Brick walls are known for their timeless appeal, durability, and strength. Picture those classic red bricks, or maybe you prefer the earthy brown ones – it doesn’t matter because they never go out of style. No matter what era you’re in, brick walls fit right in.

But just like anything else in a building, brick walls can run into issues as time passes. In this all-in-one guide, we will dig into the typical hiccups that bug brick walls and toss out some practical fixes.

1. Mortar Erosion and Cracks

Let’s talk about something that happens to brick walls as they age – mortar erosion and cracks. It’s a bit like how wrinkles show up on our faces as the years go by, but we can smooth them out.

So, here’s the deal: Over time, the mortar (the stuff that sticks your bricks together) starts to take a beating from the elements and everyday life. It can wear down and crack, which doesn’t look so hot.

But don’t sweat it because there’s a solution called “repointing.” You carefully remove that tired, old mortar using a chisel or a nifty tool made just for this job.

You mix up some fresh mortar once the old stuff is out of the picture. Think of it like baking a cake but with a construction twist. The recipe usually calls for one part cement and three parts sand, just like the manufacturer suggests.

Now comes the fun part – spreading that fresh mortar where needed. You want it to be all nice and level, with the mortar still in good shape. It’s like giving your wall a spa day!

After that, you let it dry up. And when it’s nice and firm, you grab a brush and gently swipe away any extra mortar hanging around. When you’re done, you won’t even notice where the cracks and erosion used to be.

2. Spalling Bricks

Over time, the face of a brick can start flaking or chipping away, usually because it’s been out there battling some rough weather conditions.

Here’s the remedy: You’ll want to replace those worn-out bricks. It’s like getting a new pair of shoes when the old ones are falling apart. First things first, you need to find bricks that match the ones you’ve got. Your local masonry supply store is like the shoe store for your wall – they usually have what you need.

Once you’ve got your replacement brick ready, it’s time to say goodbye to the damaged one. Carefully chisel out the mortar around it, like you’re giving it some space before it moves out. Clean up the gap where the old brick used to be and make it all nice and tidy. Think of it as preparing the new shoebox for your fresh pair.

Now, get your new brick and give it a little mortar hug on the back. Set it in a place where the old one used to be. It’s like giving your wall a stylish new accessory.

3. Stains and Discolorations

brick wall discoloration

Those pesky stains and discolorations can mess with the good looks of your brick walls. It’s like when you spill coffee on your favorite shirt – stains happen, but there’s always a way to clean them up.

If you’ve got organic stains like mold or mildew (they’re kind of like the worst coffee stains), it’s time to mix up a little cleaning potion. Scrub those moldy spots like giving your bricks a good shower. Then, rinse it all off thoroughly. Think of it as your wall’s spa day.

Now, for those other types of stains, it’s like using a specialized stain remover for your shirt. Get a brick-cleaning solution, but always test it on a small, hidden spot first. You want to make sure it won’t cause any unexpected surprises.

After you’re done with the treatment, your brick wall will be back to its stylish self, and those nasty stains will be nothing but a distant memory. It’s like giving your wall a makeover, and it’s ready to shine again!

Call Professionals

brick wall cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining brick walls can be dangerous and require specialised equipment and skills. Professional cleaning services have the experience and equipment to safely clean and maintain your retaining walls, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Also, you can avoid the hassle by letting the professionals do their work. Professional cleaning services, like House Washing Experts, have the knowledge and experience to properly identify and clean various types of stains, growths, and other issues that can affect retaining walls. They can also identify and repair any structural problems in the walls.

All you need to do is find a reliable, efficient, professional cleaner that can transform the look of your house. Call House Washing Experts at 1300 927 433.