Pressure washing is an essential part of a general house cleaning routine. You need to spend time washing off all those gunk and algae that built up for months. If you’ll always miss cleaning your outdoor space, you’ll just struggle to raise your curb appeal. And, it might even affect your family’s daily life.

So going back, pressure washing must be part of your to-do list. The thing is, some homeowners don’t know how it works, or how to use one at the very least. So whether you decide to take the DIY route or you want the pros to handle it for you, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Cleaning Out of Order

So are you planning to clean the major parts of your home’s exterior in a day? You might miss an important rule. You have to clean in a logical order. Now what does this mean? So it’s recommended to start from top to bottom. Just think about it. If you’re going to wash the driveway first, followed by the roof. All the used-up water and dirt will just flow in the driveway. And the result is you have to clean it up again. That’s just tiring and time-consuming. So when you’re pressure washing, you can start with:

  • Roof
  • Walls and sidings
  • Floors and other flat surfaces
  • Windows

Lack of Knowledge

being skeptical

So is it your first time using a pressure washer? There’s nothing wrong about that. As long as you do proper research on how to use it properly. Or, you would test the equipment before using it. The concept of pressure washing is not that complicated to understand.

Lack of knowledge can cause time-consuming and expensive mistakes that you can easily avoid. You might end up chipping off paint or breaking some surfaces if you don’t know how to use the device correctly.

Lack of Proper Equipment

Not all families have pressure washers kept in their homes. And it’s understandable. But if one day you’d like to try pressure washing, make sure you have the right equipment.

Remember, pressure washers come in different specifications. You should be buying the type best suited to your needs.

Or if you simply don’t want to spend time renting or buying a pressure washer, you can simply hire an external house washing company that gets the job done right.

Breaking Windows

You need not wash your windows under pressure. Too much water pressure on your windows will easily cause the glass to break. The window panes and seals can malfunction. And later on, you might just notice leaks and signs of rotting.

Remember, you’re cleaning your windows for the sake of maintaining them, and not ruining them. Using high-pressure water can result in a repair or replacement that is expensive.

So when it comes to window cleaning, just make it simple. Brush, wash, squeeze off excess water, and wait for the windows to get dry.

High-Pressure Water on Walls

vinyl installation and cleaning

Powerful pressure washers are not that friendly when it comes to these areas. Sidings are not completely waterproof and they don’t hold up very well when pressure-washed incorrectly. So simply put, it’s easy to cause damage on a vinyl siding when you’re careless. This might just lead to costly repairs you don’t even want to pay for.

The same thing applies to brick homes. Although many people think otherwise, old brick-and-mortar is softer than what’s manufactured today. So it’s a no-brainer. Don’t point the pressure washer on your walls and sidings, especially if they’re made of these materials.

Excessive Pressure

Using too much pressure is one of the most common mistakes people make. If you own a machine or have leased one, you can test the device before using it for cleaning. You can actually monitor the water pressure being used, including the other settings.

Now if your pressure washer has a high PSI, always keep the wand far from the surface. Using the right pressure will keep off all the dirt and debris while maintaining the surface in good condition.

Chipping Off Paint

To avoid chipping off paint from painted surfaces, use low pressure when washing any painted area. Before you begin house washing, you can check whether your house paint is water-resistant or otherwise. This indicates how vulnerable it is to pressure washing.

Some types of paints can chip off easily, particularly if you exert a lot of pressure and point the wand directly for a few seconds. Unless you want to repaint the surface or keep it bare, don’t forget to be extra careful.

Water on Its Own

When pressure washing your house, stop using just water. Water alone cannot make your home sparkle. You need more than that to do the job correctly.

When pressure washing your house, use the right chemical cleaners appropriately. Some places have accumulated a lot of dirt and debris over time, and without chemical cleaners, you’ll find yourself using too much water, which can be dangerous. What more if you put too much pressure that a surface can’t withstand? Chemical cleaners soften the water while also eliminating the contaminants between the surfaces.

Hiring the Wrong Company

A lot of homeowners might be guilty of this. And this must be a wake-up call to everybody. Hiring the wrong company can lead to hefty damages and expenses. If you’ll just hire your gardener or repairman who barely uses a pressure washer, you’re putting your house in danger. So it’s best to rely on professionals who know what they’re doing, and who have the skills and expertise for this type of job.

You can look for exterior house washing companies near your area and scout for the ones with the highest ratings or best reviews. Then ask a set of questions. Get multiple quotes. And once you’re decided, hire the company. It’s that simple. You’ll see your home’s exterior in a much better look after the service.

House Washing Experts

There’s no need to worry about these mistakes if you’ll hire the right company. And if you’re residing in Brisbane and other near areas, House Washing Experts can do the job for you.

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