One of the most important aspects of owning a home is keeping it well-maintained and presentable. Personally, I really like my house roof clean and tidy. Therefore, I always wonder how much is the cost for roof cleaning Brisbane area on average.

There are service providers who are offering per hour rates. All you have to do is find the best roof cleaning professional around your town.

The cost of roof cleaning services depends on various factors. The steepness of the roof may require special safety gear, which may add more costs to cleaning your roof. Might as well spend a few dollars on this aspect than be sorry sustaining injuries after a fall or accident while doing the job.

Below are some of the things that you need to know about the cost of roof cleaning services around Brisbane:

Factors That Might Affect The Cost Of Services Related To Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaners will assess your roof before they begin their work. It would be extra costly if they deal with terracotta roofing. This type of roofing will require more work. Plus, roof cleaners should spend more time and care in cleaning terracotta roofing.

The size and shape of the roof will play a huge part in the cleaning cost of your roof. A simple single-story roof that is steep will cost more. The complex design of the roof will be more expensive too.

Another factor is the current condition of the roof. If the roof is quite clean as is, it will cost less. If there are algae and moss growth, it will take a little more time to clean it.  However, there are certain companies like the www.housewashingexperts.com.au. They stand by their quote regardless of how clean or dirty the job on hand is.

Roof Gutter Cleaning Services and Methods

Basically, there are two ways of roof cleaning methods. One method is referred to as soft washing and the other one is pressure cleaning the roof.

Chemically cleaning roofs involves sodium hypochlorite – bleach – to kill and remove the mould and algae. In Australia, the EPA (environmental protection agency) disagrees with this method of cleaning, and a hefty penalization will occur due to the irreversible dangers to the environment and stormwater. We provide adjustable pressure washing scrubbers which means we can clean with both high and low pressure with just water.

Agitation needs to occur for a proper clean. No one jumps in a shower and sprays soap on themselves and then gets out. We need to agitate the soap in to fight stubborn dirt. This is similar to roof cleaning. We can remove mould and dirt with a nonabrasive roof scrubber to remove the stubborn mould and dirt before applying our mould inhibitor. This cleaning solution involves a light spray that will kill mould on a microbial level. Additionally, if your roof has both dirt and mould, a chemical clean cannot penetrate dirt and therefore any mould living under the dirt will not be eradicated.

According to council regulations within Queensland, when roof cleaning, we set up a bilge pump to collect all the dirty water from the street gutters and pump back onto the grass or garden beds. This is known as greywater and is completely safe for your gardens and lawns. This avoids water from entering the stormwater and affecting the creeks and wildlife. This is what needs to be done always for every roof clean.

So, if people are chemically cleaning the roofs, the cleaning chemical will either be diverted to the customers’ garden or lawn which will definitely kill any and all vegetation or they will let the cleaning chemical run into the stormwater and affect our creeks. The council can also track this back to the owner’s house where the business and even the owner will be penalized. The average fine is $2000

Roof cleaners do not clean just the roof. They can also look for places that they can do repair jobs. For example, a roof may need re-bedding, repainting, and ridge capping. The roof cleaners will point these problems out for you.

There are roof cleaners who will also take care of cleaning the gutters. This is generally conducted prior to a roof clean and can be done on the same day. This can help flush out stubborn leaves, algae, moss, and dirt that can collect down the gutters and stormwater.

Each service provider will provide an estimated cost differently:

  • Cleaning gutters will be the first cost (if required)
  • Roof cleaning will be a separate price
  • Roof repairs will be an added cost and would require a fully equipped roof

Other Services Offered By Experts On Roof Cleaning Brisbane Northside Area?

It will still be more affordable than having these jobs done separately by different service providers. If a roof cleaner can do the repair jobs, they will perhaps charge less or nothing at all for travel and setting up time. This will make your roof cleaning project an easy endeavor to deal with.

Most roof cleaning service providers do offer various full service. They can offer their clients more than just a clean roof. As mentioned above, these service providers can render a variety of roof repair for their clients. Some of the services included on House Washing Experts include the following:

External House Washing Brisbane – We wash your exteriors from top to bottom, removing years of built up dirt and mould that are hiding your otherwise gorgeous home.

Gutter Cleaning– We can quickly and easily clear your gutters of all debris, ensuring that there is nothing there to hinder water flow.

Pressure Cleaning– Our capable team will effectively remove years of built up grime from driveways, retaining walls, fences, patios, decks and more.

Roof Cleaning Brisbane– A high pressure clean can restore your roof’s natural lustre while also safeguarding it from the impact of mould and debris.

Driveway Cleaning– As professional driveway cleaners, we strive to ensure that your home delivers the best initial impressions to your guests!

Patios and Pool Areas – Pool areas are synonymous with mould due to the resident status that water has on those surfaces.

Window Cleaning-Having your windows and glass professionally cleaned, polished and dried will leave your building looking sparkling clean, and prevents build up of dirt or mould over time.


Somehow you can ask for special deals when you are trying on these services. Find a roof cleaning service provider that is more than willing to offer extra services.

Before and After Roof Cleaning Result

How frequent should roof and gutter cleaning be done?

Roof cleaning should be carried out in reference to certain factors. One of which is the location of your home or property. Generally, your house roof should be cleaned every six months. However, you will know when the rood needs some tender love and care when they seem dirty than they usually look plus there is noticeable moss and algae growth.

We reckon that roof cleaning is not a “do it yourself” project. We highly recommend that a professional will take care of your roof maintenance, cleaning, and repair. We can render the services to you with the utmost quality and with all the needed safety precautions.

Gutter cleaning should be carried out frequently too. Take note, you should do it right before the winter rain begins. It would be hard to see the inside part of the gutter whenever you are from the ground level. However, if you have a ladder, you will be surprised and flabbergasted by the disgusting debris and leaves. The debris and grime can cause serious problems with the pipe works at your home. We are talking about clogged drains and pipes.

Other Services Offered By Experts On Roof Cleaning Brisbane Northside Area?

It will still be more affordable than having these jobs done separately by different service providers. If a roof cleaner can do the repair jobs, they will perhaps charge less or nothing at all for travel and set up time. This will make your roof cleaning project a practical and successful one.

A small roof cleaning project will generally cost below a thousand dollars. However, for complex roof cleaning jobs, you should expect a few added dollars depending on the extent of the cleaning required and if you have additional services.

According to hipages.com.au, roof cleaning costs do vary in each state. With HouseWashing Experts, the price being offered to our clients should be the same as the price quotes.

The cost of roof cleaning will depend on various factors. A simple roof cleaning job will cost less of course. The steepness of the roof may require the use of added safety equipment to carry out the job.