There are a lot of ways on how to use a pressure washer. Some people use it on their cars, while others use it for anything from chopping watermelons to cutting through a tool shed.

It’s funny. But aside from entertainment value, you won’t get much from it.

You need to know how a pressure washer works for your home. Algae, mould, moss, and lichen grow and accumulate during this season. Learning how to use one is not rocket science, but you have to make sure that you know how to use it correctly. Otherwise, you have to deal with unnecessary stress from potential damages and issues that can arise.

So how should you use a pressure washer? Here are some of the most common surfaces that need to be pressure washed.


patio for pressure washing

Let’s talk about your patio. Pressure washing your patio is quite easy to do, especially if you have prior experience in using one. Most households have a concrete patio. So if you have the same, clean off as much debris as possible using a broom or a leaf blower. This will make things easier for you.

Opt for high-pressure washing if you have a tile or concrete patio. Just don’t ever aim too close to the concrete. Keep in mind that your patio is covered with sealant for protection. If you’re not careful enough, you might accidentally remove the sealant and reseal the entire patio afterwards.

If it’s made from wood, we recommend you use a product called Deck Clean. Mix the solution on a bucket, apply it by using a roller and rinse it off.


Before using a pressure washer on your deck, you should know what material it’s made of. Is it covered with vinyl or some sort of waterproofing material? A pressure washer can’t safely clean all decks, so check it with the manufacturer or the installers before making a move.

If you have a covered deck, low-pressure washing is still the key. Aim away from the house to prevent unwanted damage.

For full exterior house washing, cover up all electrical on the walls, including lighting, security cameras and more. This will prevent you from dealing with accidents like being electrocuted and starting a fire.


driveway for pressure washing

For car owners, here’s an important tip. You may have seen a pressure washing company using a flat surface cleaner. It resembles a lawnmower that thoroughly cleans the ground with its rotating tips. It’s perfect for covering wide areas.

Now, if you’ve no idea how to use one, it’s best to leave it out to the pros. Don’t leave it running in one spot and stop pushing it in circles.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are supposed to hold soil behind them. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them surely take a lot of space from the ground above. As months go by, without regular cleaning, you can see that they become a breeding ground of algae and everything nasty green.

This shouldn’t make you feel bad, though. Most homeowners would roll up their sleeves and get ready to use a hose, but everyone knows it’s not the right equipment. Plus, it makes everything slow.

Again, you can use a pressure washer, put it in a low setting. Don’t forget to use a cleaner so that you can start from the bottom to the top. This makes the process faster without any form of streaks.

Vinyl Siding

Let’s get it clear. All sidings are built durable, but not all can take the pressure from a pressure washer. Never use the tip designed to spray water directly to the siding.

What’s recommended is to opt for soft washing, where you can use equipment at a lower setting, plus a cleaning chemical.

Pressure Washing Tips

Whether it’s your first time opting for exterior house cleaning or not, here are a few basic pressure washing tips that you can apply to your home.

Identify areas that needed to be pressure washed.

So what areas needed to be cleaned? Before doing anything else, start by inspecting several areas of your home that you can pressure wash. It can be your driveway, patio, or walls. You get the idea.

Remove unnecessary clutter around the area.

What do we mean by unnecessary clutter? Plants, gardening tools, display figures near the area are considered clutter for exterior house cleaning. We’re not saying that you should throw them away, but at least set them aside for a while. This prevents accidents and injuries.

Soak the area with soap or a special cleaner.

What we really recommend is soft washing. So you can use a soap that washes off dirt and debris. For severe cases, you can hire house washing professionals to use a special cleaner to get rid of algae, mould and other pesky contaminants.

Use a pressure washer.

And of course, use the pressure washer. You can always have the option to rent a unit or buy a new one. But if it’s your first time to use one supposedly, we highly recommend you not to risk doing it on your own.

House cleaning professionals can bring and use the right type of pressure washer for your home. It’s that simple.

Pressure Washing 101

We hope that you learned something from this guide. We want to help you get familiarised with pressure washing and how it works. But of course, there’s an easier way to get things done.

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