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Just owning a high pressure washer isn’t enough to deliver the required results and House washing Bardon have an entourage of high tech equipment and other products to ensure each and every speck of dirt if removed from the building. If you intend on doing the house cleaning on your own then you need to consider getting the following equipment and products to your arsenal before starting:

High-pressure washer sprayer Bardon Brisbane
It’s vital you have or get a high-pressure washer to be able to pressure wash a building, you may already own one to clean your car and drive way but they can also he hired for a reasonable rate on a daily basis. Most Bardon house washing companies will have specialised industrial pressure washers since they specialise in the house washing business but you can also hire smaller washers but those with higher pressure levels. Also, consider learning some pressure washer maintenance tips since the pumps are fragile and can get damaged if not managed properly.

Consider getting a variety of pressure nozzles
There are over 100 nozzle sizes available for pressure washers but having different angles, ideally you should have 5 nozzles with angles starting from 0 degrees and increasing by 10s with the biggest being 50 degrees and delivering a pressure of around 3000 psi. Each will deliver a different amount of pressure on the surface delivering between 750-3000 psi of water pressure.

Consider getting a chemical injector
You shouldn’t handle the pressure washing chemicals by hand and avoid spilling them so getting this device will help you deliver the chemicals in to the machine before using it. House washing Bardon companies are required to follow strict environmental protocol and so will you so make sure you get the equipment.

Safety clothing and equipment
Pressure washing is quite a messy job and you sure you get drenched in the liquids, this makes water proof clothing, eye, ear and other protections a necessity. Never attempt pressure washing without the proper gear since you are bound to experience major health problems

You’re always better off hiring a professional House washing Bardon company since they will have the required equipment. They also have adequate experience and will deliver a much cleaner job at the end of the project.