The time has come. Your home’s exterior looks dirty and old. You’ve started to search for local painters and prepare yourself for spending thousands of money on a paint job. Fortunately, there is another way to make your house look great again, and it is called soft wash.

Sure, there are pros and cons that you can consider. If you’re still undecided on what to do, we’re here to help. Is it better to opt for soft washing? Or should you start painting your walls to restore the property’s appearance? Keep reading to get some more insight.

Do you absolutely have to paint your house?

Man painting a wall with a roller brush

Of course, painting your house is what contractors do. It is usually done when you want to remodel your home. There’s nothing wrong with it unless you’re doing it because your house is dirty. It is definitely reasonable to look for the right solution in fixing your problem.

If you simply want to spruce up your home, upgrade, or aim to have a change in your home’s exterior, you can directly paint the walls. On the other hand, if you’ve been seeing accumulated dirt, dust, grime, mould on your walls, you need to clean them.

Now how should you clean your walls? Most households hear two options: soft washing and pressure washing. Let’s dive into their differences.

Soft Washing

We use specialised cleaning solutions to the surface by use of low-pressure pumps. The pressure is comparable to what you see from a garden hose. It is the cleaning solution that does all the work. Whereas with the use of a pressure washer, it is the pressure of the water stream that is trying to do the cleaning.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, on the other hand, is a method that uses water under high pressure to clean material and house surfaces.


Painting is the act of the addition of a color coating on the wall to restore the appeal of a house wall or the entire house.

When restoring the appeal of a house, it is better to consider soft wash as the first option rather than painting services. But why is that so? Here are a few reasons to look at.

Why Soft Washing is Better than Painting Your Walls

Before and after photo of a wall with window washed

Soft washing is less expensive than painting

Soft washing can save you thousands of dollars (approx. $500) than you would spend if you consider painting (nearly costs $30,000). Soft washing uses only water and the cleaning solution applied to the surface and materials of your house is clean and good looking. The amount of money you would end up spending while painting can be used to soft wash the home more than ten times. Surprisingly, the results you can get after washing are almost the same as painting (if not better).

You spend more time in a paint job

Unlike painting which takes a lot of time since you have to mix the paint and wait until the walls dry off, soft washing is only slightly different from routine house cleaning. You only need to wait for a few minutes for the walls to dry off.

Soft washing is less complicated than painting

Having your house painted is a big task. The painter has to set up, things need to be moved to prevent paint spill and everything needs to be done in a very organized and planned manner if you would like to have good results. Soft Wash however can be done almost as easily as washing your house with a hose.

Painting doesn’t get rid of foul smell

Soft washing removes any smell. Ideally, it removes existing algae, molds and kills mildew at the molecular level. In this process, your home ends up getting a fresh feeling and stays cleaner for an extended time. Painting, on the contrary, leaves your house with an unpleasant smell that takes time to disappear. Mostly it becomes hard to paint a house and sleep inside on the same day

You need to remove loose paint through soft washing

If your house has peeling, flaking, or blistering paint then expect professional soft washing to blow off loose chips of paint. This is the right thing to do! Removing loose paint with soft washing helps the paint preparation process. Later, your painter will then scrape and prime any bare wood areas before painting.

Final Solution: Soft Wash Before Painting

While you may take a look at your house exterior and think that it doesn’t need to be soft washed, you need to think again. When the paint is applied to a home that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly, the paint won’t stick around for very long. The right soft washing company ensures that dirt is removed. Also, they’ll get rid of old paint, mildew, and chalking that you may not be able to see yourself.

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