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Maintaining an apartment block and suburban house will have two totally different requirements and this is mainly linked to the shape of the building. Either way, The House Washing Experts of Norman Park certainly loves a challenge or two.

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Most suburban homes will have complex shapes which involve loads of gutters and adjourning roofs and these also tend to be hotspots that accumulate dirt which needs cleaning every season to avoid complications. You will also notice many house washing Norman Park service providers will have higher charges for the cleaning services for suburban homes as compared to apartment blocks. Don’t worry, at least with us, we don’t discriminate and our basic pricing list is published here so you know what to expect.

Considering Norman Park’s location, facing the Brisbane river, we’ve noticed a trend of bird droppings being one of the main concerns of customers around these areas.  Droppings not only stain but can cut through paint over time. We make a big deal when birds poop on our car’s paint, well they can do similar damage on the exterior of our homes.

The droppings are also acidic and eventually find their way into the guttering system which leads to corrosion of the gutters. These also require occasional pressure blasting every few months to flush out any droppings that could accumulate and resulting leakage in the building. In addition to this, roofs also have a tendency of growing algae and fungus in gutters and you may not notice them. Its ok, because the house washing Norman Park boys know to use the anti-fungal bleaches which help kill and clean out any fugal growths that may be occurring in your roof gutters.

When it comes to cleaning of roofs you are always better off hiring professional house washing Norman Park service providers, and yes, it’s an area we definitely do.