Cleaning your pool can be quick and easy. Anyone can look around the area, scrub the floor, use a vacuum to reach tight spots, and use a cleaner. Then, you’re off to go.

But, things are not the same with pools and concrete patios. You can swim and have fun for a while, but for the upcoming days, expect that the splashed water has seeped into the concrete, causing stains, discolouration and even buildup.

Aside from the pool, it would be great if you’ll clean your patio too. Both of these areas are integral parts of your outdoor space. Cleaning might just be tricky for most homeowners. If you’re living in Brisbane, here are some pointers to learn about pool and patio cleaning.

The Truth About Pools and Patios

A concrete patio is not as dense and solid as it may seem. It has its own hidden flaws. Concretes are composed of minuscule pores on its surface. And when exposed to various outdoor elements, it can be prone to having dents, chips, cracks, and other forms of damage.

Do you have installed patio pavers or stone tiles instead? They’re not the most robust patio flooring options on the market, and can be exposed to mould, mildew and other contaminants.

This is how pool and patio cleaning becomes tricky. You have to be well-aware of several patio flooring materials, and how they react to different exterior house cleaning methods. If you have no idea how these compositions work, you can skip the hassle and hire a professional company who specialises in cleaning house exteriors.

DIY Pool and Patio Cleaning: Good or Bad?

pool and patio

The first question that you might probably ask yourself is, “Should you take the DIY route?”

With pools, cleaning is easy. It’s not that complicated. You can skim off leaves and debris, use a vacuum, check the filter, and test the water on your own without a professional’s supervision.

But with patios, things can vary. Given their materials and compositions, it’s hard to tell if DIY cleaning can work at all. What more if there are years of accumulated mould and mildew on your patio? How about fixing small dents that spread and grow over time? These things are something you won’t want to disregard. They will slowly ruin your curb appeal and affect the overall function of your pool and patio area. In these cases, it’s safe to say that DIY shouldn’t be your first move.

Here are more reasons why DIY pool and patio cleaning is not recommended to all Brisbane homeowners:

  • Most homeowners will buy the most accessible and cheapest cleaning tools and materials. Say you’re using a subpar quality brush. Once used on the ground and walls, it can either disappoint you with insufficient cleaning or strip off paint from the concrete, causing more damage in the patio. There’s no in-between.
  • This is why most homeowners in Brisbane always seek for pool and patio cleaning services. A professional cleaner knows the right and best tool to use. They can also make sure that all the pesky dirt, debris and contaminants will be brushed away from your property.
  • Do you think about using your garden hose? You might want to think twice. A garden hose barely gets the job done. It’s not strong enough to get rid of in-ground dirt from your patio. On the other hand, a bought or rented heavy-duty power washer can be misused by most homeowners who don’t regularly use them. When used the wrong way, you’re more likely to strip away paint and sealant on your patio.
  • You might probably see a single or couple of commercial cleaners that you can use on your patio. But the reality is, they’re not strong enough that you might waste your resources over minimal results. They can’t effectively wash off all the dirt, debris, grime build-up on your patio. If we’re talking about accumulated residues that have lasted years, only a professional can get rid of them properly.

Professional Pool and Patio Cleaning Services: Why Hire Someone Else?

pressure cleaning

A professional exterior house cleaning company has everything you need. From tools to cleaning agents and years of expertise, it’s a total package.

It’s good to keep in mind that not all cleaning companies perform the same way, so it’s still better to find the right one that suits your cleaning needs. When looking for professionals, you’ll be familiar with two exterior house cleaning methods: advanced high-pressure rotary washing and pressure washing.

Of course, the former option is the way to go. As the name suggests, professionals equip modern techniques and tools to deep clean all the pits and pores of your pool and patio area. More importantly, they also use a specialised cleaning solution that kills impurities on a microbial level.

The latter option, which is pressure washing method, is recommended by most house cleaning professionals in Brisbane on the ground. As the name suggests, pressure washing requires using a special pressure washer. Agitation is important to lift stubborn markings on your patio effectively.

House Washing Experts is Ready to Help

Along with other parts of your outdoor space, pool and patio cleaning should be done regularly. Maintenance can become challenging for busy homeowners who barely spend their time at home.

If you have the same concern, Brisbane’s leading external house washing company is here to help. At House Washing Experts, we value your home as if it’s our own. We have cleaned thousands of houses since 2011, so rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to do the job right.

Our team uses state-of-the-art technology that makes our methods more effective and efficient. We also have a complete set of tools and equipment that are ready to be used for pool and patio cleaning anytime.

We just need to touch base with you and know more about your home’s current condition. To get started, don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 927 433 and we will quickly provide a free quote!