Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ 1 How long will my Exterior Wash take?
  • The average sized home usually takes between 1 – 3 hours to complete. Larger or dirtier homes may incur additional time depending on the size and the severity of the clean. If a few services are to be completed, then additional time may be needed. Please note, as every house is different, times will always vary.

  • FAQ 1 How many technicians will be onsite?
  • Generally, each Exterior Clean only needs 1 technician onsite. Larger jobs may incur an additional worker if needed.

  • FAQ 1 Do I need to get my windows professionally washed after?
  • During the house wash we courteously rinsed and brushed your windows and fly screens (spray, brush, rinse & air dry). Majority of times, water which dries naturally does not leave streaks however, some windows may require professional window cleaning which we highly recommend. We can provide a professional window clean quote at a discounted price for you if requested.

  • FAQ 1 How often should I have my house washed?
  • We recommend once yearly, not only for the Aesthetics of your property for also to preserve the integrity of your paint. Cleaning your property can increase the paints lifespan by up to 300%

  • FAQ 1 Is my deck/patio area included in the clean?
  • All attached balustrading, wooden stairs, rails and deck ceilings are included in every house wash.

    To avoid Splintering or Burring, your wooden deck will receive a basic spray and rinse off only to not interfere with the integrity of the wood grain and oil. We do not pressure clean any wooden surfaces.

  • FAQ 1 Can we remove mould?
  • Yes we can! Our specially formulated cleaning solution targets mould at a microbial level to eradicate mould.

  • FAQ 1 Do you use chemicals
  • Yes, we use a unique formulated house washing solution to help eradicate mould and surface dirt. The solution is then diluted through a filtration device making the chemicals safe to use along your paint work. We can also do a water wash if requested.

  • FAQ 1 Do you guarantee your work?
  • Yes. If you notice we’ve missed a spot, we’ll gladly return and fix it for you!

  • FAQ 1 I’ve recently painted my property; how long do I need to wait for getting it washed.
  • We recommend a 6-week curing time depending on the season of the year. Colder months will likely need more time for the paint/lacquer/varnish/oil to cure.

  • FAQ 1 Why should I get my house washed prior to painting?
  • By eradicating all mould and surface dirt, your paint has a better chance to bind to the surface. Once mould or mildew is present under the paint, it can be extremely difficult and costly to remove.

  • FAQ 1 I’ve got external power points and electrical items; do I need to cover them?
  • Yes. We highly recommend covering all electrical power points and items. If moving electrical items is possible, we highly recommend doing so.

  • FAQ 1 What are your Payment methods?
  • We have 2 payment options.

    1. We accept Cash to be paid onsite. The correct amount is required.

    2. Credit Card details can be taken to secure your booking.

    *(All Credit card payments incur a 1.65% + 25c processing fee).

    *(All debit cards incur a 0.30c processing fee).

  • FAQ 1 Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
  • Yes! Following the guidelines of Occupation Health & Safety QLD, every customer must remain inside at all times to avoid injury. Failure to do so will result in work to be paused.

    Ensure you have thoroughly read your How to Prepare information

    located on your Confirmation Flyer prior to your technician arriving.

  • FAQ 1 Do I have to pay a deposit before completion?
  • Any job exceeding $2000 will incur a 50% deposit prior to job commencement.

  • FAQ 1 Stay Indoors While We Clean:
  • As water will be used, we highly recommend you stay inside throughout the duration of the clean. This would ensure your safety against slippery floors and avoid repeat cleaning.

  • FAQ 1 Paint & Oils don’t go well with water:
  • If you have recently painted or oiled areas, please notify the technician prior to the clean. Additionally, if you notice any minor clean marks on oiled areas, this is a sign that the surface requires another coat as per the 12-month reapplication recommendation.

  • FAQ 1 Why Your Windows May Require Professional Help:
  • While cleaning the house exterior, we have courteously rinsed and brushed your windows and screens. It is then left to air-dry.

    Majority of times, excess water which dries naturally does not leave any streaks or excess pooled water markings on or above the sills and frames. However, some windows may require professional widow cleaning, which we highly recommend.

    If you notice such markings, kindly take help from our professional window cleaning service.

  • FAQ 1 What Does it Mean If I Notice Water Droplets After my Roof Clean?
  • There is no cause for concern! A well-constructed roof will not allow any water ingress to occur. However, in very rare cases, through time, construction and movement some roofs may experience slight water ingress.

    This indicates that it may be time to get your roof professionally inspected to avoid any further water ingress and internal mould growth.

  • FAQ 1 What is Chalking:
  • Chalking paint basically is a fine, white, powdery residue on the exterior paint surfaces of the home. This occurs to most exterior paints and mainly is from exposure to sunlight over time. Chalking is a normal occurrence, but excessive chalking is a sign that your paint is due for another application.

  • FAQ 1 What Do I Do If I Lose Power?
  • If power loss has occurred, please speak to your technician onsite immediately so he can help locate the source of the ingress. Please ensure you have followed the preparations information prior to our arrival to avoid power loss. Unprepared or inadequately sealed areas will not be covered by House Washing Experts. By generally allowing the area to dry, the power should restore itself.