Pressure washing a building is one of the things industrial property owners need to do. The thing is, they sometimes fail to set a schedule for it, although it is a large part of every property’s maintenance routine. Sure, you may ask a few people on your team to do all the work. But if you’re running a business or simply busy, you can always work with experts to take care of everything. Here’s what you need to know about corporate maintenance services.

What are Corporate Maintenance Services?

Commercial maintenance services are when you work with a company to clean commercial buildings and sidewalks.

What Services Does Commercial Maintenance Services Include?

There ​are different services offered by commercial pressure washing. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can select a washing package, or you can opt for a single service.

External Building Washing

This ​includes a thorough cleaning of your building. Our team is fully aware that buildings are made of different materials. So whether painted and covered in glass, wood, stone, metals, or a combination of a few, we’ve got you covered. House Washing Experts never miss anywhere. Even the hidden and narrow areas that no one ever visits. And if you think we’ve lost a spot, we offer a guarantee that we’ll come back and clean it for you.

Pressure Cleaning

Many people forget about pressure cleaning when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Truth is, you should put it on your maintenance checklist.

The stains come and go, but the strongest beats even the best of ordinary cleaning products. So when they don’t work at all, you need pressure cleaning services to complete something. This applies to sidewalks, entrances, walls leaving them with new facelifts in just a few hours.

We use a combination of low-pressure cleaning and high, depending on the surface and needs of your building or facilities. House Washing Experts take pride in one of our strongest fields of expertise.

Rooftop Cleaning

Most businesses neglect some parts of their establishments and this includes the roof. Roofs are relatively costly, so it’s a shame not to take care of them. When it’s overlooked, it can compromise the material, causing leaks, cracks and dents.

So rather than spending additional expenses on a roof replacement, your body corporate should opt for rooftop cleaning. Our pressure washers can get rid of mould, algae and mildew that can keep your roof dirty.

Once the cleaning is done, the rooftop will look as though you had it remodeled.

And if your installation also uses solar panels, we got you covered! House Washing Experts is the only exterior house washing company in Brisbane that includes solar panel cleaning as part of their roof cleaning package. And we are giving it for FREE!

Communal Area Cleaning

corporate maintenance services

So what communal areas are we talking about here? Let’s say these are balconies, rooftops, coworking stations and other social gathering spots meant for groups.

A nice, thorough scrub can give a fresh look, but it takes more than this to get rid of the accumulated stains.

The House Washing Experts team applies different cleaning methods and a special cleaning solution to get all the dirt out. And the result? You get a nice and clean communal area to be proud of.

What are the Perks of Corporate Maintenance Services?

Boosts Curb Appeal

Are you running a business? If your building looks unclean on the outside due to graffiti and stains from dirt and grime, it may ward off customers. Curb appeal is all about how good a building looks from the outside. With corporate maintenance services, you can improve its curb appeal and likely attract customers that would be put off by an unclean exterior.

Saves the Building from Any Damages

When substances like mould and algae overrun the surfaces of your building for an extended period, permanent damage can occur. For example, if mould is left unchecked, it can start eating away at the paint. Eventually, your building’s paint will come off, making it look ugly.

Low pressure washing can prevent things like this from happening. And the best part is that it doesn’t cause damage to the building.

Keeps Everyone Safe and Healthy

The health of employees in a commercial building is of utmost importance. Dust, mould, algae, mildew and other substances are potential allergens and pollutants. They can easily contaminate the air and cause breathing problems, allergies, asthma and other serious health problems. Corporate maintenance services can remove them from the building’s exterior and protect everyone’s health.

Saves Time

corporate maintenance services

You can hand wash the exterior of your commercial building but that can be strenuous. It can take hours to scrub the building’s exterior, and it is not that efficient. Plus, someone will need to climb a ladder to reach the high places and scrub, which can be dangerous.

With experts doing the work for you, it takes little effort. A professional has the know-how and experience to help you save more time with corporate maintenance services.

Work With Us

Not sure about the right company to work for you? For a start, you can get a list of companies, filter them out and communicate. Just reach out, stating the areas they’re responsible for.

House Washing Experts can assure you of high-quality corporate maintenance services. If you need help with cleaning and sanitising your property, our team is ready to help. Call us at 1300 927 433 for a free quote!