mould and dirt.

The maintenance of solar panel system is very important. You need to clean the solar panels and exert a little more effort of maintaining it to keep its optimal function.

The electrical outputs of your solar power system can be significantly reduced if the panels are all covered with grime, dirt, and dust. This will surely cause the blockage of sunlight and will reduce the efficiency of the solar panels in storing energy from the sun. In order to get the full benefit of the money-saving advantage of installing solar panels in your home, it is best that you keep them pretty clean and free from unwanted debris.

There are certain things that can greatly affect the performance of the solar panel you have installed. Think about the leaves, tree branches, dust, bird droppings, dirt can greatly influence the performance of the panels. The regular cleaning of the solar panel can definitely help in their improvement of its overall performance.

Most of the time, natural rainfall will wash off the particles like dirt and dust. However, there are still panels that require extra elbow work. This may happen over a long period of time. Although this will not affect the performance of your panels, you will surely notice the deterioration of your system eventually. This is the main reason why solar panel cleaning services are very essential to homeowners across the country.

According to Energy Informative, Google conducted a study that demonstrated the importance of solar panel cleaning as one of the ways in maximizing the energy being generated. In addition, “the same study also found that “solar panels that were cleaned professionally had a 12% higher output of electricity compared to those cleaned by rain.”

Highly Rated Roof Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane Service

A solar panel installation usually consists of solar cells with a protective glass coating. The longer it is being exposed to the surrounding environment – the more likely it will accumulate dirt and grime. Thus, it will require an expert’s intervention to clean the panels efficiently.

There are certain suggestions on the best way to clean solar panels which are available online. One of the most reliable residential and commercial solar panel cleaning service providers around Brisbane is House Washing Experts.

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However, you can also look into HWE’s roof cleaning packages. With proper management of your roof cleaning needs, you can surely prolong the life of your roofing installations. You should keep your roof safe and secure always. Your roofs are exposed to various harsh elements in the environment like dust, rain, wind, and pollution. There are residues that are building upon the roof surface which can greatly influence the possibility of mildew, mould, algae, and moss to breed along with other particles that are detrimental to one’s health. After a long time, they can penetrate the roof surface causing leakage brought about this unwanted and uncontrolled growth.

How To Clean Solar Panels On Roof

There are plenty of homeowners who are not paying enough attention to the importance of cleaning the panels on a regular basis. If you do not do this frequently, it will compromise the integrity and functionality of the solar panel installations in your property. If you want the maximum and optimum advantage of your solar panel you should regularly make an effort to do periodical cleaning. 

Below are some of the reasons why you should clean the solar panels frequently:

Improved efficiency – there is no doubt that solar panel cleaning methods will improve their efficiency. According to statistics, the improved in performance and efficiency is really significant and dramatic. It was said that approximately 21% of residential and 60 %in commercial installations. Thus, it is best to make sure that the solar panels you have been prepped and geared towards optimum efficacy. Regular solar panel cleaning efforts can definitely make a huge and significant difference.

 Rainwater cannot wash off all the stubborn particles – There are homeowners who firmly believe that the rain can do its magic in cleaning up the solar panels. This is not really true. Just imagine how you clean your car’s windshield during frequent rains. You tend to manually wash your windshield to effectively get rid of those nasty particles. The solar panels should be thoroughly cleaned to achieve its maximum effectiveness. Solar panel cleaning requires some work and effort.  No amount of rainwater can manually remove all the stubborn dirt and grime. 

Improved durability – Harsh elements in the environment can cause damage to the solar panels. There are various particles and debris in the outside environment including soft grains of sand, dust, and other particles. These can accumulate in the solar panels and can contribute to the deterioration of the panels in the long haul. While the damage will be less obvious, over time the efficiency of the panel will begin to deteriorate resulting in frequent breakdowns. However, when you clean your solar panels frequently, you can somehow increase the resilience of the panels against damage attributed to environmental elements.

 Improved aesthetic appearance of the solar panels – Dirty and nasty looking solar panels are serious eyesores. Cleaning our house is really important. Solar panel cleaning is important and essential too. No one wants an ugly looking solar panel on your roof. Thus, it is important that being a responsible homeowner, you should regularly clean the solar panels. The kind of maintenance will make your solar panels look better and improve the exteriors of your property.

Cleaning the solar panels allows you to inspect its state – you can somehow exert some effort in inspecting the physical condition of the panels. Cleaning time allows you to evaluate and assess the current state of the solar panels thoroughly.

How To Effectively Clean Solar Panels On Roof

How often should I clean the solar panels?

It is recommended that solar panels should be cleaned on a regular basis. At the very least you should do it twice a year. Many homeowners include their solar panel cleaning efforts as they conduct their Spring and Autumn garden cleaning activities.

One of the most effective way to help you determine if the solar panels demands cleaning is to keep a close eye on its efficiency and power output. If you notice that there is a decrease in the efficiency this would warrant some efforts to clean up the solar panel surface. If you cannot clean the solar panels frequently, it will decrease its lifespan and highly likely increase your power bill.

How Do I Clean My Solar Panels?

There are services that will clean your solar panels for you and many people opt for this because they don’t want the stress and hassle of cleaning them on their own. Not to mention it can be a risky task getting up onto your roof to deal with your solar panels.

Hiring someone to clean your panels can be pricey but remember that whatever money you invest into cleaning is made back by the energy efficiency boost you get with clean panels and the decreased chance in solar panel repairs.

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