Choosing new paint colours may be an exciting task, but what you might not know is that repainting your home’s exterior by yourself is NOT an easy job. Thereby, there’s no doubt why everyone wants to avoid repainting projects as much as possible. But, bear in mind that leaving paint for years without touch-ups causes deterioration and makes the process more difficult and costly. This is why exterior paint maintenance is necessary for every homeowner!

Maintenance on your exterior house paint has several benefits. The more effort you put into it, the better the reward. First, even if you haven’t repainted in a long time, your home looks appealing year after year. Improper upkeep, on the other hand, results in a shabby appearance of your home.

Second, as we hinted above, accomplishing annual paint maintenance can increase the life of your exterior house paint. Instead of spending money on buying paint, and hiring someone to do the job, you save yourself a great deal of time and money!

So here are a few effective ways in maintaining your exterior house paint.

Take a Closer Look at Your Walls

Contaminants will build upon your paint over time. It’s best to address it right away to make cleaning easier.

This procedure may look basic, but just a heads up. Tiny spots of chipping, peeling and loose paint are harder to spot, so you need to take a closer look at the walls.

Allotting particular time to inspect high-traffic areas can help recognize possible trouble spots that need treatment. You should also pay attention to locations where children or dogs prefer to play, as well as areas where furniture, such as sofas or chairs, comes into contact with the walls.

Now, what contaminants should you look for?

Dealing with Mildew and Mould

Even though mould and mildew are typically visible around the edges of a bathroom wallpaper, or behind the laundry tub, you should also take steps to spot some of them outdoors. It’s important to remove them because they are not only destroying your home, but they may also be compromising your health. Mildew can develop on exterior house paint, especially if it has been exposed to the weather for more than a few years. Mildew will most likely appear in places that are shadowed and wet. They won’t destroy your home, but they may certainly make it appear, feel, and smell unappealing.

The first step in getting rid of mildew and mould is to address the moisture issue that is causing it to form in the first place. Despite the fact that you can scrape and remove mould, they will eventually grow again. This is why maintenance matters.

Dealing with Dirt and Chalk

Over time, dirt and dust will accumulate on the exterior of your home, especially if it is located near a road. You may see years’ worth of accumulated gray soot and dust on the once you wipe a white cloth across it. Airborne dirt could gather on exterior house paint and cause it to discolour. Mildew can then grow in the dirt, which serves as a breeding habitat and food supply for the mould. As a result of weathering, chalky pigment can also show up, triggering colour loss and unappealing white streaks.

Watch Out for Cracking and Peeling

It is important to inspect external paint for this condition and identify issues as soon as possible. By doing so, you can prevent more serious paint issues in the future and maintain walls and sidings easier. Examine the paint coating thoroughly for cracking and peeling.

Opt for House Washing

Many of us are aware that washing our cars does more than just keep them looking clean; it also prolongs the lifespan of the paint.

Washing your home’s exterior offers the same perks.

Washing your home’s exteriors gets rid of surface contaminants, including pollen, dirt, air pollutants, bird droppings, mildew, mold spores. With house washing, you enhance the beauty of your house, and also helps to keep the paint from fading. It’s a total money and time saver.

Maintaining your walls through house washing can be simple.

You can use a long-handled, soft-bristled scrub brush together with a mild soapy water solution. Do a gentle scrub, followed by a quick rinse using a garden hose, and this will preserve the aesthetic look of your house. You can also add a couple of teaspoons of cleaning solution to the mixture if you are experiencing mildew issues.

Pressure washing is another option for cleaning the exterior of your property. Even if you have a pressure washer or are considering renting one, it may be best to contact a professional to do the task. When not used properly, a pressure washer may be harmful to you and your home. Weighing the balance of pressure and distance without causing a bad impact to the surface can be tough for first-time users.

Both house washing and pressure washing are best done by professionals. If you’re residing in Brisbane, House Washing Experts can do the job for you.

Check Gutters and Downspouts

If you think gutters and downspouts are only for roof maintenance, think again. These parts of your home’s exterior are also important in maintaining your exterior house paint.

When gutter and downspouts are in proper working condition, moisture is channelled away from the house and your exterior house paint is protected.

But if gutter systems are not maintained properly, they get clogged and cause water to overflow onto the walls. This results in unnecessary wear and tear on the external paint job (and the surfaces beneath it).

If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, it’s best to ask for a professional to clear them out. You are most likely in need of gutter cleaning, which empties your gutter and removes excess water and dirt accumulation.

Exterior House Paint Maintenance 101

Hopefully, you learned about the importance and value of exterior paint maintenance. Some of these items require only a couple of minutes a year, while others take several hours.

Maintaining your home’s exterior paint in good condition will save you time, money in the long run and keep you away from having a headache in the future.

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