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House Washing Experts is the most-trusted and highest-rated professional roof cleaning Brisbane experts, backed by more 5-star ratings than anyone else.

Do you see moss or lichen on your roof? How about black streaks? Do dirt and grime buildup almost overpower your roof’s appearance? If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it all only means one thing—you need to have your roof cleaned as soon as possible.

Without proper roof maintenance, soon, cracks will form on the surface, more leaks will occur and your roof will not function at its best. So, take care of the thing that protects your home. Call the House Washing Experts now because your roof deserves only the very best.

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    Our Roof Cleaning Method:

    Adjustable Pressure Roof Cleaning + Low Pressure Mould Inhibitor

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    A proper cleaning by experienced roof cleaners like House Washing Experts™ is done with an adjustable bristle pressure cleaner followed by a low-pressure mould inhibitor. Adjustable pressure cleaning will help remove the vast majority of all dirt, mould, moss and lichen on your roof. And to make sure that everything has been removed, we follow it up with a complimentary and environment-friendly low-pressure mould inhibitor (around 60 psi) that keeps your roof clean on a microbial level.

    This adheres to the standards of CSIRO, Bluescope Steel (which is Australia’s largest manufacturer of Colorbond roofing), and EPA (Environmental Protection Authority). Our team of roof cleaning specialists at House Washing Experts does not recommend utilising a chemical cleaning procedure with a higher concentrated chemical cleaner, which is also known as soft washing.

    Chemicals may damage your roof, and any runoffs will create issues with certain areas of your home, as well as, your landscape. However, when you hire the right roof cleaning company in Brisbane, they will use their expertise to determine the best balance that will guarantee effectiveness while preserving your property.

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