The average number of houses sold in Australia from 1999-2021 is at least 80,000 units. While the highest sale of 20,768 units was seen in March 2001, the record low was reached in May 2020 with the sale of 3,647 units. The figures show the rising trend of buying and selling houses. If you are also willing to sell your home and are wondering what is to be done before listing it, pressure washing is the answer. An experienced pressure washing company will help you out.


Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Home Before Selling It?


Make your Home Look Good as New

new home

It is always recommended to get your property pressure washed before putting it up for sale. This will give a new look, a new appearance to it. If the power washing company that you have hired does a good job, then your old home will look as good as a new one. It will be able to attract more potential buyers.

Clean up your Home for Picture Day

Before you sell your home, make sure to click some good pictures of it from various angles. Pictures are mandatory when you are putting your home on listings. Prior to the picture day, you should get your home ready in the best possible manner. This is because the listing pictures on the internet will have a positive influence on the buyer and they will be eager to buy the property.

Make your Home Allergy-friendly

Mould build-ups are extremely harmful to you and your family members. It can cause severe allergic reactions. Through pressure washing, you can clean up the home so that all its members are safe and in good health. This will not only reduce your allergies but also make your home appear more attractive and inviting. Also, leaving a disinfectant, clean house with zero germs is always a plus.

Increase your Home’s Value

Do you know that a clean property attracts a higher price from the buyer? Raising the value of your home means earning more profits from its sale. When you invest a little for your home and pressure wash the stains, fungus, damage or any sort of build-up lying within your property, the value of the property increases. As a result, your home becomes worth buying and spending money on.

Sell your Home Even Faster

The condition of your property goes a long way in influencing a buyer. If you want to sell your home really fast, then pressure washing is the key. Experts from a reputed pressure washing company can clean and beautify your property in no time, making it suitable for selling. When your home is squeaky clean, there is no reason why any buyer would reject it.


What Areas of your Home Should you Pressure Wash Before Selling it?


The Exterior of your Home

The external part of your home is perhaps more vulnerable than the internal part since it is constantly exposed to wind, rain, dirt, weather elements, pests etc. Before you think about painting the exterior part of your home, focus more on pressure washing it. With the removal of dirt, moisture and dust from the exterior portion of your home, you will discover a neat and nice-looking property.

The Concrete Surfaces

Concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios and walkways surrounding your home can get dirty and greasy easily with regular usage. These areas can also get damaged by oil or any sort of liquids. Therefore, you must get in touch with a pressure washing company and get your home cleaned. Once the dust, dirt and stains are removed, you can also notice a change of colour in the concrete. Your concrete will start looking lighter again.

Your Fencing

pressure washing fence

Your fencing is also part of the overall property. So, it should be in perfect condition in front of the buyers. Be it vinyl, wood or ornamental iron, fencing around your home can easily get dirty and start to look faded. Your fencing materials also require a proper makeover to revive their appearance and appeal. Thus, you can take the help of a professional pressure washing company for pressure washing all fencing surrounding your property so that they look newer and appear younger.


Pressure Washing: Should You Do it or Hire a Professional?

There are pros and cons when DIY-ing and hiring a professional.
If you’re opting for the DIY option, make sure that you know how to use a pressure washer correctly. It’s a bit tricky to use for the first time, but it’s manageable. You should also find a schedule where you can pressure wash your home. There are several important areas to focus on, but the exteriors will seal the deal. Prioritise cleaning it to boost your home’s curb appeal.
Do you find the idea hassle? Then it’s time to decide to work with a pressure washing company. They have professionals that can clean your home faster and more efficiently. Just take time to pick the right company and you’ll achieve the results you want.

Work with House Washing Experts

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