Let’s face it. Halloween isn’t all fun and games. It can be a fun holiday, but many people are unprepared for the mess and dirt after Halloween. Your house will be filled with spooky costumes, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins that could add to the mess on your exterior. If you have a yard covered in candy wrappers and spider webs, you won’t want to spend your weekend cleaning it up.

If you want to keep Halloween clean without losing the fun of having trick-or-treaters over, here are some tips for keeping your house clean after Halloween:

Clean Out The Garage

You’ve just dealt with a few hours of receiving trick-or-treaters. The kids are gone, but the mess they left behind is not. The moment when you look around and see all of the candy wrappers, the paper ghosts, and stains on your exteriors, you would probably think to yourself, “I have to clean this up now?”

If you have a yard full of pumpkins, gourds, and stray leaves, now is the time to clean it up. Sweep up leaves and put them in trash bags to take them to the curb or compost pile. You can make your life easier by reaching out to professional help. If you are living in Brisbane and now struggling with after Halloween cleaning, call House Washing Experts.

Wash Windows

The last thing anyone wants to do in October is wash windows, but it’s an important job. Window washing is a chore that often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, and then, as the weather turns cold, it gets put off until next spring. But when you let weeks and months go by without cleaning windows, they get dirty quickly and become increasingly difficult to see through or clean.

The last week of October brings dark nights and cool temperatures, so after Halloween is an excellent time to wash windows inside and out before they become too cold for effective cleaning later in the year. Use warm water with a soft cloth or paper towels if possible. Or you can just save yourself from the hassle and avail of professional window cleaning services.

Cleaning Up Spills

cleaning spills in the door

You don’t have to be a parent to know that kids can get themselves into some pretty sticky situations, from a toddler who throws his entire bag of candy on the floor and makes stains on walls and furniture. There are plenty of ways that your little ones will get candy all over their hands and other areas of the house. Don’t let things be complicated; here are some stains you’ll need to clean ASAP to avoid any hassle.

When a Halloween prankster targets your house, the first thing you notice is the egg that splatters on your front door. It’s not as big as a pumpkin, and it doesn’t come from a conveniently small jack-o’-lantern, but it can be unpleasant. It’s a sticky mess that is difficult to clean off most surfaces, especially if baked in the hot sun all day. To avoid a sticky and long-lasting problem, wash the eggs off as soon as possible after finding them in your house.

Another stain you should look for is face paint and makeup because it contains oil pigments or a form of wax that can cause stain if left for even a short time. Additionally, this type of stain is incredibly stubborn to clean by anything less than professional methods.

Also, glitters are one of the most used decorative items during Halloween. There are a saying about two things being certain in life – death and taxes. This is incorrect. It clearly fails to mention life’s third certainty: you will find glitter in places you never thought possible for months, years, and maybe even decades after you use it. It would be best to clean it professionally, mainly when it is scattered on your floor and walls.

Lastly, although your trees may be decorated with toilet paper against your will, such paper disintegrates relatively quickly. Nevertheless, if you wish to tidy up your garden, do not wait until it rains, as wet toilet paper is much harder to remove.

Clean Up Spider Webs

spider webs

If you have spider webs hanging around your property after Halloween night, it’s best to take care of them immediately! Otherwise, they will begin attracting insects and other pests you do not want on your property. You can easily clean up spider webs using a broom or garden hose to spray them down.

Ultimately, the list could go on and on. A roaring party can have an aftermath that isn’t too dissimilar to a horror movie, and even the mellowest of Halloween parties aren’t safe from a bit of wine spillage. But like any cleaning, the sooner you do it, the sooner your place will return to its sparkling best.

Having said that, if relaxing after Halloween is more your style, our teams of professional cleaners are ready to take care of the hard work for you. If you’re lucky to live in Brisbane, you can book a cleaning after Halloween and leave the rest up to us – we’ve got this!

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