How To Prepare
House Washing Experts

Congratulations on Improving your Property!

House Washing Experts cleaning the house exterior

Before we arrive on-site to give your property a much-needed clean, you will need you to take care of a few small things:


  • Remove and cover anything that could be damaged by water or solution [including Electrical Garage motors, Electrical Motorised Windows, Electrical devices, external power-points, exterior lights and fans, electricity box (especially if under a patio), TVs, Couches, Outdoor Furniture etc]. Please note that although all precaution is taken to avoid tripping any power, all work is done at the owner’s risk. We strongly recommend that you tape up ANY exterior power points to avoid power tripping.
  • Please advise neighbours that exterior cleaning will be conducted on your property, especially if your neighbours are situated close to your house
  • Please organise all deliveries and other trade work to be conducted on a different day to your booking
  • Vehicles will need to be removed from the driveway.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed (including toilet windows).
  • Clear loose items patio/pergola areas including pots, ornaments, BBQs, hanging photos/features, all perishables (these include all fabrics such as cushions). We only conduct low pressure cleaning on home externals. Although all care is taken, it may still be possible for some water to enter through windows and doorframe gapping. We recommend the use of old towels/rags.
  • We recommend some non-paint removing tape for windows/doors with gaps. To ensure items within your home are free from possible discolouring, please make sure to move belongings (couches, blinds, ornaments etc.) away from window frames if the windows tend to leak. We CANNOT tell if you have leaks.
  • Use unwanted old towels or rags if you are concerned about any leaking.
  • If you have a fishpond, it is advisable you cover up the pond if possible using a tarp, plastic, timber, etc. Also, please let us know about it in advance so we can take extra caution around this area of the home.
  • Remove all clothes from the clothesline. We recommend not opening any windows or doors until the house has externally dried. If you are unsure about anything, please make sure to cover it tightly or move it out of the way prior to the job commencing.
  • The cleaning solution can react with freshly painted areas, including varnished/lacquered/sealed decking. We advise a minimum 6 weeks curing time before cleaning.
  • All painted surfaces will oxidise or become dull in time. This can be dramatically increased if any surface receives direct sunlight i.e. driveways, painted walls/exteriors and decks (oiling has 12 months life span, after a clean you may notice section where the mould has penetrated your oiled surface. We recommend applying a fresh coat of oil after your clean). Please note: Some markings on certain surfaces may not be removed completely i.e. Oxide, calcium, rust, red earth, hard water marks, pre-existing stains/markings, bleeding etc.
  • Bare wooden fixtures that have been varnished/oiled (doors, window frames, posts etc) including wooden deck areas, that have not received a new coat within the last 12 months, may need to be avoided due to the increased chance of bleeding. Please NOTIFY the technician prior if you want these areas avoided!


  • Please be aware that pressure cleaning can be abrasive and will be done at the owner’s own risk.
  • Depending on the age and the dirt/mould build up on the roof, there is an element of risk for leakage due to possible cracked tiles, corroded pointing on valleys.
  • Customers with water tanks, please ensure to disconnect or divert your pipes, or cover your open tank holes with a tarp or some secured plastic. Please move any items that you believe may be affected by dirty water fallout off the roof.
  • Any broken or cracked tiles will need to be fixed prior to job commencing to avoid water leakage through your roof. Please make us aware if you know of any downpipes that flow away from the direction of the curb. i.e. through another property.


  • Please be aware that pressure cleaning can be abrasive and will be done at the owner’s own risk. Please ensure all items within the cleaning area/s are moved prior to cleaning commencement. This includes, pots, outdoor furniture, electrical items, pet beds etc. We strongly recommend that you tape up ANY exterior power points to avoid power tripping. We recommend the use of old towels/rags at the door base if you are concerned with water ingress.
  • Pressure Cleaning may be harsh – Please make us aware of any areas of concern BEFORE we begin pressure cleaning e.g. New Concrete, cracks, chips, soft areas, weakened areas, etc.


  • Gutters with slip in gutter guard can be removed free of charge with your gutter clean. Re-installation of gutter guard will incur an additional fee if required.
  • A harness fee may be applied to your gutter clean if deemed a risk according to Occupation Health and Safety’s National Code of Practices for the Prevention of Falls. Australian Standard reference AS/NZS 1891.1