Many people give their cars a very thorough car wash – auto detailing – many times a year to be sure that even the back of the grill is clean, polished and waxed.

This, obviously keeps the car looking new for a longer period of time and lengthens the life of one as well (depending how often you cut through the paint that is). It is also done quite often before selling the vehicle – detailing helps to preserve resale value of the car. So we’re not denying the fact that the regular car wash shouldn’t be part of your monthly routine.

Now, many people have a problem in spending a fortune on the weekly car wash, but not many people think about keeping their home exteriors looking just as pristine – and it only needs to be done once a year and is, quite frankly, a lot more affordable than detailing your car even just once.

With prices starting at only $100 with to get your house washed with us, there is no way you could even get half of your car fully detailed with a price like that – and yes, we do know you use your car a lot more and it gets exposed to a lot of dirt and dust, BUT that makes it even more of a reason to take care of your house, because you live in it – you spend a great deal of your day and nights at home so why not have it looking like a castle? It is even better to know you only have to do it once a year at least, since the house is not like a car, continuously collecting dirt.

“You will definitely earn loads more in the long term by preserving the look of your house.”

Not only will you do yourself a favour by washing your house regularly, but most probably you will cash a significantly bigger cheque once you have sold the house. You will definitely earn loads more in the long term by preserving the look of your house. Besides the monetary benefits, who would want to live in an old and mouldy looking residence?

This is where knowing about how cheap house washing is, can really come in handy. We’d be happy to give your house a little bath and scrub every little grain of dirt off it. Check out our gallery and if you like what you see, give us a call for a quote on 1300 WASHED (1300 927 433) and we will beat any legitimate offer made to you!