Entering a property or facility during the pandemic can be unsettling for staff. How much more if you’re working with other people? The risk and dangers of COVID-19 still pretty much exists around us, and you have to do what it takes to maintain a clean, safe, and sanitised workplace for your employees.

Keeping on top of simple cleaning procedures can help ease concerns about safety and hygiene. Talk about vacuuming carpeted floors or disinfecting all door handles and light switches every week.

Although these can help, they’re not enough. It’s comparable to cleaning an entire room knowing that you own a house. You need to opt for commercial cleaning services that will comprehensively cover all the areas in your property or facility.

So here’s a pressing question that you probably have in mind. What commercial cleaning services do you need? House Washing Experts offer professional body corporate maintenance services. Here’s a list that you must look forward to when you need us for your business.

External Building Washing

This includes a full wash of your building. Our team knows and recognises that buildings are made from different materials. So whether it be painted covered with glass, wood, stone, metals or a combination of some, we got you covered.

Our gutter-to-ground approach is proven and tested to clean your building’s exterior. We never miss anywhere. Even hidden and tight areas that no one ever visits. And if you ever think we missed a spot, we are offering a delivery promise that we will come back to clean it for you.

Pressure Cleaning

A lot of people barely think of pressure cleaning when it comes to commercial cleaning services. But really, it’s a must-have to the cleaning list. It’s also known as power washing.

Stains come and go, but the strongest ones defeat even the best of regular cleaning products. So when they don’t work at all, you need pressure cleaning services to get things done. This is applicable to walkways, driveways, walls leaving them with a new facelift in just a few hours.

We utilise a combination of low and high pressure cleaning, depending on the surface and needs of your building or facility. House Washing Experts is proud to say that this is one of our strongest areas of expertise.

Carpark and Driveway Cleaning

driveway cleaning

Buildings, facilities and other commercial spaces are typically open in public. Just think about it. How many vehicles enter and exit your property?

All the dirt coming from them can leave your carpark and driveways dirty and old. Commercial cleaning services leave a noticeable difference, which can also improve your body corporate image.

For this area, we typically use high pressure cleaning. Concrete and similar materials can attract the toughest grime, dust, mud and mould. When left untreated, the area becomes unhygienic and harmful in the long run. We surely don’t want that to happen.

Communal Area Cleaning

So what communal areas are we talking about here? Let’s say these are balconies, rooftops, coworking stations and other social gathering spots meant for groups.

A nice, thorough scrub can give a fresh look, but it takes more than this to get rid of the accumulated stains.

House Washing Experts team apply different cleaning methods and a special cleaning solution to get all the dirt out.

And the result? You get a nice and clean communal area to be proud of.

Rooftop Cleaning

Most businesses neglect some parts of their facilities and this includes the roof. Roofs are quite expensive, so it’s a shame not to take care of them. When it’s neglected, it can damage the material, causing leaks, cracks and dents.

So instead of spending more money on a roof replacement, your body corporate should opt for rooftop cleaning. Our pressure washers can get rid of mould, algae and mildew that can keep your roof dirty.

Once the cleaning is done, the rooftop will look as though you had it redone.

And if your facility also uses solar panels, we got you covered! House Washing Experts is the only exterior house washing company in Brisbane that includes solar panel cleaning as part of their roof cleaning package. And we’re offering it for FREE!

Top Tips for Keeping Your Property Safe and Clean

They say prevention is better than cure, and this is also applicable to house washing. Who wants to deal with pesky accumulated dirt on floors, surfaces and tight areas? Who wants to see some parts of their property deteriorate not because of age, but because of poor maintenance?

We say no one. As much as possible, we should do our best to maintain our commercial property. Let’s aim to provide a safe and clean workplace for your employees.

This is one of the major reasons why House Washing Experts are offering body corporate maintenance services.

Now how should you start? Here are a few tips that can help you out.

Regular Inspection

inspection with technician for commercial cleaning services

Everyday maintenance is an important part of keeping your property in a good condition. And before you take any step, you need to conduct regular on-site inspections to keep you stay up to date with everything. This will also give you insights into how your property looks and what issues need to be fixed. To get started, you can keep a regular inspection checklist. This will depend on what your property has and made of.

Staff Responsibilities

Your staff and personnel have the responsibility to keep the property or facility safe and clean, too. And you have to make this clear to them.

For example, no personal valuables should be kept without any warning from the management. People should become responsible for any spills, littering and any sort of mess that can affect the property’s aesthetic. Or at the very least, make sure that the inspection and maintenance are being done regularly.

Hire an Exterior Washing Company

Believe it or not, house washing companies provide value to properties. They provide commercial cleaning services that are a valuable investment.

The thing is, you have to make sure that you’re choosing the right company to work for you. For a start, you can get a list of companies, filter them out and communicate. Just reach out, stating the areas they’re responsible for.

House Washing Experts can assure you of high-quality commercial cleaning services. If you need help with cleaning and sanitising your property, our team is ready to help. Call us at 1300 927 433 for a free quote!