Pressure washing is one of the crucial maintenance tasks you shouldn’t neglect to do on your property. It gets rid of all dirt, debris and contaminants, boosting your home’s curb appeal in an instant.

But if you’re a new homeowner or you have no idea how pressure washing works, there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s understandable. You may have a few questions or misconceptions about it.

And we’re here to debunk some. Here are the most common pressure washing myths that you should know before opting for an exterior washing service.

Myth 1: Pressure washing and power washing are different.

This is not true. Pressure washing and power washing are just the same thing. Many homeowners and professionals simply use them interchangeably.

Myth 2: All pressure washing companies are the same.

exterior house washing

This is probably one of the most common pressure washing myths that you’ll encounter, especially among homeowners.

Anyone can label themselves as an exterior house washing company. Any professional can say that they own a pressure washer, and use it to clean your home’s exterior. But know this doesn’t guarantee actual, positive results every time.

An unskilled professional can cause a lot of damage if they don’t know how to use a pressure washer properly. Are they offering high pressure cleaning on your exteriors? It’s an outdated way to do it. It’s even a red flag since it’s dangerous, especially when your house has contained lead-based paints. It might be too late until you find out that most of your house plants have just died, paint has chipped off, and even the concrete has some minimal dents.

So no, this is a myth. If you want to get the best service, hire professional experts and work with the right company. And of course, low-pressure cleaning is the right method to do.

Myth 3: Homeowners need to be at home during a pressure washing service.

This is a pressure washing myth. A few exterior house washing companies are now offering 100% flexibility, which allows busy homeowners to set up an exterior washing appointment at a time when they’re not at home.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before any home exterior washing service, preparation is a must. For instance, clear your driveway of items like furniture or plants to avoid accidents. This will also help cleaning professionals to do their job faster, easier, and safer.

Myth 4: Pressure washing causes damage to your property.

In general, this is not true. But in connection with the previous myth, it can be justifiable if you hired a rookie, unskilled cleaning professional. Of course, if the process is done improperly, there will be some damages made. Hiring the right people to do the actual work will give you the best results.

Make sure that you’ll hire cleaning professionals that are certified and trained. They should know the ins and outs of external house washing. Aside from using top-quality and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, they should also know how to use equipment properly to protect your own house.

Myth 5: Pressure washing is the same as soft washing.

pressure washing

This is a pressure washing myth. Both terms have different purposes. For reference, pressure washing is one of the pioneer cleaning methods for commercial and residential properties. At that time, they were used for high-pressure to blast water on surfaces to get rid of dirt, debris and contaminants. Although this works most of the time, there are exceptions. Some surfaces got damaged and destroyed, so a lot of professionals have raised the concern to set its limitations. High-pressure washing only works for hard, solid surfaces like concrete and other types of roofing.

Later on, things have changed for the better, and soft washing is introduced to the market. This is the process where you apply a special cleaning solution on a surface, let it penetrate through the material, and rinse the chemicals away. With this method, low-pressure cleaning is made possible for safer and more convenient cleaning routines. It mainly focuses on killing bacteria growth to ensure that your home is clean and sanitised.

Myth 6: You can pressure wash your home on your own and expect great results.

While pressure washing is actually a considerable DIY project, think again. You wouldn’t want to maneuver pressure washing equipment for the first time and be confident of what you’re doing.

Taking the DIY route might allow you to set the pressure extremely high for the surface to handle. This can also result in damaged screens, peeled off paint, and dented wall claddings. Ever thought about renting an equipment instead? That works, too. But keep in mind that most pressure washers only hold a limited amount of water, which prolongs the work from hours to days. Can you handle that on your own? Do you mind spending more money on renting an equipment that a full-service company has? If you’re now skeptical, it’s normal. That’s a sign that you shouldn’t do pressure washing on your own.

Myth 7: You can only pressure wash your home if you think it’s dirty enough.

Here comes another pressure washing myth that becomes more dangerous as it seems. Why? Some homeowners settle down with this idea that they neglect washing their home’s exteriors unless they sense that it’s the “right time” for a wash. Everyone knows that this is inaccurate. You can’t solely rely on your instincts.

So, for most houses in Brisbane, a pressure washing service scheduled yearly is ideal. It will still depend on several factors, all related to their needs and wants. If you’re not sure whether or not to opt for a pressure washing service, you can seek help from a reputable exterior house washing company to get some answers.

Myth 8: Bleach is a good alternative for pressure washing.

Ever encountered a neighbour or a friend who uses household bleach on different areas in their homes? If your answer to this question is a “yes,” you better steer clear from them.

Bleach makes up the recipe for a total disaster. It is a dangerous chemical not suited for exterior house washing services. If you see some black streaks on your home, you need to hire an exterior house washing company instead of using a household concentrated product. Although bleach can give you positive results at some point, know that it’s temporary. Black streaks, dirt, and debris will probably come out again within a few months. It might even turn worse later on. So, don’t ever risk trying this pressure washing myth.

Instead, opt for an exterior house washing service that uses special cleaning solutions. Although some of them use chemicals, they are environmentally-safe and massively diluted to a ratio of 0.7 – 1.2%, which is enough to kill mould while protecting your plants and outdoor vegetation.

Work with House Washing Experts

Now that we’ve debunked these pressure washing myths, it’s time for a change. There’s nothing to be afraid of when opting for these exterior house washing services. As long as you’re working with the right company, you’re in the right hands.

If you’re in Brisbane, House Washing Experts is a name you can trust. We specialise in different services, including pressure cleaning which can highly benefit your home’s exteriors. Unlike other companies, we offer top-quality, reliable service with the best price guarantee. To know more about what we do, contact us at 1300 927 433 and get a free quote in a jiffy!