It’s no surprise that homeowners skip cleaning the roof regularly because it’s far more complex and risky than it appears at first glance. Before getting the desired aesthetic and curb appeal, there are things to do before roof cleaning. So, if you plan to allocate one hour for it, you might want to arrange your schedule again.

Although roof cleaning is an undeniably arduous task, you can’t use this excuse to get away with the responsibility of cleaning it.

Your roof gets dirty over time, and dirt won’t go anywhere unless you handle it. The longer the dirt is sitting on your roof, the more chances your house will look dingy. Nobody wants to own a home like that, right?

By now, you would want to consider opting for professionals to rescue you from that nightmare. Relax, they’ve got this! But before getting your roof cleaned by professionals, here is the list of essential things to do before roof cleaning.

Things To Do Before Roof Cleaning

Remove any object outside.

No one knows how dirty your roof is or if there will be overspray during the cleaning. The thing is, it would be best to anticipate things to avoid such scenarios.

One of the essential things to do before roof cleaning is to look around your yard the day before the experts come into your house. In some cases, the residue may stain anything it comes into contact with, depending on the roof structure and how unclean it is.

Covering things like the BBQ or chairs would be the best to avoid getting them stained. We at House Washing Experts clean up our mess after a roof clean, but if those items are covered or removed, it takes considerably less time and effort to accomplish this.

Aside from furniture, you also need to remove any cars from your garage. If you have plans on going out that day, you should park the car on the street.

Also, overspray may hurt the foliage of your favourite plants. Although the roof cleaning company may only use pressure, it would be safe if plants were protected or moved. Even with the absence of chemicals, delicate plants could not handle the oxidation and dirt that would come from your roof.

Think about diverting water away from rainwater tanks.

To avoid underground contamination, it would be best to divert water from the tank when cleaning the roof because the plumbing sometimes goes directly into the ground. To flush out any residue, it is advised that the system be left redirected until the next good downpour of rain.

Inform Your Neighbours

one of the things to do before roof cleaning is informing your neighbour

Even though your roof cleaning company assures you a clean work, don’t forget to inform your neighbours on the days before the roof cleaning. If the houses in your neighborhood are very close together, there’s a possibility of having a small amount of overspray will get on your neighbour’s house. A small courtesy would be nice to avoid any misunderstanding with the people around you. At House Washing Experts, we make sure to clean this off if it happens.

Consider Your Pets

Aside from your neighbours, you also need to consider your pets. Be aware that cleaning a roof is a noisy process, and if you believe that they might be bothered or uncomfortable by the noise, it is preferable to have somebody look after them on the day that the roof is being cleaned.

If you have any pets in your backyard that could be affected by overspray and bothered by noise, you should move them temporarily to avoid any health-related complications soon.

Check Your Windows

checking windows

Since most debris or stains would fall while getting your roof cleaned, one of the necessary things to do before roof cleaning is to close all of your house’s windows to avoid more mess inside your house. At House Washing Experts, we do a quick clean to eliminate debris or stains that come from the roof. We take care not to leave any mess for you to clean up, so there won’t be any additional work for you to do when we leave.

Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

You might consider replacing your roofing when it looks a lot older than it is. But the truth is, cleaning must be the answer to your problem. Having it cleaned can bring back your roof’s life and make it look new again.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, one good reason to clean your roof is to maximize the lifespan of your shingles or other roofing material. While algae aren’t hazardous to shingles, moss can be a real problem.

It’s possible that the gutters around your roof could become fully clogged with moss over time, which could cause water to flow into your home. Moss can also hold insects, which can chew through your roofing materials and cause structural damage to your home.

Having your roof cleaned by yourself might be tempting, but one of the disadvantages of DIY roof cleaning is that it can be a hassle and time consuming. Climbing up on your roof and hosing it down might not be an exciting idea for you.

Also, you might want to leave the work to experts since the cleaning solution you’ll use might affect your plants and vegetation.

Luckily for you, House Washing Experts can handle your roofing without getting you any bother.

Let House Washing Experts Handle Your Roof

Whether you have an asphalt, cedar, or slate roof, you can call House Washing Experts for roof maintenance! If you think something might be wrong with your roof or can’t even remember when was the last time you inspected it, schedule a free consultation with one of our roofing experts.

Get the work done right away instead of wasting your time and money trying out different roof maintenance procedures. Our services are the best way to keep your roof clean and free of dirt and debris.

All you need to do is find a reliable, efficient, professional roof cleaner that can transform the look of your house. Call House Washing Experts at 1300 927 433!