Opting for a commercial pressure washing is just one of the many things property owners need to do. However, most of them like putting it off, even though it is a big part of every property’s maintenance routine. You can go the DIY route, but luckily, you can always employ professional pressure washing companies to make it easier for you.

A big reason commercial property owners don’t consider pressure washing their buildings is that they are unaware of the benefits. We have listed five benefits to show you what you’re missing out on.

But before we get to them, let us briefly define what commercial pressure washing is.

What Is Commercial Pressure Washing?

commercial pressure washing

Commercial pressure washing is hiring a company to clean commercial buildings and sidewalks using a pressure cleaner. The pressure cleaner expels a high-pressure stream, along with a deep-cleaning solution, to blast away dirt, mould, algae and other substances from outdoor surfaces.

Commercial power washing is largely the same. The only difference is that the company will use very hot water instead of cold water.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing?

When contemplating whether to pressure wash your commercial building or not, knowing the benefits helps. So, without further ado, here are five benefits of commercial pressure washing.

Prevents Damage to the Building

When substances like mould and algae overrun the surfaces of your building for an extended period, permanent damage can occur. For example, if mould is left unchecked, it can start eating away at the paint. Eventually, your building’s paint will come off, making it look ugly.

Pressure washing can prevent things like this from happening. And the best part is that it doesn’t cause damage to the building.

Improves Curb Appeal

A commercial building is a place of business. If it looks unclean on the outside due to graffiti and stains from dirt and grime, it may ward off customers. Curb appeal is all about how good a building looks from the outside. By pressure washing it, you can improve its curb appeal and likely attract customers that would be put off by an unclean exterior.

Protects Everyone’s Health

The health of employees in a commercial building is of utmost importance. Dust, mould, algae, mildew and other substances are potential allergens and pollutants. They can easily contaminate the air and cause breathing problems, allergies, asthma and other serious health problems. Professional pressure washing can remove them from the building’s exterior and protect everyone’s health.

Saves Time

Sure, you can hand wash the exterior of your commercial building but that can be strenuous. It can take hours to scrub the building’s exterior, and it is not that efficient. Plus, someone will need to climb a ladder to reach the high places and scrub, which can be dangerous.

With commercial power washing, it takes little effort. A professional just point the pressure washer’s nozzle at the substances and blasts them away.


Commercial pressure washing is environmentally friendly in the following ways:

  • No toxic chemicals: Even though commercial power washing uses chemicals, they aren’t harsh or toxic. The high-pressure is what mostly takes care of the substances on the building’s exterior by helping the cleaning solution penetrate the hard surface.
  • Saves water: A pressure washer uses significantly less water than a garden hose. Again, this is mostly due to the high pressure at which water is ejected. With pressure washing, you can use 50-70% less water. This is not only good for the environment, but it also saves you money.

What Services Can You Get From Commercial Pressure Washing?

So, how do pressure washing companies help you maintain the exterior of your property? Here are a few ways:

Clean Me Please writing on a dirty solar panel

  • External Building Washing: This is a full pressure wash of the building’s exterior, from the walls to the gutters, to give the building a pristine look.
  • Pressure Cleaning: This is the removal of tough stains from surfaces using a pressure washer on various settings (between high and low) and a patented environmentally-friendly cleaning solution.
  • Carpark and Driveway Cleaning: This involves cleaning car parks and driveways from accumulated dirt brought in by people and vehicles.
  • Communal Area Cleaning: Shared outdoor areas, such as roofs, balconies, pathways, driveways and social gathering areas are cleaned, making them a better-looking and hygienic space for everyone to enjoy.
  • Rooftop Cleaning: The building’s roof is given a thorough cleanse to improve its look and protect it from substances that can cause long-term damage (cracks and leaks).

What’s the Next Step?

Now what should you do? Whether you own a small or large building, it’s recommended to get it cleaned by professionals. Or better yet, hire a house washing company. House washing companies have the experience, skills, expertise and workforce that can clean your commercial property efficiently. They’re also equipped with all the tools needed for the job.

In other words, they exist to make things easy for you. So if you have a business or any commercial property in Brisbane, you can call House Washing Experts.

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