Cleaning your home exteriors is a must. Homeowners do exert more effort into keeping their house interiors clean and tidy always. If you do not have the knowledge or skills on how to keep your lawn, patio, roof, walls, and deck clean, then you should hire somebody to do it for you. Find a local service provider who can handle all of your house cleaning needs. One of the methods that we recommend is soft cleaning or low-pressure house washing.

Photo of a dirty roof before soft washing roof

Why Soft Washing Is The Best For Your Home                            

One of the most delicate and extremely vulnerable feature of your home is the exterior part. Although it was built to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors, homeowners must try to keep everything in order and clean.

Even though the walls may have several weatherproofing layers of paint which can chip off when high powered pressure washer comes in. We highly recommend that you choose the soft washing to clean your port, deck, walls, and any surface outside your home.

Soft washing for your house exteriors is really important. Especially nowadays that there are plenty of communicable and deadly diseases which affect the world in a seriously global scale, we need to make our homes sanitized and clean always.

When you speak of soft washing, you are dealing with an alternative way of house cleaning. It is a completely different from power and pressure washing.  Soft washing is an effective alternative of house cleansing which makes use of eco-friendly and safe cleansing solutions that can effectively clean surfaces outside your home efficiently.

How Does Soft Washing Works

A professional soft washing service provider will make use of chemical solutions to clean your house in a very safe manner. The cracks and pores of the exteriors of your house will absorb the solution to easily break down the mildew. dirt and mold. After leaving the solution for a while, a professional cleaner will use their low rinse system to get rid of the solutions along with the dirt. This low-pressure washing system relies on the chemical solution.

A specialized low-pressure nozzle is attached to the washing wand or gun. This soft pressure will not damage any surface in your home as well as destroy plants around.

It can handle surfaces like patio, roof, deck, fence, and safely maintain the painted surface and masonry work.

What Is the Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing?

For the past years, the exterior cleaning industry has embraced a relatively breakthrough practice in the removal of debris, brick, stucco or brick surface. Since the pressure washer came into existence, the standard and usual practice is to spray a thick stream of water on various surfaces to get rid of unwanted contaminants to restore its original state and condition.

collaged 4 photos of a before and after result from roof cleaning

Pressure washing is labor-intensive. It makes use of the high-pressure pump system to get read of unwanted debris. Furthermore, pressure washing requires the operator to be really close to the surface being dealt with. Just imagine how you work with roof and gutters which are utterly hard to reach. The lower part of the house can be cleaned well by pressure washer. However, the roof and other hard to reach nooks and crannies are too difficult to work with pressure washers.

Another thing about pressure washing is that it can possibly damage the surface or area being cleaned. Any type of building material can be damaged or ruined if too much pressure is being applied.

Now, let us take a look at soft washing. This is a process that involves the application of cleaning agents at low pressure and rinsing off the solution along with unwanted contaminants off the surface with a low pressure stream of clean water.

Most of the time, the cleaning solution for residential soft house washing will include sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and foaming or surfactant agent. When used properly, bleach or sodium hypochlorite is very effective and safe. It is the same chemical used in the treatment or disinfection of drinking water and swimming pools. Once the foaming or surfactant agent has been mixed with bleach, it can dissolve algae, mould, and mildew. Spider webs, dust, debris, and dirt are suspended on the foamy mixture which gets rids of the debris easily with a stream of low-pressure water.

Mould & Fungi on a roof with one section cleaned

Mould & Fungi on a Roof

The biggest advantage of using soft washing technique for your home is that the likelihood of damaging the exterior surface of your home will be significantly decreased. You can do this with a weak water flow where you can place your hand directly in the spray nozzle without any discomfort or pain.

Another significant benefit of using low pressure washing for your home is that you can clean your entire house from the ground going up. You simply hire a professional cleaning service provider. They will have the right kind of tools and equipment to spray and clean areas up to 15 meters from the ground level. This will reduce the overall effort and time spent on your house cleaning project.

Soft Wash House Washing and Cleaning Benefits For Your Home

A lot of homeowners are getting more interested with soft washing in making their humble abodes neat and clean. Below are some salient points why soft washing is the right method to achieve clean homes and establishments:

  • Soft washing reduces the potential of damaging the structure of your home
  • Cost- effective method which needs less labor and setting up time. No need to use scaffolding and ladders.
  • Homes stay clean longer because mildew, algae and mould are eradicated at a molecular level.
  • The structure and exterior surface are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.
  • This process will need less volume of water compared to high pressure washing method of house cleaning.


Soft Wash Roof Process For Your Home

The roof tile or Colorbond roofing tend to collect unsightly streaks of algae where natural light cannot reach. A lot of homeowners often mistook this as an effect of the natural wear-and-tear of building materials. Soon enough they will start to consider replacement of the roof. Most of the time, a thorough cleaning can definitely address the answer.

If you happen to be worried about not knowing how to go about roof cleaning yourself, you can definitely hire a professional cleaner. All you have to do is contact them. This process of roof cleaning can definitely improve your house appearance, charm and appeal.

Tips on Hiring Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Service

  • Roof cleaning with the use of a soft washing method is a practical and efficient way of achieving a clean home. The roof must always remain in a great shape. You need to ensure that you are maintaining the roof and keep it clean efficiently.
  • Determine the price of the service before signing up. The soft wash roof cleaning cost for your home must be upfront. Ask if there are any hidden charges to avoid any confusion.
  • Make sure that you only hire a credible and reliable service provider in town.
  • Determine where your roof can be accessed easily. You need to find various locations where the roof can be reached with the sprayer while you are on the ground.
  • You might consider providing ladders to make the job easier. Yet, you can tell the service provider on the condition of your roof. This will allow them to prepare their needed equipment and gear before going to your place.

After determining the soft wash house cost, you are more than ready to go. Begin with the house cleaning project you have always aimed for. You do not have to worry about how to glam up your entire home including patios, decks, and the roof.

You really do not have to consider very expensive roof replacements for your home. Homeowners can ask the help of roof cleaning experts. Sometimes a good washing procedure will be enough to restore the charm and beauty of your house exteriors.

How The House Washing Experts™ Handle Soft Washing Roof Cleaning For Their Clients

Not all professional cleaning companies do carry out their services with chemical use. Brisbane’s House Washing Experts do softwash roof cleaning without the use of chemicals. We believe that the chemicals used may end up running into the storm water. Eventually into our creeks which can potentially destroy the wildlife.

However, we offer adjustable pressure cleaning for all roofing. This means we can start as low as 200psi up to 5000psi. By doing so, this creates a safe environment for both the worker and the roof he is working on.

Basically, chemical softwashing can be hazardous to workers as well. This is due to the slipperiness of the roof once the chemical has been applied. It can cause accidents and even injuries once there is a minute breech in safety precaution.

To ensure our client’s receive the most inclusive service, we also offer free solar panel cleaning with every roof cleaning project booked with us. Additionally, we also offer mold treatment after the roof has been cleaned. This uses the same solution, approach, and principle used when washing a home that help eradicate mould.

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