We Help Restore The Look Of Building’s Exterior With Our Unique and Professional Body Corporate Maintenance Services

  • We only use state of the art cleaning equipment that produces the best possible results, regardless of what type of driveway flooring you have.
  • Having it professionally washed will also prolong the life of the flooring. This prevents having to replace your driveway due to premature destruction caused by a contamination of chemicals, oil and the accumulation of grime, dirt and other filth.
  • This type of cleaning requires expert knowledge, skill and technique. Different stains require specialised equipment, solvents and methods of cleaning. We’ll identify the type of stain and determine the most appropriate way to remove it, considering what driveway flooring you have.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed too, as we treat every property as if it were our own… and just in case you notice we’ve missed a spot, we’ll gladly return and fix it all up for you!

Brilliant architecture can quickly and easily be undone by dirt, stubborn stains and scratches. Our Body Corporate maintenance is tailored to not only cleanse, but help prolong the design of your building.

We use sensitive materials that will restore the vigour of your building’s exterior, to leave them looking almost as good as new. Instead of spending a tonne of money on renovation, start off by having a professional cleaning company painstakingly clean your whole building for an undeniable sparkle.

Our experience, our expertise and our attention to detail make us the perfect choice for your Body Corporate Maintenance Contract.

Below are some of the commercial cleaning services we offer:

External Building Washing

Different materials need to be cleaned differently and we know our materials. Our regimented approach will see you get a full wash of the building, whether it be painted, covered with glass, wood, stone, metals or a combination.

Our gutter to ground approach ensures we don’t miss anywhere, including the hidden areas no one ever visits. We also offer a delivery promise that if you think we missed a spot we will come right back and clean it.

Pressure Cleaning

Some stains defeat even the best of regular cleaning products. When all else fails, pressure cleaning usually does the trick. With the ability to give a dazzling facelift to walkways, driveways and walls, leaving them looking transformed in minutes, pressure cleaning is one of our strongest areas of expertise.

We utilise a combination of low and high pressure cleaning, depending on the surface type. From your roof to your gate, pressure cleaning can leave a transformative and reclaim the years of dirt accumulation.

Carpark and Driveway Cleaning

All the dirt dragged in by car tyres, bicycles, feet and dirt from the surroundings can leave your carpark and driveways looking older than they are. A thorough clean of these areas leaves a noticeable difference, thus improving your body corporate image.

High pressure sprays can remove grime, chewing gum, dust, mud and mould, which when left uncleaned would be unhygienic and harmful in the long-run to the structural integrity of the materials and may damage the cars.

Communal Area Cleaning

Communal areas such as roof tops, balconies, outdoor dining/barbecue areas and other social gathering spots attract a lot of spots, stains and damage from ash, cooking oils and other unsavoury items.

A good scrub can often get them looking clean, but it takes more than regular household products to really get the ingrained stains out. Depending on the challenge, we use different solvents and methods of cleaning.

The end result is always the same: an outcome you and your visitors will be proud of.

Rooftop Cleaning

With all the money spent on roofing, it would be a shame to let it go to waste. Dirt build-up on roofs can damage the material, causing leaks, cracks or dents.

No Body Corporate or Apartment restoration would be complete without a thorough cleanse of the rooftops. Once done, it will look as though you had it redone. Our pressure cleaners remove mold, algae and mildew that could erode your roofing materials.

We are also equipped to clean solar panels, as part of our roof cleaning package.

While we offer first class commercial cleaning services in Brisbane all year round, our prices are the most affordable and we always deliver on our promises.

For more information or to book a consultation, contact us here.


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Body Corporate Maintenance | House Washing Experts

Revitalise The Look Of Your Dirty Driveway With Our Professional Washing Service

  • Have you noticed your driveway is looking dirty and unkempt… and you’d like to restore it without spending a fortune?
  • Maybe you’re thinking about selling your home and want your driveway to look it’s best to maximise your return.
  • Or perhaps you just want to make a great impression with the neighbours and freshen up the look of your home.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

How We Help Homeowners Restore The Aesthetics Of Their Properties

Unlike most home washing companies that have limited experience, we have washed thousands of houses and buildings over the years.

And because we are a professional home washing company using special equipment, we leave your home’s exterior looking rejuvenated.

Driveway Cleaning Image

The Top 9 Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Us With Their Driveway Washing Needs


Our driveway washing service features a state of the art cleaning, using the most advanced equipment that results in a stunning finish. This is irrespective of the nature and material of your driveway flooring.


If you attempt to clean your driveway yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll get the same results as those achieved by professional driveway cleaners. The House Washing Experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to clean a driveway surface effectively.


We offer a unique guarantee that is rare in the driveway washing industry. If you notice we’ve missed a spot, we’ll gladly return and fix it all up for you!


The cleaning methods we use help prevent wear and tear on your driveway by removing the build-up of dirt, grease and mould.


We use advanced high-pressure rotary washing equipment that use 70% less water than conventional driveway cleaners.


You don’t need to be home when we clean your driveway – so you have full flexibility.


We go the extra mile by removing stubborn dirt stains that are very difficult to get rid of using normal household cleaning equipment. This is the benefit of using a professional service.


We can handle all kinds of driveways regardless of the size, design, and floor type… nothing is out of bounds for us.


Our service is very affordable, and we promise to BEAT ANY CURRENT LEGITIMATE QUOTE.

We Provide A Comprehensive Driveway Washing Service That Gives Your Home A Sparkling, Fresh Look… Including:



We have the expertise, tools and skills required to thoroughly clean your driveway, including the hard to get to areas that most people tend to neglect. Our service removes all accumulated dirt, street grime, and grease… thus giving your home a brighter, fresher and more appealing look.



Our driveway washing service will increase BOTH the curb appeal and the value of your home. We’ll leave your house with an attractive look that immediately catches the eye of potential buyers. Plus, it will also greatly increase your chances of selling your house quickly.



Our professional driveway wash will save you from having to replace your driveway in the future due to premature destruction caused by a contamination of chemicals, oil and the accumulation of grime, dirt and filth.



A build-up of dirt and grease on your driveway can also lead to the spread of black mould, more commonly known as toxic mould. This airborne mould can land on your house and grow, attacking your property and your family’s health. However, our thorough wash will eliminate all these health damaging contagions and provide you with a healthy living environment.

Happy Home Owners…

Here’s a small sample our Google reviews and on-page reviews
what other homeowners have said about our house washing service.
Click here to see all our Google reviews.

Mitch Ketter 2 months ago
 The whole company is full of great people with a friendly and professional service. The guys did a great job on my house and I couldn’t be happier. I’m glad I spent the money as it made my house look great for my open home. It took years off the age of the house and I was very impressed. Thanks and I’ll gladly be using you again in the future.

A Cat a month ago
 Wow. I’m so impressed by outstanding work that has been done on my property. These guys are true professionals and my house looks amazing!

Jimmy Hall in the last week
 Great service, very upfront and honest about what was required, driveway and paths look like new! Will definitely have them back, thanks again ?

Arin Ozdemir 12 months ago
 When i called around to get my house washed, House Washing Experts were by far the most polite and professional company i dealt with! The technicians did a great job on my house clean, roof clean and pressure clean …More

Mihaela Pascu a year ago
 We had our house washed by Michael and his team, and we couldn’t be more impressed and happy with their skills, professionalism and the end result! I’d recommend House Washing Experts in a heart bit to everyone looking to have their house washed by professionals that are also affordable! Thanks guys, awesome work!

Susan Farrell a year ago
 We called House Washing Experts to come and clean our very dirty verandah area and we could not believe how clean it came up.   They were through and treated areas expertly to get rid of marks and old stains that I didn’t think could be removed.  The verandah looked amazing when they had finished, I was very impressed.
Was very happy and satisfied with the work that they did and I would definitely recommend them.

House Washing Experts
is rated at 4.9 based on 119 reviews.