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Factors to Consider Before Conduction Pressure House Washing

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Pressures washers are becoming a common sight in every home and this is pushing many home owners to avoid hiring professional House washing Pullenvale firms. This is because many think they can do the cleaning on their own as they have the equipment and save a few bucks. But before attempting this take good time to research and make sure you understand what you’re doing. Below are some major factors you should understand before attempting pressure wash your home:

Consider the health risks linked to the process
It’s vital to understand the mosses and algae are commonly found growing on walls especially around areas that get wet. Some are extremely poisonous and while blasting its vital you wear protective gear to avoid affecting your health. You may notice most House washing services Pullenvale Brisbane personal will have protective clothing and masks since while using the pressure washers its common to find the high pressure obliterating and mixing the moss and other dirt in the water which could find its way in to your eyes and your respiratory system.

Understand deferent materials require different pressures
Since most people use pressure washers to clean cars they tend to forget the steel can withstand a much higher pressure than other materials. It’s vital to understand and measure how much pressure a brick wall or foundation will withstand. The pressure should just be enough to blast off the dirt and not begin digging into the concrete of mortar itself. This is usually just a trial and error process which you must do on small section making sure you don’t do too much damage rather than cleaning. Be prepared to also do repairs since weak spots are bound to be blasted out and require new mortar to be applied.

Do you have the time and expertise for a professional result?
Just blasting away is one story but a professional House washing Pullenvale service provide will also do the repairs and apply the required treatment to sections of the building that may be affected by mosses and algae growths. There no point of blasting if you can’t finish the job so you’re better off hiring a professional to get the job done correctly.

“Got rid of marks and old stains that I didn’t think could be removed”

“We called House Washing Experts to come and clean our very dirty verandah area and we could not believe how clean it came up. They were through and treated areas expertly to get rid of marks and old stains that I didn’t think could be removed. The verandah looked amazing when they had finished, I was very impressed.

Was very happy and satisfied with the work that they did and I would definitely recommend them.”

– Susan Farrell

“The house looks like it was just painted”

I was thrilled with the results. The gutters were cleaned out properly for the first time in ages. Jake was very particular and did a great job. As for the house washing – it is fabulous! The house looks like it was just painted and the white trim is so gleaming.

Everyone who has seen it has commented on how wonderful it looks – like it has had a new paint job. I would definitely recommend House Washing Experts to my friends – and I have! Thanks again

– Kaye S

“Two of my neighbours asked for the contact details so they could get theirs done too”

“When i called around to get my house washed, House Washing Experts were by far the most polite and professional company i dealt with!

The technicians did a great job on my house clean, roof clean and pressure clean of my driveway – so much so that 2 of my neighbours asked for the contact details so they could get theirs done too.

I’ve had people wash my property before but it has never looked as nice as it does now and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

– Arin Ozdemir

“Everyone is commenting on how good it looks!”

“We recently had our house washed by your company, and the results were outstanding. The technician was on time, extremely professional as well as friendly and everyone is commenting on how good it looks!

I can’t recommend this service highly enough – thank you!”

– Maria Fletcher