One of the critical items in your autumn checklist should be roof maintenance. It will not be long before the rainy season hits with full force. Thus, it is essential to prepare your home, including your roof, to make sure it’s maintained in excellent condition.

So how do you get started?

It is essential to carry out top exterior cleaning. You got two things to include on your checklist: roof cleaning and gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning helps prevent water from being trapped in your gutters. Water can make the gutters sag or even fall, causing you costly repairs. Fire can also be a major concern, thick leaves and debris in the summer heat can spark a house fire. And of course, roof cleaning is essential as it protects your home. If you won’t take it seriously, moulds, moss, algae, and mildew may also grow on your outdoor surfaces and your house might be prone to water leaks and other forms of damage.

Others say they do these maintenance tasks on their own. But if you’ve no idea what to do, it is advisable to hire a professional Brisbane house washing company to ensure a professional job.

Here are roof maintenance tips in Brisbane this autumn that will ensure your roof is in its pristine condition.

Trim/Prune Trees

man pruning tree

Dead trees can damage your roof if you leave them hanging on your housetop. Trees and branches that are hanging over your roof can fall during the heavy rains. They can cause dangers and also damages to your roof, leading to costly repairs. Pruning the trees and removing the dead branches is a safe way of preparing for autumn. Also, leaving trees hanging over your roof may allow possums to run over your top. It is wise to ensure no branches are leaning over your housetop or close to the house that may fall during heavy rains.

When you are trimming your trees and hanging branches, it will be best to hire a professional. Professional tree cutting experts have the right tools and experiences to avoid accidents. Homeowners sometimes think they will save money by cutting the trees and pruning plants in their compound. However, it is more costly to deal with accidents and injuries. It is better to allow an expert tree pruning company to carry out a tree-cutting project. Cutting your trees in an unprofessional way may not only damage your roof but also cause accidents.

Cleaning Your Gutters

It is essential to make sure water will run well through your gutters during heavy downpours. Why? Leaves and other debris can block your channels. All of them should be removed during the right season. It will ensure rainwater will flow adequately off the roofline. It is the best way to avoid leaks and water damage to your home. Gutter cleaning must be part of your roof maintenance checklist.

Professional Roof Inspection

It is a great idea to have a roof inspection done by a professional. It will help you determine all kinds of roof issues so you can repair to make sure it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is easier to repair your roof during autumn before heavy rain pours; otherwise, you may have a bigger problem if you wait any longer.

It may not be easy for you to carry out a proper inspection as a homeowner unless you are a roofer. For that reason, it is good to hire a professional roofing inspector to inspect the housetop for you. If you do not carry out a proper review, you will leave many areas that need repairs. Also, climbing on top of the roof for homeowners is risky. It is better to hire someone who has invested in the right roofing equipment to avoid accidents.

These are the items that you should inspect on your roof:

  • Check for missing shingles or broken tiles
  • Look out for roof flashing, including gaps near vets, chimney and replace any faulty flashing pieces
  • Check for signs of warping and replace the roofing materials if it damaged
  • Look for damages like pitting, corrosion, or gaping in the case of metal roofs

Make the Necessary Repairs

Once a professional inspector checks out your roof, they will point out areas that need repairs. And this will help you repair the roof ahead of time and save lots of money.

Doing repairs will ensure you and your property are safe from harsh weather conditions and minimize the need for complex and costly repairs.

Clean Your Roof

man cleaning roof with pressure washer

Most importantly, don’t forget to clean your roof.

Let’s break the misconception here. A lot of homeowners still think that roof washing is not that important. Others think that they can wait for the rain to pour, and it will wash off all the debris on top of their homes. But most modern roofs now contain fillers and calcium-based components that plants like moss and algae feed off to. Even if you clean your roof once in a while, dirt and debris buildup recurs. And since you don’t want them to cover your entire roof, proper washing is important.

Not all homeowners are capable of cleaning their roofs properly. So if this rings true to you, there’s no need to force yourself. You can hire an exterior house washing company that specialises in roof cleaning. They’ll do the job for you.

Roof Maintenance and Cleaning in Brisbane

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