Pressure cleaning your home should be part of your checklist. The thing is, not all homeowners are pretty much aware of this. And if you’re doing it once in a while or you have someone to do it for you, that’s great. You’re doing the bare minimum for your home’s exterior.

Now let’s talk about safety. Pressure cleaning is easy when done right. But if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, you might get in trouble.

The House Washing Experts team are more than happy to help. Let’s get started with these safety tips.

Get Ready

Before starting anything else, take time to think about pressure cleaning. Are you ready to do it today? Or, are you tired from yesterday’s gym training or clocking in extra working hours?

Preparing yourself is important, so you’re well-aware of your senses while pressure cleaning your home.

Look at the Weather

pressure cleaning

So what’s the weather like today? Sunny? Can you bask in the sun? Or was it raining? Rainy and windy days aren’t the perfect time to do it on your own. So you have to hire professionals that can wear appropriate PPE and weather equipment. What you should avoid are thunderstorms.

Check Your Surroundings

The fact is, before our house washing team starts to pressure clean your home, we make sure that the area is clear of hazards. This doesn’t have to be alarming at all. Let’s set aside toys, plants, bikes and everything unnecessary for the job. This is to make sure that everybody’s safe.

Stay Away from Anything Electrical

Don’t spray near electrical. As much as possible, you can also close your windows and vents to prevent damage.

Make Sure the Pressure Washer is Working

Whether you rent or own one, make sure that the pressure washer is working. It shouldn’t produce any odd noises, smells, leaks, or smoke, either it’s petrol or electrical. If any of these things happen, turn off the equipment and unplug it from the outlet. Don’t use it. It’s unsafe for you and your family.

Wear PPE

What if the unthinkable happens while using your pressure cleaner? You need to protect yourself by wearing PPE. It’s the least you can do to prevent accidents and severe injuries.

For the basics, you can wear:

  • Enclosed shoes – You can wear work boots or gumboots.
  • Gloves – Since you’re supposed to hold the pressure washer, your hands are the most exposed body part to possible accidents. So wear proper safety gloves.
  • Pants – Even if it’s hot outside, just wear pants. Shorts or skirts won’t protect you from flying debris everywhere.

But if you think that you need more protection, professionals also wear:

  • Safety glasses or goggles – This is really important on surfaces, especially nooks and crannies that need a closer look. You need safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris or projectiles. They can affect your eyesight.
  • Ear protection – Is your pressure cleaner way too loud when it’s used? Ear protection is important. Get some plugs and stuff them to your ears. This is extra helpful if you’re using your cleaner for a long time.

Be Careful in Using a Gas Pressure Washer

There are different types of pressure cleaners, and you have to be more careful with a gas-fueled one. Although you’re probably using it outdoors, keep in mind that it doesn’t work in enclosed spaces.

There are a couple of reasons behind this. First, gas pressure cleaners emit exhaust fumes that are poisonous when inhaled for such a long time. It can make you dizzy, nauseous and sick. So make sure just to use it in well-ventilated areas.

Second, it produces a really loud sound. It’s comparable to the lawnmower you hear from your neighbour. Plus, it becomes louder in enclosed areas. So in this case, wear ear protection or better yet, just use it outdoors exclusively.

Keep the Nozzle at a Distance

Safety Tips for Pressure Cleaning Your Home 1

One common mistake done by first-timers and rookie house washing professionals is that they aim the wand on surfaces at a close distance. Remember, when a pressure cleaner is misused, it can cause damage. What’s worse is if someone, whether your kid or your partner, aims the wand at someone else, it can hurt them.

You just probably want to clean surfaces and avoid hurting people. Pressure cleaners are cleaning equipment, not toys. So be aware of what it can do to someone.

Hiring a Pressure Washing Company as an Option

So are you now thinking twice about using a pressure cleaner on your own? That’s normal. It’s understandable that not all people have the time and luxury to clean or wash their homes’ exteriors. That’s why hiring a pressure washing company comes in handy.

And again, we believe that this is not an alternative to DIY. It’s an option. There’s some difference between the two. So if you’re still having doubts, here’s what a pressure washing company can do.

Assess your situation.

So how does your home looks like right now? How dirty are your walls, floors, including small and tight spaces? A pressure
Identify current issues. A pressure washing company can assess your situation and cleaning needs.

Bring a team to pressure clean your house.

Let’s admit the fact that pressure washing your property can be time-consuming, especially if you have no one to help you. A pressure washing company has a designated team for your needed service. They can do the heavy lifting for you.

Use appropriate and safe cleaning equipment. (like pressure washers)

A pressure washing company will do its best to keep you safe and protected, aside from cleaning your property’s exteriors. So they use different cleaning tools and equipment for different needs.

Offer expert advice and satisfactory customer service.

They can do more than just cleaning. They’ll let you know if your house has other hidden issues with algae, moss, or lichen. They’ll also tell whether some parts of your home need replacement, and a cleaning service no longer suffice.

Key Takeaway

Here are some safety tips that you can apply when using a pressure cleaner. And if you ever thought about delegating this chore to a professional pressure washing company, House Washing Experts are here to do it for you. Our professional technicians have the skills and expertise to use pressure cleaners safely and properly. We’ll clean your home while keeping you safe. Call us at 1300 927 433 today!