Brisbane, Queensland — House Washing Experts, an exterior house cleaning company that specialises in low-pressure washing and other related services has decided to be a certified carbon neutral company.

“Our cleaning solutions are environmentally-friendly. We use recycled Kraft printing paper, so why not continue this trend and make our whole business carbon neutral?” replied Michael Fleming, the owner of House Washing Experts. “And although we only use small engines, we calculated our footprint and decided we could do something even better. We could plant a tree with every house wash and create a long-term change. This, in addition to our carbon offset, foresees us becoming a carbon positive company.”

What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral is a carbon solutions provider. They are also known as Australia’s top biodiverse reforestation offset developer. Their goal is to help companies across Australia in measuring and reducing offset greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, they are the first Australian project to be a Gold Standard Certified. This is the utmost standard for carbon offsets, recognised for its top-quality carbon credits. As of now, House Washing Experts is part of their “Plant-a-Tree” program.

“Customers will rest assured that our exterior cleaning services will contribute to creating a carbon-zero Australia. As a certified carbon neutral provider, all of our tree plantings happen in Australia, which won’t only offset our carbon footprint, but also create jobs,” said Fleming. “We purchase bulk plants and shrubs every quarter that are planted by the Carbon Neutral Australia Team.”

The “Plant-a-Tree” program is one of the three main services that Carbon Neutral currently offers. With this, they coordinate with organisations to conduct biodiverse conservation plantings using native trees and shrubs. The planted trees are rest assured to help capture and store carbon, lessen soil salinity, prevent natural calamities such as wind and water erosion, boost biodiversity and restore animal habitat. Moreover, Carbon Neutral’s tree-planting program will also provide more employment and boost the local economy by supporting SMBs.

In the present, the carbon solutions provider has planted more than 30 million of mixed native trees and shrubs across the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

House Washing Experts is expected to adopt more environmentally-friendly solutions in the future. While they’re still relatively new as a carbon neutral company, appointments can be scheduled online through their website.

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