Installing solar panels for most homeowners is like a one-time chore — simply installing them on their roofs, enjoying the smaller electricity bill, and letting the rain to do the solar panel cleaning job.

But, that’s not the case. Rain won’t do a lot. Many solar panel owners miss the crucial value of regular cleaning. The buildup of environmental debris on the surface of solar panels, such as dirt and bird droppings, could result in a less efficient system. More dirt causes a lower amount of electricity it will produce.

Thankfully, dirty solar panels can be easy to fix, and roof cleaning is the solution.

Is Solar Panel Cleaning Necessary?

Can solar panels be cleaned without any supervision? Well, it depends. Most solar panels are self-cleaning as rain helps wash out dirt or pollen. However, there are a few instances that make solar panel cleaning practical. One such situation is when the solar panels are installed at a shallow angle.

Shallow angle positioning does not allow all accumulated dirt to be washed away, making it necessary to clean your solar panels regularly. The dirt will eventually block and result in a less efficient system.

Another thing you might want to consider in opting for solar panel cleaning is a specific, localised circumstance. When the location of your house is next to an agricultural field, airport runway, factory, or next to a highway, solar panel cleaning is much recommended as these places generate more dirt and buildup.

Also, bird droppings can block sunlight, affecting the performance of the solar panel systems.

Why Clean Your Solar Panels? What are the Benefits?

Improve Efficiency

washing solar panels

Solar panels are undeniably pricey. So, you would want to maximise overall efficiency, right? Then, opting for regular cleaning is the key as it can make a huge difference. According to multiple statistical findings, solar panels’ efficiency and performance improvement can reach up to 21% in residential arrays and 60% in commercial installations. So, as a homeowner, the best thing you could do is include cleaning solar panels in your to-do list.


Most solar panel installation firms and manufacturers require a frequent panel cleaning to be covered by a warranty. If you do not have confirmation of regular cleaning, you may be unable to claim warranty protection. As a result, regular cleaning is essential if you want to be on the safe side if a fault occurs at some point.

Rainwater Doesn’t Do It for You

Installing solar panels for most homeowners was like a set-and-forget process. After installing it, they don’t clean their panels after it rains since they think rainwater will do the cleaning. But that’s not how it works. Just like how you wash your car’s windshield during the rainy season, solar panels need to be cleaned more often as well. Rainwater won’t automatically clean your panels, and you should not rely on it because it won’t work.

Increase Durability

Surely you won’t notice at first glance the lots of soft grains of sand, dust particles, and debris in the environment. Without regular checkups, these particles will eventually build up and contribute to wear and tear. The performance of your solar panel will be compromised when it is dirty and results in a much lesser efficiency.

Aesthetic Appeal

Clean solar panels on a roof

Aside from your washed roof, sidings and driveway, clean solar panels will make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Who wants an aged-looking, dirt-covered panel sitting on top of your roof? No one. Similar to how important it is to clean the rest of your home, it is also essential to take proper care of your solar panels and clean them regularly.


Cleaning your solar panels is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get the chance to clean solar panels and inspect the condition of it at the same time. Remember, it is vital to be aware of the current status of your solar panels to give immediate solutions whenever there’s an impairment.

Improve ROI time

Having solar panels will undoubtedly cost you a significant sum of money, and you don’t want to waste your efforts and money. Cleaning your panels regularly ensures you get ROI (return on investment) as soon as possible. A clean solar panel will give you more efficient results as more light reaches the cells,

In conclusion, having clean solar panels does not require a lot of time or money. So, don’t let this dirt turn your massive investment into a less efficient system.

What is the best way to clean solar panels?

Everyone can clean solar panels, but not everyone can do it right. House Washing Experts’ solar panel washing assistance is one of the services you would not want to miss. When looking for a service provider, the most important thing to consider is how efficient their cleaning method is.

  1. Look for a service provider that puts safety first in its operations. Always inquire about their safety equipment and tools to ensure that they can complete the job safely and effectively.
  2. Have difficulty choosing the best time to seek the help of House Washing Experts? Anytime. Solar panel cleaning procedures can be accomplished no matter the condition of the weather. Whenever you need solar panel cleaning services, the homeowners are guaranteed to be available.
  3. Safety is the utmost priority. Ensure that this is followed at all times during the roof cleaning procedure to avoid any complications. Check that all equipment and gear, as well as ladders, are safe to use before you begin.

Let House Washing Experts Clean Your Roof and Solar Panels

Besides cleaning your roof, you can work with experts to clean neglected areas that collect dirt and debris. This includes eaves, soffits, chimneys, and the like. House Washing Experts will add even more value to your home by delivering roof cleaning service with a complimentary solar panel cleaning service for FREE!

We provide high-quality roof cleaning services designed to restore the appearance of your roof while also preserving the home’s structural integrity. Rest assured that we can improve your curb appeal in no time. Call us at 1300 927 433 today!