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Your roof deserves only the very best. House Washing Experts is the most-trusted and highest-rated roof cleaning Brisbane experts, backed by more 5-star ratings than anyone else. 


Do you see moss or lichen on your roof? How about black streaks? Do dirt and grime buildup almost overpower your roof’s appearance? If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it all only means one thing—you need to have your roof cleaned as soon as possible. Without proper roof maintenance, soon, cracks will form on the surface, more leaks will occur and your roof will not function at its best. This is where we come in. 


  • Boost the overall appearance of your roof. Whether you’re opting to sell your property or not, this will increase your curb appeal and home value.
  • Our unique adjustable pressure cleaning method ensures your roof will get the most precise and thorough cleaning it needs. We believe that you deserve only the best roof cleaning Brisbane service.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed, as we treat every property as if it were our own. Just in case we’ve missed a spot, we’ll gladly return and fix it all up for you!
  • We follow BlueScope Steel, the CSIRO and the local councils’ guidelines, so rest assured we adhere to the highest cleaning standards.
  • We’re the only roof washing company in Brisbane that also offers 50% off all Solar panel cleaning with every roof clean.

Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 48 hours will result in cancellation fee. Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy at www.housewashingexperts.com.au/cancellation-policy/

Our Recommended Roof Cleaning Method:

Adjustable Pressure Roof Cleaning + Low Pressure Mould Inhibitor

A proper cleaning by experienced roof cleaners like House Washing Experts™ is done with an adjustable bristle pressure cleaner followed by a low-pressure mould inhibitor. Adjustable pressure cleaning will help remove the vast majority of all dirt, mould, moss and lichen on your roof. And to make sure that everything has been removed, we follow it up with a complimentary and environment-friendly low-pressure mould inhibitor (around 60 psi) that keeps your roof clean on a microbial level.

This adheres to the standards of CSIRO, Bluescope Steel (which is Australia’s largest manufacturer of Colorbond roofing), and EPA (Environmental Protection Authority). Our team of roof cleaning specialists at House Washing Experts does not recommend utilising a chemical cleaning procedure with a higher concentrated chemical cleaner, which is also known as soft washing. 

Chemicals may damage your roof, and any runoffs will create issues with certain areas of your home, as well as, your landscape. However, when you hire the right roof cleaning company in Brisbane, they will use their expertise to determine the best balance that will guarantee effectiveness while preserving your property.

Photo of dirty roof before roof cleaning | Roof Cleaning Brisbane
Photo of a clean roof after roof cleaning | Roof Cleaning Service

Top Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Our Roof Cleaning Brisbane Service

Superior Service
Our roof maintenance service features a special adjustable bristle pressure cleaner that makes roof cleaning 100% effective.

Unique Guarantee
In case we missed cleaning a spot, we’ll quickly go back and leave your area spick and span!

Lowest Price Guarantee
Our best deals are offered at an affordable cost. We can beat any roof clean quote from our competitors.

FREE Mould treatment
We clean at a microbial level. That’s why we also offer a FREE mould treatment, valued at $120.

50% off Solar Panel Cleaning

100% Flexibility
Busy? No worries. We can do our job even when no one’s home.

Photo of dirty roof with dead leaves on top
Photo of a cleaned roof

Brisbane Roof Washing Services Frequently Asked Questions 


Why Do We Recommend Adjustable Pressure Roof Cleaning in Australia

At House Washing Experts, we believe that adjustable pressure cleaning is the key to keep your roof in its pristine glory. Don’t let the word “pressure” intimidate you. We are capable of rendering pressure cleaning methods in an adjustable manner, depending on your roof’s type and current condition. Simply put, we can clean your roof with an adjustable bristle pressure cleaner, followed by an eco-friendly mould treatment for optimal cleaning.

Colorbond Roof Cleaning and Terracotta Roof Cleaning?

In Australia, most houses have terracotta, cement/concrete tiles, or Colorbond/iron roofing. BlueScope Steel, the Australia’s largest manufacturer of Colorbond and Zinc alum roofing material, recommends that no solvents (e.g. chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, harsh soap etc.) should be used when it comes to exterior cleaning. This is what soft washing does. Soft washing utilises chemical cleaners that can cause harsh damages to your roof. A spray would kill and destroy everything it touches. In our eyes, it is an easy but unethical, and overpriced way of cleaning a roof.

What are the Effects of Soft Washing in Roofs and the Environment?

Soft washing is not a recommended roof cleaning method in Australia, despite the opinions and recommendations of others. This is for the fact that most residential properties are made from hard or concrete styled roofing materials that require safer and more delicate cleaning products and equipment.

The cleaning solution used in soft washing includes various chemical cleaners in high concentration. This should only be sprayed with the recommended 98% water and 2% cleaning solution to avoid damaging the integrity of the roofing surface and any adjacent vegetation. But unbeknownst to the public, some cleaning companies exceed the limit to get the job done.

Most homeowners are not aware that certain cleaning solutions pose potential risks to humans, animals and to the environment.

Typical household cleaners like ammonia and phosphorous can potentially increase nutrient pollution in streams and lakes coming from water systems from residential properties. This will cause the bloom of algae, which depletes oxygen in the natural bodies of water. As a standard of ethical practice, House Washing Experts use effective and biodegradable phosphate-free cleaning agents with neutral acidity or pH.

If you have opted for soft washing before, ask your roof cleaning company about the chemicals they are using. SH (Sodium Hypochlorite, also known as “bleach”) is the general go-to product due to its strong cleaning ability and cheap purchase price.

To keep your home clean, safe and healthy, below are cleaning compounds you need to stay away from:

  • Ammonia – This is toxic and poisonous when inhaled, swallowed, or touched.
  • Antibacterials & Disinfectants – These include a whole list of ingredients ranging from bleach to triclosan. When you overuse one of these types of products, it can contribute to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl – These are commonly found in general cleaners and can damage the nervous system, kidney and liver.
  • Chlorine Bleach – This is extremely strong, corrosive, and irritating to both eyes and lungs.
  • Petroleum Solvents – These are the most common chemicals found in many cleaning products as surfactants. Other derivatives, such as formaldehyde, can also be found in different cleaning agents in your home.
  • Phosphates – These chemicals are extremely harmful to aquatic life and often found in detergents and dish soaps.
  • Phthalates – These chemicals disrupt hormones composed of complex synthetic fragrances.

If you work with other companies, some of them will recommend you the soft washing method on concrete/cement tiles, terracotta or Colorbond/Iron surface. This is what they offer for your peace of mind. However, low-pressure chemical cleaning is still ineffective. It might be strong enough to penetrate the surface deeply, but it will still leave your roof dirty despite the effort of cleaning it.

All in all, soft washing is not the best and only solution for your roof cleaning needs.

Roof Cleaning Costs in Brisbane

What is The Cost To Clean A Roof in Brisbane

This question is not easy to answer, since it really varies. You have to get into the specifics to get a proper, accurate quote. But in general, the dirtier your roof, the higher the costs. For reference, these are three basic factors that affects roof cleaning costs in Brisbane.

Roof Materials

The material of your roof is a major factor to consider for cleaning services. There are some materials that are easy to clean, some are less expensive, and some are more delicate—so extra care is advised.

The most cost-efficient roof cleaning materials are:

  • Colorbond
  • Cement
  • Iron
  • Trim decking

The cost for cleaning these roof types sits at $1.70 per square meter with an average price between $400 – $800.

Roof Design

The design of your roof also matters. If your roof has a simple, flat design, you can expect to spend less. But for roofs with complex sloping and design, higher costs will vary. Of course, large roofs are also more expensive to clean than small, single-level ones. 

Project Scope

This refers to the overall work for the service. This factor highly examines the accessibility, current condition, and labour required for your roof. A roof cleaning company will have to consider these situations before giving you a definite quote.

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Happy Home Owners…

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Mitch Ketter 2 months ago
 The whole company is full of great people with a friendly and professional service. The guys did a great job on my house and I couldn’t be happier. I’m glad I spent the money as it made my house look great for my open home. It took years off the age of the house and I was very impressed. Thanks and I’ll gladly be using you again in the future.

A Cat a month ago
 Wow. I’m so impressed by outstanding work that has been done on my property. These guys are true professionals and my house looks amazing!

Jimmy Hall in the last week
 Great service, very upfront and honest about what was required, driveway and paths look like new! Will definitely have them back, thanks again 🙂

Arin Ozdemir 12 months ago
 When i called around to get my house washed, House Washing Experts were by far the most polite and professional company i dealt with!
The technicians did a great job on my house clean, roof clean and pressure clean …More

Mihaela Pascu a year ago
 We had our house washed by Michael and his team, and we couldn’t be more impressed and happy with their skills, professionalism and the end result! I’d recommend House Washing Experts in a heart bit to everyone looking to have their house washed by professionals that are also affordable! Thanks guys, awesome work!

Susan Farrell a year ago
 We called House Washing Experts to come and clean our very dirty verandah area and we could not believe how clean it came up.   They were through and treated areas expertly to get rid of marks and old stains that I didn’t think could be removed.  The verandah looked amazing when they had finished, I was very impressed.
Was very happy and satisfied with the work that they did and I would definitely recommend them.

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