So you’re about to start renovations and the only thing rushing through your head are budgets, materials and contractors. The best way to tackle any home improvement project is to first prioritize.

roof renovationsPrioritizing is actually part of the basic principles that building project managers keep in mind before embarking on any large job.

Although we’re House Washing Experts, we come across many customers who are in the midst of home improvement renovations. They often tell us about their pitfalls and successes but one thing that we’ve found in common amongst all of them, is preparation or lack thereof.

While many people have their organisational skills down-pat, the stark reality is that the excitement of renovations can often make us forget about the essential peliminary steps to ensure the safety of you and your family. So with our experience in working on a vast amount of job sites and home improvement projects, we hope the following tips come in handy for you.

“There are mobile apps for taking home inventory which will make it easier for you. (we might actually do a separate blog post about this!)”

Start from the top-down
If you’re a novice, double check the state of your roof’s health. As the area that protects you from the majority of Mother Nature’s wrath, its important to do this right from the outset. Even the tiniest of neglects can cause thousands in damages. So cross check with your partner for water damage, wiring and the framing. Check for any problems no matter how small and fix them immediately before commencing any other job.

home-wiringElectrical upgrades
After double checking your roof, its time to inspect your electrical system and ensure that it’s up to date. If you’re renovating, chances are you’re dealing with a house that may be 20-years old. If that’s the case, then there’s a high chance of some updating required. While there are no laws (Australia) that forces you to update your home’s electrical system, if you’re renovating, its in your best interest to do so. This step should be coducted by a professional and if you’re concerned about costs, it doesn’t cost a lot to have your house assessed by a qualified technician. They’ll tell you if nothing needs changing and if so, they’ll be sure to tell you why.

Wet rooms first
Room renovations should start with those that are wet a.k.a bathrooms and kitchens; in that order too. You’re probably wondering why? Well its a matter of practicality. These rooms are the most used rooms by everyone under the roof. Remodelling these high traffic areas means that you can have your food and wash areas finished first and while you still have the enthusiasm to do so. Anyone that has gone through a home improvement can tell you that the spark dies, and dies quick it shall if you don’t keep the pace up.

Home Inventory appFunction over Form
We understand that the whole point of renovating in the first place is primarily to satisfy aesthetics. But a home that is functional and practical has longevity. Do your research and spend some time on forums and online community discussions on how other people are balancing the two elements.

Home Inventory
Pretty self explanatory. You may not want to do this but if you couldn’t be bothered then why bother with home improvements? Check your pipes, taps, broken appliances… basically everything! There are mobile apps for taking home inventory which will make it easier for you. Remember, renovations often mean a new start. So lets do it right!

That’s about it guys. Keep these steps in mind and we’re pretty sure you’re gonna have a good time knocking a few walls down. The whole experience is supposed to fun, just don’t forget that.