Your home’s exterior really leaves a long-lasting impression on others. And as you go outside, you probably notice a bunch of areas that need cleaning. This tells you that exterior house washing is undoubtedly a must-try.

Now, as the leading house washing company in Brisbane, we can say that our clients openly opt for our individual services. At times, they’ll simply contact us for one job. It can be either roof cleaning, or patio cleaning, or soft washing.

But have you ever thought about exterior house washing packages? House Washing Experts currently offers cleaning packages that can transform your property from grim to glam, and you just have to take your shot to ask: Are cleaning packages worth it?

How to Know What House Washing Services You Need?

Answering the question “What do I need to get cleaned?” is not as simple as it looks. Others may resort to having a full external house wash, but it does not apply to everyone since it is case-to-case. Before anything else, give it some thought since you don’t want to waste your time and money on an exterior house cleaning service you don’t need.

Man on a ladder inspecting roof gutter

The easiest way to figure out which house cleaning services you need is to walk around your property and examine areas. Does your driveway have tire marks? Have you recently experienced a water leak? If you can’t remember when was the last time you cleaned the roof and other parts of your home’s exteriors, you definitely need to list them for a service.

Take charge of evaluating the house’s exterior. If you see visible spots or stains that would cost more than a penny if left unsolved, then list it all down. Be mindful of the signs of wear-and-tear, any contaminants in the area, and let your house washing company do the rest.

Exterior House Washing Packages in Brisbane: What Do They Include?

Man pressure washing pathway

Wondering what exterior cleaning companies provide now? In Brisbane, most exterior house washing companies offer the same services such as roof cleaning, window cleaning, driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning, pool and patio area cleaning, and complete external house wash. But for us in House Washing Experts, we go beyond what’s expected from us. We also provide roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and professional window cleaning.

  • Roof Cleaning – To avoid having a massive build-up of debris and dirt that may cause the deterioration of your roof, start including your roof in your cleaning plan. Roof cleaning involves removing pollutants like algae, moss, mould, and mildew from your roof. If you’re not ready to spend money on repairing your roof, it would be best to opt for a roof cleaning service.
  • Window Cleaning – Ignored dust and grime on windows can lead to serious damage, which will shorten the lifespan of your window. Reaching into a professional house cleaning company can uphold the quality and the functionality of your windows. They can spot minor issues on your window that would save more money later.
  • Driveway Cleaning – Driveways are one of the most used areas in your house, so there’s always a risk for oil and chemical spillage, causing stains. If you don’t want to leave an ugly impression on your visitors, maintain your driveway and get rid of the pesky stains. Aside from oil and chemicals, the right house washing company can also remove tire marks, hard water stains, paint, asphalt, mould, mildew, and other fine particles.
  • Gutter Cleaning – A blocked gutter can cause leaks or water damage due to clogged material such as leaves and branches. Worse, they can attract pests like rats, bees, and mould to your property. Our Brisbane house cleaning company will give you a satisfactory gutter cleaning service.
  • Pool and Patio Area Cleaning – It’s all fine and dandy to enjoy the water until the place gets dirty. Dirt, algae, and other mineral deposits can cause water and chemical stains if ignored. And for sure, they’re nasty!

An exterior home cleaning service frees you from your worries. Our team will help you eliminate any damage traces, and preserve the flooring and general construction of the pool and patio area. You and your family will be safer.

  • Full External House Wash – If you can’t even remember when was the last time you cleaned most of the outdoor areas mentioned above, then it’s time to opt for a full external house wash. Let our house washing company rejuvenate and restore the aesthetic look of your house without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Benefits of Exterior House Washing Packages

  • They provide great value for money – Purchasing exterior house washing packages allow you to get several services at once and at a lower price. On the other hand, individual services commonly cost more money since companies need a lot of time, effort, and resources to do just one job for a household. With this, packages offer you more pros than cons on saving less while getting the work done for your convenience.
  • It’s convenient and stress-free – Having trouble deciding which of your home’s exteriors require cleaning? Exterior house washing packages come to the rescue. These bundles will let you pick an area you need to be cleaned without causing hassle at all. So if you’re a busy person and have no extra time, you would appreciate these on-the-go packages.
  • You get extra perks – Everyone loves a freebie! Aside from being convenient, packages offer you perks that individual services don’t. For example, our roof cleaning services have free solar panel cleaning. Then the rest of our cleaning packages also come with basic windows, walls, and eaves washing.

What Exterior Cleaning Packages Do House Washing Experts Offer?

We specialize in cleaning homes of all sizes and shapes. Some of our clients prefer single, basic cleaning services like window cleaning, driveway cleaning, and gutter cleaning, while others want an all-in-one cleaning package that includes certain cleaning services. Here are some of our exterior house washing packages you could avail:

  • Supreme Package

Here comes the most popular and in-demand bundle which includes a home wash, gutter clean, and roof clean. Once you’ve opted for this package, you get a 15% discount.

  • Ultimate Package

If you need the majority of your home’s exterior to be cleaned, choose our ultimate package with a 20% discount. This covers a house wash, gutter clean, roof clean, and driveway clean.

  • Deluxe Package

Deluxe Package is also available on our website. It includes house wash, gutter clean and driveway clean with 10% off.

For more information, you can visit our price list here.

Opt for House Washing Experts in Brisbane

House Washing Experts, Brisbane’s top-rated house washing company, guarantees you a clean, sanitised, and safe home for you and your family. Our company track record won’t lie. We have expertise in soft washing and pressure washing which are considered the greatest home washing methods among properties. Reach us at 1300 927 433 for an outdoor house makeover. We’re excited to work with you soon!