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With proper roof cleaning Brisbane service, you can prolong the life expectancy of your roof and keep it safe & secure. Roofs are exposed at all times to pollution, dust, wind, rain or covered with leaves. Residues build moisture, the breeding ground for mold, mildew, moss, algae and other health hazards. In time, cracks form on the surface, and leaks or missing tiles develop because of the unsupervised growth.


  • Significantly improve the overall appearance of your roof, making it look almost new. Naturally increasing the value of your home, and help attract buyers if you are selling.
  • Contribute to the overall health of your home. Improve the life expectancy of the roof itself by removing algae, moss and mildew that builds up.
  • Our unique adjustable pressure roof cleaning method ensures your roof will get the pressure it needs. So you know you’ll get a proper professional service from the highest-rated roof cleaning experts in Brisbane.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed, as we treat every property as if it were our own… and just in case you notice we’ve missed a spot, we’ll gladly return and fix it all up for you!

Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 48 hours will result in cancellation fee. Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy at www.housewashingexperts.com.au/cancellation-policy/

The Roof Cleaning Method:

There are two methods when it comes to Roof Cleaning Brisbane. The tried and tested adjustable bristle cleaning method or the new, debateable chemical method. If you are in Brisbane and you hire a roof cleaning service, you will notice that the experts use an adjustable pressure washer to eliminate mould, algae, as well as, dirt or grime, this is also followed up with an environmentally safe mould inhibitor. Chemical roof cleaning is not recommended according to the EPA as the chemicals end up in the stormwater and therefore into the creeks. Not to mention highly disregarded by the CSIRO™ and Bluescope Steel™ – Australia’s largest manufacturer of Colorbond roofing.

Professional roof cleaners in Brisbane like House Washing Experts™ apply the adjustable pressure cleaning method followed by a diluted cleaning solution to kill mould on the microbial level since the higher concentrated chemical cleaning itself is not advised by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority). Brisbane roof cleaning specialists will therefore advice not to use a chemical cleaning procedure which is sometimes referred to as soft wash roof cleaning. 

Chemicals may damage your roof, and any runoffs will create issues with certain areas of your home, as well as, your landscape. However, when you hire the right roof cleaning company in Brisbane, they will use their expertise to determine the best balance that will guarantee effectiveness while preserving your property.

So, are you looking to eliminate stains on your roof that are caused by mildew? Do you intend to get your roof tiles repainted? Yes, this option may seem rational, but if you opt for a professional roof cleaning service in Brisbane, you will most likely have access to an option that is up to 95% cheaper than a roof repaint, replacement or roof restoration.

You could have your roof cleaned while spending only a fraction of what you will spend on a new roof in terms of time and cost.

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After Roof Cleaning| Roof Cleaning Brisbane | House Washing Experts

Top 9 Reasons why our customers trust our Roof Cleaning Brisbane Service

  1. We use unique, adjustable pressure roof washing equipment that gives a complete clean…leaving every nook and cranny of your roof’s surface fresh and sparkling clean.
  2. We have washed thousands of roofs over the years and we are trusted by high profile commercial clients such as: Coca Cola, Queensland Government and Queensland Rail.
  3. We offer a unique guarantee that is rare in the house washing industry. If you notice we have missed a spot, we’ll gladly return and fix it all up for you!
  4. The cleaning methods we use can help prevent wear and tear on your property by removing the build-up of dirt and mould..
  5. We don’t ignore your gutters either – we’ll let you know if your gutters are posing a fire hazard or any other danger to your home..
  6. We apply a FREE mould treatment, valued at over $99, on every single roof we clean, giving you peace of mind for the future.
  7. For every roof clean, you’ll also receive FREE solar panel cleaning..
  8. Our roof cleaning specialists can handle all kinds of homes regardless of the size and design… nothing is out of bounds for us..
  9. Our service is very affordable, and we promise to BEAT ANY CURRENT LEGITIMATE QUOTE.

High Pressure Roof Cleaning + Low Pressure Mould Inhibitor

A proper roof clean is done first with an adjustable bristle pressure cleaner followed by a low-pressure Mould Inhibitor. Adjustable pressure roof cleaning will help remove the vast majority of all dirt, mould, moss and lichen. However, to make sure all has been removed we follow it up with a complimentary environment-friendly low-pressure mould inhibitor (around 60 psi) that helps eradicate mould on a microbial level.

Why Do We Recommend Adjustable Bristle Pressure for Roof Cleaning in Australia

This type of approach into roof cleaning is using pressured water to help get rid of mould, dirt and algae growth. However, do not let the word “pressure” intimidate you. A good roof cleaning Brisbane service provider is capable of rendering pressure cleaning methods in a very adjustable manner depending on the type and needs of the roof. This would entail that they can clean the roof with adjustable bristle pressure cleaning equipment, followed by an environmentally safe mould treatment to eradicate it.

In Australia, most of the houses have terracotta, cement/concrete tiles, or Colorbond/Iron roofing. All of which are durable and quite long lasting. Our Brisbane roof cleaning service uses an adjustable pressure roof cleaning method that is very effective in cleaning and taking care of your roof. Soft washing works the opposite by using extremely corrosive potent cleaning chemicals/solvents which can cause damage your roof and house exterior. This soft washing method also does not agitate the cleaning surface and therefore does extraordinarily little when it comes to the removal of the surface dirt. 

According to BlueScope Steel, Australia’s largest manufacturer of Colorbond and Zinc Alum roofing material, no solvents (e.g. chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, harsh soap etc.) should not be used when it comes to exterior roof cleaning. An experienced and knowledgeable roof cleaning company will be able to provide the soft bristle washing service required for a proper roof clean.

Why Soft Washing Should be Avoided in Australia

Before we proceed, it is best that we will emphasize that soft washing is not a recommended roof cleaning method in Australia, despite the opinion and recommendation of others. This is for the fact that most residential properties are made from hard or concrete styled roofing materials that require agitation for the effective removal or dirt, mould and lichen.

The cleaning solution used for this procedure is generally a large concentration of sodium hypochlorite commonly known as pool chlorine and water with the occasional surfactant and wetting agent or soap.  This chemical works magic in aesthetically removing mould when in high concentration. However, it is highly dangerous for the environment and should only ever be sprayed with the recommended 98% water to 2% cleaning solution to avoid damaging the integrity of the roofing surface and any adjacent vegetation that may be affected by the omni-directional spray. As further explained below, household toilet bleach sits at around 3-3.75% sodium hypochlorite and would be highly unproductive when used for exterior cleaning prior to the recommended surface agitation.

The main reason behind dishonouring the chemical roof washing is that it can be extremely potent in causing eventual or immediate damage to your home or environment. Let’s put it this way; when it comes to cleaning concrete pathways and driveways, the soft wash cleaning method is avoided by companies that adhere to this ‘soft wash’ roof cleaning method, and the bristle pressure cleaner is recommended due to safety and imminent environmental damages over this soft washing method. The logic behind this practice is that most paths or driveways are intricately connected to grass and garden vegetation.

Furthermore, this procedure, once sprayed would undoubtedly kill and destroy everything it touches. Hence, this is the reason why this clean is only ever subjugated to roofing as the effects are very rarely noticed. In our eyes, it is the easy, unethical, and well overpriced way on cleaning a roof.

The Effects Of Soft Washing To The Environment

For soft washing, this method is known to be a bleach and detergent assisted method of washing. Some homeowners are not aware that certain cleaning products do pose potential risks to humans, animals and to the environment.

Typical household cleaners like ammonia and phosphorous can potentially increase nutrient pollution in streams and lakes coming from water systems from residential properties. This will cause the bloom of algae which depletes oxygen in the natural bodies of water. Thus, as a standard of ethical practice, all cleaning services providers should be using effective and biodegradable phosphate-free cleaning agents with neutral acidity or pH. 

If you are unsure, when you contact a soft wash professional, please ask them what chemicals they are using. SH (sodium hypochlorite aka bleach) is the general go-to product due to its strong cleaning ability and cheap purchase price.

To help our clients keep their homes healthy, below are cleaning products they need to stay away from:

  • Ammonia- This is very toxic and poisonous when inhaled, swallowed, or touched
  • Antibacterials & Disinfectants- These include a whole list of ingredients ranging from Bleach to Triclosan. When you overuse one of these types of products, it can possibly contribute to antibiotic resistant bacteria. 
  • Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl – These are very common in most general general cleaners and can damage nervous system, kidney and liver.
  • Chlorine Bleach – this is extremely strong, corrosive, and irritating to both the eyes and lungs.
  • Petroleum Solvents – his is the most common chemical found in many cleaning products as surfactantsOther derivatives, such as, formaldehyde, can be found in a variety cleaning agents in your home
  • Phosphates- these chemicals is extremely harmful to aquatic life and are often found in detergents and dish soaps.
  • Phthalates – this is a chemical which is disrupting hormones which are comprised of complex synthetic fragrances. Always choose “Phthalate Free” or mention the use of essential oil for fragrance.

If you choose the soft wash roof cleaning method on a Concrete/Cement tiles, Terracotta or Colorbond/Iron surface, there will be a greater possibility that the low pressure chemical clean is ineffective and strong enough to reach through and deeply penetrate the surface which will leave the concrete still dirty despite the effort of cleaning it. There is no chemical available that can remove dirt without the need of some type of agitation, whether it be a strong brush, a hand scrub or water pressure.

Thus, it is best that you determine the kind of material your roof is, and the best method recommended for this surface to really achieve the best results..

Why Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is Great Overseas As Opposed to Australia

Soft wash chemical cleaning has been the norm in America for over 25 years as their roofing materials are not as sturdy nor required to be, compared to the Australian home. Over 75% of American homes are made up of shingle roofing, a standard of roofing much less durable and highly flammable therefore impractical for the Australian environment and housing standards. Soft Wash cleaning also a more expensive cleaning procedure within Australia due to the large outlay of the cleaning solution needed. The average incline of the American roof is also generally much steeper, therefore increasing the likelihood of opting for a chemical clean over a pressure clean due to occupational health and safety requirements.

Shingle roofing is generally made up of wood or acrylic. This roofing material is more affordable and easier to break.  Hence, it is the very reason why high pressure roof cleaning should be avoided when roof cleaning efforts are being carried out, therefore soft wash roof cleaning is more beneficial for American homes. Most untreated wood shingles have long been known as a fire hazard and been banned in various places, particularly in areas where urban exteriors are prone to high fire danger or heat. Many American down-pipes do not enter their storm water and simply run onto the garden exterior. Cleaners can therefore apply a sleeve to the bottom of the downpipes and collect the bleach used to clean the roof.

House Washing Experts Follows the Australian Standards and Guidelines

 At House Washing Experts, we follow the guidelines recommended by BlueScope Steel, the CSIRO and the local councils when it comes to exterior roof cleaning. They recommend that no intense solvents shall be used in their cleaning process. When using a cleaning solution to eradicate mould on the microbial level, nothing over 2% is recommended without voiding roofing warranties and causing damage. To put into perspective, house toilet bleach sits at around 3.75% and would not be able to come close to penetrating the harsh and thick mould, moss or lichen that is currently eating away at your roofing structure. Thus, service providers who are offering low pressure washing services for roofing in Australia are commonly using a high chlorine (bleach) solution which serves as the solvent.

This solution is almost always left on the roof as their preventive mould treatment, which is then reactivated and removed when it rains, flowing back into the storm water and eventually into the local creeks or dams..

Why Other Trades Prefer Adjustable Pressure Roof Cleaning Over Chemical Cleaning

Roof painters lean more towards the bristle pressure cleaning method to make sure that all dirt has been removed prior to painting as Sodium Hypochlorite or pool bleach is not sufficient enough for them to conduct and provide a guaranteed painting service.

Solar Panel installation also recommends a clean and safe cleaning environment when installing Solar panels. Low pressure roof cleaning generally leaves their cleaning solution or re-growth prevention on the roof which can become quite slippery for the solar installers.

In Conclusion

In compliance and observance of this recommendation, the technicians being deployed by House Washing Experts, make use of water adjustable bristle pressure cleaning for roofs and not highly corrosive chemicals to remove the bulk of the dirt, mould, moss and lichen. After the roof cleaning we then apply an environmentally safe dose mould inhibitor to eradicate mould on the microbial level, leaving your roof fresh and clean. While roof cleaning we collect and pump the grey water safely back into the garden. This is not only environmentally safe but the required cleaning practice according to the State Council’s.

House Washing Experts will harness both elements for the removal of dirt and eradicate mould, moss and lichen on a microbial level while adhering to the guidelines recommended according to Australian standards. 

Compare the Costs: Roof Cleaning Services vs Roof Replacement

Roof Cleaning Brisbane

There can be numerous factors in determining the correct roof cleaning cost – including the location, access and pitch, the current age and material the roof is made of.

The cheapest roof cleaning materials are cement tile, colorbond, iron and trim decking. The cost for cleaning such material sits at $1.70 per square meter with the average price between $400 -$800.

Terracotta Roofing, although gorgeous, sits at the top for the most expensive material to clean. A slower more intricate clean is required for a solid Terracotta Roof Clean to be performed. The costs for cleaning Terracotta sits at $3.90 per square metre. Fortunately, most Terracotta roofs are smaller than your average sized home bringing the average cost for a Terracotta Roof Clean between $600 – $900.

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Roof Renewal – Roof Restoration

The cheapest roofing material is concrete tiles, followed by steel and then clay/stone tiles with Colorbond at the top end of the scale. The cost of supply and installation can vary widely, but generally expect to pay around $50 to $70 per square metre for high quality metal roofing. The cost of tile roofs varies, but as a rule of thumb, tile roofs cost between $80 to $110 per square metre, supplied and laid.

Expect to pay in the range of:

  • $8 to $10 per square metre for sarking
  • $40 to $60 per square metre for concrete tiled roofing
  • $50 to $70 per square metre for steel roofing
  • $80 to $110 per square metre for terracotta tiled roofing
  • $200 to $500 per square metre for traditional slate tiled roof
    Quotes will be based on the size of your roof and the complexity of the roof design. For example a simple gable roof will be less expensive per square metre than multiple gables.
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