It’s no wonder that the iRobot Looj remote controlled gutter cleaning robot hails from the U.S; If you’ve bothered to take the ladder out and climb onto the roof, why are you going to use a cordless drill with tracks do the job half-arsed… a job that still requires you to physically be there?

Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot Just A Cordless Drill w/Tracks 1If you’re wondering if the Looj gutter cleaning robot is going to automate your chores, than think again.

Look, we’re not completely hating on this “robot” cleaner. The Looj comes with a detachable remote with a forwards and backwards button which saves you from having to jump down and reposition the ladder if you’re not a fan of equating near the edge of the roof.

We agree that if having a gadget that will make you at least clean your own gutters on a regular basis, then that can’t be a completely bad thing either. It may just prevent a fire or two during bushfire season. We all know that leaving dry leaves in gutters is just a glutton for punishment.

“cleaning gutters is not a ‘one-size’ fits all solution.”

Now, back to our criticism, in our experience, cleaning gutters is not a “one-size” fits all solution. We’ve had customers with roofs that overhangs their gutters by over 50mm. Go on little robot, do your thing…

We’ve also got a mate who probably spends as much time as we do on roofs. He is an SES volunteer and even he reckons that this wouldn’t work, at least out here in Australia. But he does agree that if people had their gutters cleaned regularly, many callouts could be avoided.

We also understand that many people don’t want to risk slicing their hands up. And its bound to happen with or without the iRobot Looj as a lot of build-up overtime sticks to the bottom of gutters, and this in-itself needs real effort.

Having said all of that, the best way to get your gutters cleaned is by calling us, or any professional for that matter. Now you’re probably thinking, “yeah, nice try”. But honestly, we actually promote DIY gutter cleaning and anything that helps reduce the risk of bush fires and accidents.

So all we’re saying, is that once in a while between cleaning the gutters yourselves, give a professional a call to have it looking BRAND NEW. This way, you can actually call it “automation” and “productive” while you go on and get some other things done with your spare time.

“we actually promote DIY gutter cleaning and anything that helps reduce the risk of bush fires and accidents.”


And here’s a real-world test video. Have a look at the comments to see how other people share the same sentiment that while you’re up there, you might as well clean it properly the first time.


And on a last note, if you called us up to professionally clean your gutters, and we rocked up with the Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot, would you be pleased? If the iRobot Looj is something that you’re interested in, then you expect to see it in stores from April this year.