For a homeowner that has a pile of work waiting on their desk, it’s just normal to search for the most effective way to get the chores done asap, such as removing tough stains.

Let’s say you’re coming home from work and you’ve seen your patios covered with messy paint because you repainted your walls last week. Your next move would probably be removing paint the old-fashioned way – with lots of elbow grease and numerous paint scrapers—that’s because we think that’s the fastest way.

The thing is, you can call House Washing Experts for quick and efficient tips that could make your life easier. Most house washing companies have a tank and special nozzle for dispensing soap or cleaning solutions. Depending on your cleaning task, a suitable cleaning solution might speed the job along and make it a bit easier.

With the help of professionals and proper tools, your home would be in top condition in no time. Here are some tough stains that could be gone by pressure washing.

Calcium and lime deposits

If your house has fountains, pools, retaining walls, and other hard surfaces, be aware of the possible accumulation of calcium and lime sediments. Mineral deposits formed by hard water are notoriously tricky to remove. With us, removing calcium and lime deposits is basic since our crews are trained for every possible situation.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is one of every homeowner’s enemies since it is the stickiest, most challenging thing to remove from hard surfaces like concrete driveways. You have a choice not to be bothered by it, but once a visitor sees it, it may probably turn them off.

Even if chewing gums were hardened and trampled in a specific part of your house, pressure washing machines do their magic. With a 4000 pounds-per-square-inch (psi) setting and warm water, it can be removed quickly.

Deck stains

There’s more! Yes, pressure washing can remove deck stains. To avoid getting your deck damaged, the process must be handled with extra care. A 1500 psi pressure setting should suffice.

It is essential to keep the sprayer about 3 inches off the ground and move it in a direction parallel to grain movement in order to get the best results. Or you can just put it in professionals’ hands.

General-purpose stains

A professional pressure washer will use a specialised detergent in the water to make the equipment into a powerful stain remover. The correct cleaning products can remove stains on wood and vinyl siding, paving stones, decks, driveways, and walks.

Most detergent combinations can handle stains caused by dirt, leaves, built-up grime, and other tough stains.


Unless you commissioned some famous artist for graffiti, you’d want to remove the unnecessary design from your property. House Washing Experts can lend a hand and offer you the cheapest offer that can make the unwanted graffiti in a snap with our tools.

We have the answer for any surface, such as brick and metal surfaces! On brick and metal surfaces, it is advisable first to use a chemical product, then a power washer to scrub away any paint and residue.

Mould and mildew

mould is an example of tough stain

Any house washing companies and professional cleaners will agree that mold and mildew must be eliminated from your property. Aside from harming the aesthetic appeal of your house, it can also risk your family’s health.

Opting for a pressure washing company would be best if your house is slowly covered by mold and mildew.

Oil and grease

oil stain

Have you ever experienced seeing your driveway full of oil and grease? Well, what a pain to see and pain to remove!

But asking for professionals’ help surely won’t disappoint and hassle you! With power washing, removing those tough stains from the garage, driveway, and walkway would save you more time. A degreasing solution and a 1700 or higher psi setting can eliminate unpleasing tough stains.


Seeing your paint peeling or flaking on a fence, siding, or brick surface makes every homeowner’s eyes and pocket ache. It is a pain to see! But House Washing Experts can make it easier and quicker for you!

Before anything else, do a patch test before you fully begin to ensure that the high-pressure spray won’t destroy the surface you’re cleaning.

When using a pressure washer to remove paint from a wood surface, be sure to spray down the wood grain. To ensure your fresh coat of paint will adhere properly, rinse it with a power washer completely after using any thinner or stripping chemicals to remove the paint.


If you have a problem with your metal surfaces with visible spots of rust, it would be best to call for a professional. Rust removal may be done quickly and easily with pressure washers equipped with 3000-psi settings and narrow-angle nozzles. It can easily get rid of rust and save you some time if you have to scrape and sand.

Why Hiring A Pro Pressure Washing Company Is A Must

In this age of technology where DIY and YouTube tutorials are everywhere, you might be urged to just do it by yourself. But, make sure you weigh first the advantages and disadvantages of why choosing a professional is a great choice.

Professionals like House Washing Experts have industry-standard equipment that can get the job done right away. Without the hassle and risking your health, professionals will surely give you a quality service. We train all of our crews on everything essential such as correct settings in pressure and temperature, which will save you from further damage and expenses.

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