If there’s one portion of the house that’s usually missed when maintaining a house’s exterior, it is the roof. The thing is, it is one of your home’s most essential parts that requires a lot of time and resources to install, maintain, and repair. Since it is your first defence against the elements, prolonging its lifespan is a must!

The roofing system is undeniably a big investment, and the best option is still hiring professionals that offer roof-related services. So you should know what to look for when working with the best and most reliable Brisbane house washing company to work for you.

The question is, have you done your part in maintaining it as well? Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your roof will deteriorate sooner than you expected. Whether you haven’t cleaned it yet, or it’s been a long time since your last roof cleaning appointment, you should be aware of what proper roof cleaning looks like. In this blog, we’ll give you a list of the most common roof cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Roof Cleaning is Necessary (… and Mandatory)

dirty roof

A lot of homeowners still do not see the necessity of roof cleaning. Well, let’s break the misconception here. Rainfall can’t wash off all the debris on top of the home. Most of the dirt can be washed off when it rains, but algae, mould, and moss won’t.

This might have worked a few years ago. But now, it should be part of your to-do list every year. Otherwise, your roof will deteriorate sooner than you thought.

Nowadays, almost all roof manufacturers produce roofs that contain calcium-based fillers that moss and algae thrive on. Even if you clean your roof regularly, dirt and debris will certainly accumulate. And since the ultimate goal is to prevent your roof from being covered by it, proper washing is needed.

What Roof Cleaning Mistakes Should You Avoid?

Using a Non-Customized Equipment for Roof Cleaning

Before anything else, a cleaning expert needs to know the proper equipment to wash a roof. Can an over-the-counter power washer harm your roof? Yes. Even if your roof looks sturdy enough, the equipment for cleaning it must have low to high pressure and contain lots of water. So before hiring people, it is important to be aware of the tools they will use for cleaning.

Not Using the Correct Cleaning Solution

Cleaning a roof is no joke. So, other improper cleaners wanted to make the job easier by using incorrect cleaning solutions that may result in rusting and moss formation. Also, complaints of roof stains after a cleaning service are pretty common. Typically, a mild acid is responsible for removing fungi on the roof. It’s your task to know what kind of acids or solutions the cleaning company will use beforehand.

Only Using One Cleaning Technique

Roof cleaning requires expertise and well-trained people to achieve damage-free roof cleaning. At House Washing Experts, the roof cleaning experts are trained to execute different cleaning methods needed for specific areas of your roof. One solution can not accommodate all problems; others need soft washing, while others require more to improve your house’s exterior.

Cleaning Too Harshly

Man pressure washing a roof

While it may be tempting to simply blast away the dirt and grime on your roof with a high-pressure water stream, you do not want to damage the roof components or the structure beneath it. It forces water into roofing tiles, producing more problems. Remember, forceful cleaning can impair your roof and cause you more issues. It is necessary to use proper cleaning methods and equipment with gentle but firm pressure.

Taking the DIY Route (for the First Time!)

If you’re a type of homeowner who prefers DIY as their go-to in roof cleaning, it’s best to look at the flip side of the coin. Many homeowners still do not take roof maintenance seriously. They consistently opted for DIY cleaning since they perceived it as the easiest route, like renting a pressure washer and blasting water and a cleaning solution.

However, the easiest way doesn’t mean success in accomplishing the chore. Aside from the risks, doing it on your own may not get your roof as clean as well as you want. Roof cleaning should not be a DIY job. Many reasons prove why a professional can only do it appropriately. Here are some of them.

DIY can endanger your safety. Have you ever tried climbing up on your roof and balancing? If not, you can probably guess the mess you’re in. To clean the roof tiles, you need to stand on them and use powerful cleaning equipment. Maintaining your balance and cleaning are two major tasks on your roof. If you’ve never done any of this, it is best to employ a pro.

Doing Shortcuts

Quick treatment usually gets you more in trouble. The roof is responsible for your family’s comfort and safety; thus, you want to do whatever you can to keep it in good shape. It pays to have a properly cleaned roof.

Although the roof’s defect may not be visible as stripped paints or impaired sidings, you should inspect it twice a year. You can use binoculars to see the current condition of your roof.

Hire a Professional Roof Cleaning Company Today

If you barely remember when was the last time you took a look at your roof and cleaned it, then you need to get it checked out. A professional roof cleaning business can assist you.

Contact House Washing Experts if you want the best in the field. Our professional roof cleaning services are designed to restore the aesthetic appeal of your roof while also protecting the structural integrity of your house. Rest assured that we can improve your curb appeal in no time. In fact, we are Google’s top-rated house washing company in Brisbane! Are you interested in scheduling an appointment? Call us at 1300 927 433 today!