Spraying your DIY cleaning solution on your windows and then wiping it may look like a satisfying and easy-peasy job. Seeing that dirt be wiped off is fun, not until you’re in the middle of cleaning and realise that streak-free windows aren’t happening. We bet you’re close to saying, “it is what it is.” Let the experts make your life easier.

Dirt and grime surrounding your windows might be gone, but streaks and marks are being spotlighted when the sun shines on your window. What a terrible view to look at, right? If hours have passed in working on that crystal result yet no progress and you are not still satisfied with the results, we feel your pain! Let House Washing Experts help you with that.

We’ve washed thousands of windows, and here are just a few things to remember if you want to have that streak-free windows.

How To Have Streak-Free Windows?

Stop Using Spray And Cloth

There’s no doubt that homeowners know what their home needs, but the thing is, you might just be wasting your time and money without professionals’ guidance. Yes, cleaning your windows with spray and cloth may be practical and accessible. But the problem is that it’s impossible to achieve streak-free windows this way.

You must have tried using dozens of variations of both the cloth and the cleaner but haven’t yet found one that works. Cloth and spray can surely remove all dirt, but streaks are most likely to stay on your windows.

In professional window cleaning companies like House Washing Experts, our team uses the state of cleaning equipment for any external window or glass surfaces to produce the best possible results. If you’re living in Brisbane and having that hassle, consider opting for us.

Don’t Apply Too Much Cleaner.

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One of the roots of having streaks on your windows is applying a lot of cleaning solutions than advised. If you’re not careful, the cleaning solution will leak from the window’s surface and onto the frames. Also, using too much cleaner than you really need could make too many suds, which is another reason for streaking.

Instead of spraying the cleaning solution straight onto the window, apply it to the tool you will be using to clean it, or at the very least, simply use a minimal amount of the cleaning solution on the window itself.

Avoid Window Cleaning on Sunny Days.

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When the sun shines brightly, it’s undeniable that it’s giving you extra motivation to move around and feel energetic in doing chores around the house. But it doesn’t apply to all situations, especially when it comes to cleaning windows. Why?

To begin with, the sun’s brightness obscures the view out the window. When seeing through strained eyes, it’s difficult to tell whether or not you’ve removed all of the dirt. Also, this will make you work slowly. Second, any cleaning solution sprayed on windows will dry faster if the sun shines directly on them. It is possible to leave streaks since the sun’s glare would make you work slowly, and solutions are quickly dried.

Clean the Frames Before the Panes.

Window cleaning isn’t limited to glass surfaces only. Like the advised cleaning routine, it is best to start with the top of window frames before the panes to avoid that annoying streaks.

Imagine your panes are already free from dirt. The thing is, you may splash some of that water when you are in the process of cleaning your dirty frames. And it might even be contaminated water. You’re probably going to spend more time doing the process again. Aside from materials, you’re also wasting your energy if you start the window cleaning from the bottom to the top portion of your windows.

Windows Need to Be Cleaned Often.

Window cleaning is something that many people never get around to. Don’t let window cleaning be put off the last item on your to-do list for months and months. Since windows are your portal to the outside world, making them look presentable as much as possible is essential.

When neglected, getting spotless, streak-free windows will be more challenging because of the increased thickness and difficulty of the dirt and dust buildup. Experts suggest having window cleaning every two to three months if you have the time or money to do so.

Why Window Cleaning is Essential

While window glass may appear to be a smooth surface to the untrained eye, it is actually a surface filled with tiny holes. If not cleaned properly, the glass can quickly be corroded by these holes, which collect various foreign materials.

When you leave your windows neglected, grime and debris will start to seep into the glass. As a result of exposure to the elements, wind, rain, salt water, temperature changes, cleaning solutions, contaminants, and dirt, your windows may be stained and damaged. The lesser the sunlight that comes through means higher utility bills.

One of the most dangerous irritants is mildew, which may cause serious harm to your home and even to your family’s health. It’s definitely much easier to enjoy your home’s surroundings from the outside when the windows are clean of smudges or dirt.

Let House Washing Experts Maintain Your Windows!

Instead of keeping your windows neglected and waiting for disaster soon, leaving it to the professionals would be the best option as it saves you from stress and more costs. Without getting yourself harmed, professionals could quickly restore your window’s aesthetic instantly.

Get the work done right away with House Washing Experts. Our services are the best way to achieve that streak-free windows!

All you need to do is find a reliable, efficient, professional window cleaner that can transform the look of your house. Call House Washing Experts at 1300 927 433, and we genuinely believe we can give you peace of mind with your window cleaning at a fair price and schedule.