How To Wash Exterior Walls

It’s often typical enough to be unnoticeable, but over time your exterior walls can become soiled. Contaminants such as pollution, dirt, dust, leaves, pollen, mildew, mould, cobwebs and bird poop can all accumulate and make your walls look old and dirty.

Learning how to wash exterior walls and actually doing it may sound like a massive task, but they should ideally be taken care of.

Now, what’s the solution? Regular cleaning makes the job easier, keeps your house looking great, and gives you the opportunity to check on whether there are any repairs or maintenance issues that might need attending to.

You can use the following information to clean brick, masonry, stone, weatherboard and vinyl-clad houses.

The How-To

The spray of water and cleaning solution blasts dirt, grime and mildew off exterior wall surfaces. The pressure from the machine allows the water stream to clean dirt off two-story buildings.

But take note: without proper usage of equipment, you might accidentally peel loose paint off exterior walls. It’s important to read the instruction manual before using the machine and never point the spray at a person or pet. High pressure washing can do more harm than good.

Preparing the Area

woman closing the windows to prepare the cleaning process

Before starting to clean your exterior walls, you should close, remove, or cover potential hazards. Close all windows and doors. Remove lawn furniture, planters, lawn ornaments and other obstacles that might trip you or tangle your hose.

Thoroughly water plants near your work area and cover them. This will keep the plants from taking up detergent solution runoff that may be harmful to them.

Cover light fixtures, electric meters, telephone interface boxes and any other exterior electrical components.

How To Wash Exterior Walls With A Pressure Washer

cleaning exterior wall

So, how to wash exterior walls?

When using a pressure washer, you wash the walls from the bottom up with a low-pressure spray of cleaning solution. Flush the machine and rinse the walls with plain water from the top down.

When washing, work in sections, moving the water stream from side to side. Spray the water at an angle to the wall surface, not straight up or straight on.

If you have heavily soiled areas, some pressure washers include a water-powered scrub brush attachment for scouring such areas. If the area is within reach, you can scrub it by hand.

Are House Washing Services Effective for Cleaning All Types of Walls?

House washing is helpful in cleaning concrete, brick and stone walls. It is also possible to wash wood or render but you will have to reduce the pressure of your equipment.

No matter what kind of wall covering you have, they must be in good condition or else you run the risk of water infiltration.

You’ll need to keep the pressure washer well away from any small cracks or other faults. Therefore, you should repair the damage before you start cleaning.

It’s important to be very careful around fragile parts of your wall such as the facades from windows, shutters and balconies. You can clean these parts with the pressure washer but make sure to lessen the pressure and stand far enough away to ensure the water jet is not too strong.

Can You Clean Your Exterior Walls on Your Own?

Small areas can be cleaned by an individual. But if you own a house with two-story or more and don’t know how to wash exterior walls, opt for a full external house wash.

Besides, there are a lot of perks when you simply hire a professional exterior house washing company. It’s definitely a total package. From the equipment to the cleaning solution to their proven skills and expertise, you’ll never go wrong.

So if you haven’t cleaned and washed most exterior areas in your house yet, reach out to the pros. And if you’re currently residing in Brisbane, House Washing Experts is here to help.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide premium cleaning services for your needs. Our skilled team of professionals can work together to wash all areas in your home in the fastest, most efficient way.

How Often Should You Wash Your Exterior Walls?

There’s no single answer to this. It can be even challenging to know how often you’ll need to wash your exterior walls. But to make it simple, you have to take a closer look outdoors. A quick rub of your finger along the walls or siding can indicate how thick is the dust that covers the surface.

If you also see that mould and algae, that’s the right sign.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to wash your walls every year. Others do it every few months, depending on what kind of dirt and how dirty your home is.

If your house is located near a dirt road, or there’s new construction in your area, opt for exterior washing several times a year. Of course, you have to make sure that house washing is really necessary. It’s not advisable to overdo it.

Residential House Washing in Brisbane

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