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Exterior house cleaning can be done in practically any season, but before hiring a house washing Holland Park washer it helps to check the weather, to ensure it’s a nice and sunny day.

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This is because, as you know, Queensland offers some stubborn periods of storm season, which may be unfavourable for us to do the cleaning effectively. Before starting a project first, consider your location in Australia since the southern states will experience significantly colder winters which pose problems to the cleaning crews. But in QLD, at our winter days are quite warm. It’s only the nights that get considerably cold.

For those in the northern region, the summers are extreme and most cleaning services will avoid doing exterior cleaning projects during the mid-summer. The best time to plan exterior cleaning projects is usually during the spring and autumn months. Others in the renovation industry, however, prefer during this time bigger buildings can be carefully assessed to determine any anomalies that could occur after the pressure cleaning process. Even though this won’t apply to our house washing Holland Park boys, it’s still interesting to know the little intricacies that are taken into consideration sometimes.

While you can call us anytime of the year in Queensland, many house washers love when they get called during the spring and autumn seasons since these are the between seasons. Not too hot and not too cold, just right. Here’s a useful tip, though, be sure to approach in advance after big storm hits or when there has been a lot of rain. These are busy periods and if you want your service with the wait, then book us in early well in advance.

In addition, as more homeowners are hiring exterior cleaning services before renovations, service can be in high demand as well. So it’s not just the house washing Holland Park industry that’s coordinating their dates, it’s the rest of the wider industry too. So it pays to keep this in mind. If you want to take advantage of our great prices when it’s convenient to you, then be sure to do a bit of planning ahead of everyone else.